Cold Weather Blues?

sad-snowman  Spring is officially here, but for central New York, it does not feel that way. The high today was 25 degrees with a low of 4 degrees, plus wind and I even spotted flurries! After months of walking to classes, the cafe, and many other places; its easy to see how students can feel less motivated and even depressed at times. So how can we stay positive and motivated?

1. Go to the gym for about an hour and work out or even play! It is proven that excercise releases endorphins that can give you that “feel good” feeling. At the athletic center you do not just have to go lift weights, there are many other opportunities available such as: open swim hours, racquetball, basketball, open gym, volleyball, intramural sports and you can even sign out the dance room and just dance around or do yoga! There are so many different things for everyone, even if you don’t do sports (like me)!

2. Remember to eat healthy!! A big factor in mental health and feeling positive, actually comes from your diet. Yes those processed foods and big bowl of ice cream are tasty, but they are not filled with the nutrients your body needs and therefore can lead to energy loss and changes in mood. So just try to remember the food pyramid. You don’t need to follow it by exact and precise measures, but you should try to follow it as much as possible.

food_pyramid3. Remember there are ways to have fun inside! For instance….

The dorms have free pool tables and even games you can sign out to play.

Check out Five Below and you can get cheap gag toys, activities and games to enjoy with your friends.

Bring back old childhood board games! Or even adult board games!

Have a card night with your friends!

Have WII, Xbox and/or other game competitions with friends or even neighbors!

And don’t forget a good ole’ movie night!

The cold weather is not the end of the world and there are many ways you can make the best of it. Just remember to stay focussed, keep busy and stay positive! The real spring time weather will be here right around the corner and you will be complaining about the heat in no time!



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