Springs Here?!


With the snow melting and the temperatures rising we can finally saw the ice age of 2013 is finally over. Quad days, as the upperclassmen call them, are coming soon. Get your flip flops and your sun glasses out because the warm weather is coming. To kick off the spring we have the Holi Festival, which you can read more about on Tessa Lamper’s blog. After the colors fly grill season will officially start. Personally I will be out there with my friends, spatula, and apron cooking up some nice juicy cheeseburgers. So here’s some great ideas to do with less that 20 dollars.

slip and slide

1) Garbage bag slip and slide!

An easy way to cool off and have fun in the hot temperature is buying garbage bags and sliding across them! all you need is garbage bags, water, friends, and ice tea of course and you my friend will have a blast in the sun. Total cost 15 dollars

water balloon fight

2) Water Balloon Fight

One thing every college student loves to do is throw water balloons at each other. Just picture your self hot, sweaty, and wanting to throw something. The solution is going to five and below and buying 500 balloons for 10 dollars. This is endless fun and no one hates water balloon fights. Look forward to next year I heard Alpha Phi Delta might have a huge water balloon event.


3) Cooking

Food is the number one thing that brings people together. If you decide to do any of the these events cooking would go great with it. If you go to Wal-Mart you can get hamburgers and hotdogs with buns under 20 dollars! there are grills on campus that you could use to grill up your master pieces!

Well if you want to have fun this spring and you don’t even have 20 dollars, just walk out into the quad. Utica college id the most friendly place iv ever been so just get up, get out, and have fun:) happy spring!!


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