Looking For Something Different?

igc4Looking to spice up college life? Are you bored of just sitting in your room all the time? Maybe Utica College has more to offer than you realized. Greek life is a huge part at Utica College. There are several different organizations out there for you. Coming in as a freshman I was shy and didn’t really know what to do with my spare time at college. The Greek community embraced me with open arms and iv never looked back. If your looking to have fun and be apart of something, Greek life is for you.  Every year Utica College has a special week dedicated to Greeks called Greek Week. This is a full week chalked full of events and plenty of chances for the organizations to show their stripes. Personally watching strolling is my favorite part of Greek Week. This year Greek week will be held from April 13th to April 18th. If you are really looking to make the most out of your college experience, go and explore your options. Most of all Enjoy college and have no regrets.

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