Student Activities

Utica College Accounting Society

The Herman Crown Fund

Bylaws as written by Class of 2008

  1. Funds are to remain fully invested at all times.

  2. We will buy shares in domestic and international index funds as a benchmark.

  3. We will allocate remaining funds among a minimum of 5 market sectors-minimum 1 stock in each.

  4. We will buy stocks long; we may sell covered calls as a method of improving our yield; and we may buy puts as a method of minimizing risk.

  5. We will re-balance our portfolio annually.

  6. Distributions from the fund are only allowed by a majority vote of the members of the Accounting Society, with approval of the adviser. Distributions may only be used for activities of the Accounting Society and furtherance of the accounting major in the College of Business and Justice Studies

Investment Portfolio


Daniel P Saunders
Webmaster for Accounting Society

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(315) 792-3006
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