Did Cinderella Ever Get Her Slipper? Nope!

Earlier this month, I attended the UC Performing Arts’ production of “Cinderella Waltz.” (Some of you may remember from my last post). I knew that I wasn’t about to see an average, Happily-Ever-After fairytale, but the great acting and quirky characters had the entire audience laughing and having a great time.

Cinderella Waltz

The basis of the play was Rosey Snow (Cinderella) lives at home with her Step Mother, Father and two Step Sisters – one who hates the world and only smiles once in the whole show and one who didn’t stop smiling, laughing, giggling or flirting! Through a series of quirky events, the Step Mother forces the Prince to give them 3 tickets for his royal ball where he is to find a wife.


My favorite part of the production was when ever the Fairy Godmother (I’m pretty sure she had a Boston accent) would come from the water well, the lights would get turned down, disco music would play and a disco light would shine! This proved to be very humorous during serious or intense scenes!


In the end, the Prince DOES NOT fall in love with Rosey Snow! She didn’t even try on her glass slipper…she threw it down the well! Here are the “relationship” outcomes of the play….the Prince falls in love with the angry Step Sister…I did not see that one coming! The other Step Sister falls in love with a Troll. As for Rosey Snow, she falls in love with the Village Idiot who turns out not to be an idiot. Hope I didn’t lose anyone while explaining those crazy love triangles!

During my theatre class the following week, I was able to climb inside the well and see how they snuck people in and out of it!

Cinderella Walt-  Well

You may also remember from my last post that I hid my initials while painting part of the set! Here is a close up…can anyone spot it??


Overall, I really enjoyed the show, but if you went expecting the traditional tale of Cinderella and how she met her Prince Charming…you were quickly awoken! I can’t wait to see what the theatre group performs next!


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