How To Survive With No Sleep.

Going to college means having a workload waaaaaaaaaaaaay more intense than what you may be used to. Between homework, projects, studying for tests, and reviewing your notes, classes take up a huge chunk of time. Plus, you probably have a job, and a social life. …So sleep doesn’t really factor into the mix all of the time.

Running on little-to-no sleep is hard. …but not impossible. (Just be sure to not do this all the time. Reserve it for those crunch times during the semester.)

Stay Away From Caffeine

I know, counter-intuitive. But, hear me out. Caffeine causes a “jolt” in your body, but soon after you’re going to crash. And you’ll be worse than you were before. If you must, only have a cup of coffee, or one energy drink; don’t guzzle them down.

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(If I’m advocating against coffee then you know I mean it…as evidenced by my affinity for coffee…and taking pictures of myself while drinking it.)

Stay away from carbs, focus on proteins.

Chips, pretzels, bread, and all those other carb-ladden foods cause a spike in blood sugar…which then may cause drowsiness to set in. Try to eat proteins such as nuts, peanut butter, and cottage cheese. Try to eat throughout the day, and not have huge meals.

(Peanut butter is a good high protein food to eat when tired.)

Take Cat Naps This website is pretty cool. You can use it to calculate when you should wake up in order to get the most efficiency out of your rest time. (It calculates the average human REM cycles and then gives you suggested times to wake up when you are least likely to interrupt a cycle) I’m not actually sure if it works, but I always feel more refreshed after I use it…so give it a try, who knows?


(A snapchat someone sent me…of me. …sleeping.)

Remember, any sleep is better than no sleep. Pulling all-nighters is actually super bad for you though, so I don’t recommend it.

So, next time you’re exhausted check yourself and try to do these things, they’ll totally help.



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