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Be Prepared…..

Apr 24, 2015 | Author: Kenari Flowers

Be prepared… don’t be fooled


Yes, typically this is the season to be putting away those winter coats, boots, and winter clothes but try to wait it out. It’s not worth getting sick! As you seen in the past weeks we go from snowy to rainy to sunny back to snowy days in the course of a month. Don’t send those clothes back home hold on to them, hold off on those short outfits and tanks. Don’t be a fool and end up with no winter coat in the middle of a snow-hail-rain storm. This will simply lead to you being sick during finals week. ): NOBODY needs that to happen!

Stay hydrated! Continue to push fluids and also add on a vitamin to boost your immune system. If you feel yourself getting a snuffy nose, dry throat or even a sneeze start early action medications like Airborne, EmergenC, and/or Zicam. Try to stay ahead as best you can! You worked too hard to have to fight a cold during finals week. Again, don’t be a foul! Your smarter than that. (:

Lastly, on days that it may look beautiful out… don’t leap into those shorts, dresses, sandals and so on. Think about wearing those jeans, with a hoodie or light jacket. Don’t be afraid to add a light scarf to your outfit. BEAT this weather! You’ll have all summer to wear those cool summery outfits. Just wait on it…. and remember don’t be a FOOL! ( : 




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Apr 24, 2015 | Author: Jayson Bretton


So now that I got your attention, I guess it would be a good time to say that unfortunately this isn’t going to be a blog about monkeys coming to invade the earth or anything like that. I find this topic to be a little bit more interesting so I hope you enjoy.

Personality is defined as, the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. In other words, everyone has their own identity in this world and that’s what defines a person. Everyone has character traits, whether they are good or bad, everyone has them. Some examples of characteristics for individuals could be someone who is organized, honest, patient, responsible, etc. Recently I had taken a personality test called, The Big Five Personality Test. This was about a 30 minute test that consisted of 40 different questions. In the end, it gave results that referred to the five letters of personality known as OCEAN.header

Openness, Conscientiousness, extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. Openness means a person is open to new experiences, those people tend to be original, creative, curious, and complex. Conscientiousness means a person is well-organized, they tend to be reliable, self-disciplined, and careful. With the trait of extraversion people tend to be sociable, friendly, fun-loving, and talkative. People with agreeableness tend to be good nurtured, sympathetic, forgiving, and courteous. Finally the last word, Neuroticism, which means a person who scores high on the test tend to be nervous, high-strung, insecure, and always worrying.

 “Personality has power to uplift, power to depress, power to curse, and power to bless” – Paul Harris

With that being said, I hope you enjoyed hearing about this information on personality and I highly recommend that everyone takes this test because it is pretty accurate and it gives a good insight into the type of person you are. Here’s the link to take the test if anyone is interested: and also don’t forget to follow my twitter @ Jayson_UC for more updates about events happening on campus.

 Till next time,


Relay For Life

Apr 23, 2015 | Author: Courtney Hryniowski

Utica Colleges first Relay For Life was on held on Friday, April 17th by the newly recognized organization College’s Against Cancer! I have attended one my senior year of high school and was stoked to hear that UC was doing one on our campus. I immediately penciled the date into my calendar.

The event began at 6pm and due to weather conditions, the event took place in the gym. Organizations, fraternities, sororities, and outside groups came to support the cause. Each group had their own station set up with either giveaways or food. It was wonderful to see how many students came out for the event. I had fieldwork the next morning, so was unable to stay for the full twelve hours but stayed until about midnight.

In the middle of the gym, Kan Jam and cornhole were set up, as well as the Relay For Life jail. The concept of the jail was an awesome and fun way to raise money. By paying any amount of money, you could put someone in jail. The only way they were able to get out of jail is if the amount of money that put them in jail was matched. It was definitely a creative way to raise money and was also pretty funny watching people go in and out of jail.

