Q: I took AP classes in High School! Don’t those classes transfer in?

It is up to you to contact your high school and make sure that they have sent out your most recent academic records. It is very important that you do this as soon as possible, as your schedule here at Utica College can sometimes change based on classes that you have taken in the past. *If you have have taken courses at another college, then you must contact that institution to request an official transcript to be sent to us.*

Q: What is the math placement test? Do I have to take it?

A: Because some majors require that you enroll in certain math courses, your results on the math placement test are very important in the schedule building process. Check your Utica College email for the link to the math placement test, and please complete it by Wednesday, June 15.

Q: How do I sign up for my classes?

A: Good news! Your Fall 2017 schedule will be prepared by The Office of Student Success. We are working closely with academic departments to make sure that your schedule will help you meet major related CORE curriculum requirements.

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Q: When can I see my schedule? What if I have questions about it?

A: You will be able to view your schedule on by the end of July. At that point, if you have any questions or concerns about it, please feel free to contact The Office of Student Success at (315) 223-2555 or by email at

Q: Who is my Academic Advisor? Do I have to meet/speak with/email them over the summer?

A: You can look up your Academic Advisor (in addition to other useful information!) by logging onto and clicking on “Student Information”

Q: How does my Academic Advisor differ from my Academic Coaching Expert?

A: Your Academic Advisor will help guide you throughout your time here at Utica College. You will meet with them each semester to make sure that you are on the right track, and that you are meeting all major related requirements.

Note-If your advisor is not displaying, please keep checking back. We are in the process of matching students with advisors.

Your Academic Coaching Expert is someone assigned to you based on your major who offers guidance, academic support, and educational programming during your first year and beyond. We work in the Office of Student Success, and we will be creating your schedules for your first semester.


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