The ‘I Am Beautiful’ Campaign

So, this past week was the ‘I Am Beautiful” campaign.  As I walked to class every day, I kept seeing signs posted on various boards around campus saying “I am beautiful because….” I admit, I didn’t quite know what that was all about, but I loved seeing the answers that some people gave. So, I decided to find out more.

I did some research on what this “campaign” was really about, and I have to say…I LOVE the message it brings to girls and women everywhere. This campaign aims to reach out to females to love and accept themselves just the way they are. It tackles the struggles of body image and self esteem.


It is no secret that women get judged more than men.  It is also no secret that women struggle with self-confidence and self-worth.  The world keeps advertising that you need make-up, you need to be a size 0, you need to walk a certain way and talk a certain way. Good news. You DON’T. 


Take off all the make-up. Throw away the magazines. Turn off the TV. You do not need to hide under those things. Sure, we all love make-up. I wear it every day! We all love to wear what’s in style (or we wish we could), but that’s not the most important thing in life. Sizes and labels are fake. They don’t mean anything. There’s so much more that matters, so much more that girls need to understand about themselves.


The mirror will tell you lies of vanity. It doesn’t care what’s underneath. This campaign reaches out to say….STOP focusing on the negative labels. Stop hating yourself for what you are or aren’t. Kick those stereotypes out the door.

So the moral of this post…..Strive to be healthy, strive to be happy. Love yourself and your body, after all it’s the only one you have!



***Kudos to Pinterest for these pictures***



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