The final amount raised was just little over of $21,000. I am so proud of College’s Against Cancer and their success with their first Relay For Life on campus. I also want to say thank you to all of the speakers and brave students who shared their stories. It was definitely a memorable night and I am excited for next year!

Here are some pictures of the night:

A little bit of corn hole fun!

A little bit of corn hole fun!

My good friend Angela Malaspina and I.

My good friend Angela Malaspina and I.

My friend Michael Wells sharing his beautiful story about his father.

My friend Michael Wells sharing his beautiful story about his father.



End of the Year Checklist!

Apr 22, 2015 | Author: Tessa Lamper

Hey everyone! Its that crazy time of the year again… Finals and leaving for Summer break! A lot is going on, even more so than finals before Winter break, so here is a checklist so you can make sure to remember to get everything accomplished without the stress!

  1. Make sure to write out everything you need to do for classes on a sheet of paper or on sticky notes and hang them around your room. This way, you will not forget to do the end of the semester papers, projects or presentations!
  2. Write out another calendar of your finals and their times! Finals can be stressful, so make sure you do not forget to go to them during the hustle to study for them!
  3. Plan out your packing for moving out. I seem to end up waiting till the day I leave to even START to pack all my belongings to go home and I regret it every time!!!!
  4. If you are going into a graduate program (such as OT like me!) make sure you have all your requirements filled so you have no trouble in the fall.
  5. Make sure to sign up for classes, housing and pay your tuition as soon as possible, again, so you do not run into trouble when you come back for the Fall semester.
  6. Finally, do NOT forget to hand in your room key/s at the end of the semester!!! I forgot to hand them in your freshman year and I had to send them in the mail. Trust me, you do not need that stress when you just want to start your summer vacation

Utica College’s 1st Relay for Life

Apr 22, 2015 | Author: Tessa Lamper

April 17, 2015 at 6pm was the kickoff of Utica College’s first Relay for Life! The event went from 6pm on April 17, 2015 to 6am April 18, 2015. The event was held by the new student organization, Colleges Against Cancer, which I intend on joining! The event kicked off with some very brave cancer survivors making the first lap around the gymnasium and the rest of Utica College followed them. The rest of the event consisted of the teams making laps around the gym, live musical entertainment, different organizations grilling for the event, Kan-Jam, dance-offs between the fraternities and so much more!IMG_2012

The fraternities Alpha Phi Delta and Alpha Chi Rho had fun raising money by putting each other “in jail”. In the center of the gym was a closed off sort of box that you could pay money to put someone in. To get that person out of jail, someone would have to match the price it took to put that person in jail. One member of the fraternity for Alpha Chi Rho ended up being in jail almost the entire night because his price was close to $200! They ended up having dance-offs and even Rock Paper Scissors Shoot challenges to help people get out of jail! It is safe to say everyone had a few laughs and a fun time watching and participating!IMG_2023Some people in jail!

There was a huge turnout for the event, 29 teams and 285 participants! That is a lot for a small (and awesome) college like Utica! I relayed with the Utica College Student Occupational Therapy Association (UCOT2016 team) and we raised the third highest amount of donations at $1,348.80!!! I am SO proud of our team! The top two teams were Alpha Chi Rho with $4,586.00 and Colleges Against Cancer with $2,150.28. In total, Utica College raised a whopping $21,227.33!!!

End Of The Semester Stress

Apr 21, 2015 | Author: LaShanna Saunders

The end of the semester  is here, summer is approaching and so is stress. Whether  you are a junior,freshmen, sophomore, or senior stress is something we all feel as college student around this time of year. During this time , it is important that we deal with stress and frustration in a healthy way and to stay positive.

Here are some tips to help you  deal with stress in a healthy/positive way:

Tip #1: Gym time - When you are feeling overwhelmed and burden going to the gym is a perfect way to deal with stress. The gym is healthy and it is proven  that working out helps you sleep better and increases your chances of having a better mood the next day.

