Happiness. Do You Make Time For It?

Everyone knows that this part of the semester is so busy and stressful. The weather is getting nicer, the semester is winding down, papers, projects, tests, etc are being thrown at us left and right…..it is so hard to make time for all the things we need to do right? So, inevitably, in the midst of all the chaos surrounding us, we tend to not only lose our focus, but our happiness and positive attitudes too.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that optimism is key. Maintaining a positive attitude is crucial in daily life. I know it can be difficult, different circumstances and situations can really offset our mood. The challenge is to never lose our joy.


Right now, I’m doing something called “The 100 Days of Happiness Challenge.” One of my friends actually showed me the idea and I LOVED it. The object is to pick one or two things each day that has made us happy, and the ultimate goal is to start slowing down and enjoying the little moments in life. With everyone’s hectic schedules, there is less and less time to simply enjoy the moment and environment you are in.

Sounds like an easy thing to do right? Picking out something that made you happy that day…no problem. Wrong. 71% of people tried to complete this challenge and quit because of time. Those people didn’t have time to be happy. My question is: do you? And if you don’t, what can you do to add a little happiness to your life?

1) Find something that inspires you.


Joel Osteen inspires me in so many ways. If you’re unfamiliar with him, he is a preacher at Lakewood Church and a phenomenal motivational speaker! (Seriously, check him out) I owe a world of thanks to my Aunt for introducing me to him. He has a half hour broadcast every Sunday night and I ALWAYS make time for them. I also start each morning with a devotional from him. That helps set the tone for the day! His words are so uplifting and have honestly changed my thinking.

2) Let go of things and people you can’t change.


Unfortunately, there will always be people and circumstances that will try to destroy your happiness. The key is to never let those things get to you. This is a tough one. But, instead of bringing that negative energy in, do everything in your power to let it all out. You can’t change people, and sometimes you can’t change your circumstances, but you can always change your attitude toward them!

3) Relax with your favorite hobby.


One of my favorite hobbies to to kick back and relax with music. I love plugging my headphones in and forgetting the stress of the day! In fact, I’m blown away by how much music can change my entire mood 🙂 (See what I did there?)

4) Appreciate the little things.


Even if you’ve had the worst day possible, I guarantee you can find at least ONE thing that made you smile. Sometimes, taking a step back and reflecting on all of the good moments of the day can make your mood better. Remember a little perspective never hurts.

I love the little things in life, and since I’ve started doing this challenge, I’ve become more aware of them. I’ve also realized that my “bad” days….really aren’t that bad after all. So, if you’re feeling down or stressed, try this. It’s NOT easy, but it is worth it. Half of our problems can be solved with a simple change of attitude.

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.” – Albus Dumbledore

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