Colored Powder? No, HOLI!!!!

imagesLast year about ten minutes before the Holi celebration at Utica College, my friend texted me and said “Hurry up, wear old clothes and come to the Quad”! I did, still not knowing what was going on and when I got there, people were handing around colored powder, squirt guns and buckets of water. Seconds later, there was an array of colors being thrown in the air, water splashing everywhere and a ton of people having fun!  I had so much fun that day, but I still was not sure what the point of throwing colored powder was…holi-Celebration

Holi is a festival that is believed to have originated before the period of Christ and is held in Packistan and India but is celebrated all over the world. It is also known as the Festival of Colors!! (Hence the colored powder). The significance of Holi is found in many forms including, Mythological, Cultural and Social. If you are into Mythology, take a look on

To read about the different stories. (You can also find out more about Holi on this site). Culturally, in some parts of the world, Holi is a religious experience to be rid of evil, to remember to stay truthful and loving towards others and also as a way to sort of cleanse the soul. The Social significance is to celebrate the nice weather and coming of spring (which makes sense for the people of UC!) and to also just remember to be happy and positive towards others. (Who wouldn’t be happy when you are getting covered in color?!)plentyofcolour_holi16

I hope this helped you out in understanding Holi a bit better and I hope to see you in the Quad on April 18th at 5!


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