Chilling During Finals Week

IMG_4432The last couple weeks of classes are probably the most chaotic. There are finals coming up, students graduating and end of the year banquets going on. Utica College and the many organizations within it have been putting on de-stress events which have helped my roommates and I a lot! Some of the events that have been put on had the following activities:

  1. Punching bag balloons: my roommates have had a blast with these! They are durable balloons we blew up and they have a rubber band attached so you can punch your stress away!
  2. Make your own stress ball: pour some sand into a balloon and you have your own stress ball!
  3. Calming oils: at one of the events we went to, there were calming oils we put onto a sponge and then placed them in our windows for a calming presence!
  4. Play-Doh: we were able to take a free container of Play-Doh and it really is stress relieving when studying
  5. Massages: There were free massages going on in Streble lounge along with an acoustic singer!
  6. Therapy dogs: On several occasions, therapy dogs have been brought onto campus for students to cuddle and play with. This is my favorite event!
  7. Of course you can always go to the zoo like my roommates and I did to de-stress! We went to the Syracuse Zoo, which was awesome! Don’t forget the Utica Zoo right down the road from the college, though!IMG_4444

Good luck on your finals Utica College, may the odds be ever in your favor!

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