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The Utica College Accounting Society is a student professional organization whose goal is to build student understanding of the accounting profession, the opportunities it offers, and the responsibilities of becoming/being a member of a profession. Professional opportunities include career options as well as personal growth associated with career accomplishment. Professional responsibilities include personal ethical growth in understanding the responsibilities and benefits of serving clients, community, and society in a manner that conforms to the highest standards of ethical behavior. The Utica College Accounting Society seeks to achieve the above goals through several activities. These activities change over time as student interest and the number of interested students changes.

Among the activities that have been conducted in the past are
  1. The Herman Crown Investment Fund, which manages a portfolio of common stock investments under the direction of the accounting faculty and a professional investment counselor;
  2. Hosting guest speakers from business, industry, and public service organizations, particularly those who can provide information about opportunities in career development and public service;and
  3. Field trips to business and industry to help students establish links between their college studies and career opportunities.
We welcome you to join our regular club meetings. Everybody is welcome, regardless of your major.

Upcoming events:

Stephen T. Surace, CPA, MBA is scheduled to speak to the Accounting Society on Monday 3/22/10 at 4:00 PM in Bell Hall.  Mr. Stephen T. Surace is the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Adjusters International.


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