Formal=Classy, Not Trashy!!

Interviews, Etiquette Dinner, formals, Senior Ball, bar nights, parties… The list goes on with the different events around campus and the attire that should be worn for each! What has been brought to my attention is that there are many people who do not know how to dress for these sort of events and end up showing up in outfits that are not appropriate for the matter. Here are some guidelines for appropriate ensembles, based on the occasion…

1. An Interview/ Etiquette Dinner WhatToWear-2i7hl27 I feel that this picture is a perfect example for this topic. Ladies need to remember to wear natural looking makeup and clothing that is not “revealing”. I know you may think the mini pencil skirt and see through blouse with pumps may interest your male “hirer” but this is not the case. You need to look professional. For the men, please remember to iron your pants (or have your mom do it), and to trim or shave your beard! Your boss is not looking for a caveman to work for them. If you have questions about what you should wear, you can even google appropriate attire for the occasion. Trying to get a job at Hollister is different than trying to get a job as an Occupational Therapist, there are different outfits that are meant for different jobs!

2. Formals/Senior Ball

First I will give you examples of the APPROPRIATE! Semiformal-Collage-1 6266-ccgy-yawah wear-formal-christmas-party-men

…and the INAPPROPRIATE… Clubwear-Dresses-Homepage urbanmen_0

Okay… Now that you have seen the appropriate and inappropriate, I will explain in one sentence… Formal means CLASS NOT TRASH!! There is a time you can wear those tight dresses (at Bar Nights) and there is a time for classy and elegant dresses (Formals and Senior Ball). Just remember ladies, beauty does not mean that you have to reveal your body all the time. Also remember to ease up on the eyeliner and try to keep your makeup more natural, it really shows off your true beauty and classy side! Formal is the time you are supposed to look classy and elegant, and the guys don’t appreciate a date who looks like she is about to go down a pole. TRUST ME! I have been to formals and I know more guys complained about their date looking trashy than looking “sexy”. For the guys, just remember to, again, iron your clothes, get them dry cleaned, trim/shave and dress up in suits or even a tux!

I hope these guidelines helped everyone out! Remember, CLASS NOT TRASH (for gentlemen and ladies) and if you are ever unsure, look on Google!

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