Tip #2: Water- Drinking alot of water is very important and necessary in not only a healthy lifestyle but it  is especially important during this time of the semester. Drinking at least 2bottle of water will decrease your chances of headaches. It also helps your body run better throughout the day.

Tip #3: Breakfast Eating healthy is hard but it has its benefits. Eating an healthy breakfast is even better. When you start your day with an healthy breakfast your body will run like a machine throughout the day. Even if you only eat breakfast and you skip lunch your body will still be running off of your breakfast. Normally your body takes 6 hours to digest one meal.

Healthy Breakfast Options:

Option #1- Cereal, 1 Fruit, Water, Orange juice

Option #2- Oatmeal, Water, Granola bar

Option #3- Yogurt, Juice, Cereal Bar

Tip #4: Sleep- Sleeping  is sooooo important. Some may think that you need to go to bed at 10pm and wake up at 6am to feel fully rested but that’s not true. If you sleep for at least 3-4 hours a night then you will be fine. Sounds Crazy !! I know but if you eat healthy, exercise, drink water, and sleep 3-4 hours a night your body will do the rest. Its like oiling a machine, once you give your body what it needs then it will give you what you need.

 I hope that these tips have been helpful to you during this semester!

Twitter: @LAshanna_UC



You’ve Got to Have Nerve (HOMW 10)

Apr 20, 2015 | Author: Elaine Paravati

Hi, everyone! My highlight this week happened on Thursday and Friday, and once again relates to my awesome poetry workshop course, ENG 407.


One of my favorite things about Utica College is that there are many excellent guest speakers who present at the college each semester. I have been to cyber security presentations, poetry readings, etiquette dinners, biology seminars, and musical recitals, just to name a few!

This past Thursday evening, I attended a poetry reading by Suzanne Cleary. She was awarded the 2014 Eugene Paul Nassar Poetry Prize, and when she read excerpts from her book Beauty Mark, it was clear why she was chosen for this award! Cleary’s writing was hilariously entertaining, and her energetic delivery of her work added to its charm. Every person in the Carbone Auditorium (which was so full that extra chairs had to be brought in!) found themselves laughing out loud during the reading. Cleary was by far one of the most entertaining and fun speakers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to, and I was surprised by how quickly the hour presentation flew by.

After the reading, copies of Beauty Mark were available for purchase, and many people had their copies signed by Ms. Cleary herself. My friend Nicole, who is also in my poetry workshop class, loves her personalized copy of the book!

Nicole and her autographed book!

The beautiful Nicole showing off her autographed book!


As if this experience wasn’t awesome enough already, the next day, Suzanne Cleary was our guest poet in our advanced poetry workshop class. We read our poems to the class and discussed them with one another as usual, except this class, Cleary was there to add in her own feedback and help us with the creative process. I learned so much from her, and was really grateful to have a different perspective. One of the things Cleary said that really stuck with me involved a poem I had written that was humorous and had a surprise twist at the end- similar to many of Cleary’s own poems. She said, “In order to embrace the pure silliness of poetry, you’ve got to have nerve. And you definitely have it here in this poem!”  She was extremely supportive of every student in the class’ writing and made for a very fun class.

Another shot of Nicole's personalized copy of Beauty Mark.

Another shot of Nicole’s personalized copy of Beauty Mark.


ENG 407 is always a highlight of my week (in fact, I’ve chosen it as the HOMW twice- here and here), but the guest poet this week made the class exceptionally wonderful!

Dr. Hutton Takes on Senior Sem

Apr 17, 2015 | Author: MaryEllen Fitzgerald-Bord

This semester I’m taking a senior seminar course as a junior. For biology majors, it is required to take a senior seminar, senior research, or a practicum in biology. So, I decided to get a jump on it and added the class to my schedule this semester.

The cool thing about the biology senior seminar is that the topic changes every semester! Two semesters ago it was focused on conservation biology and the class was so well received that they decided to make it an actual course, which I took (and literally loved) last semester. This semester the senior seminar is focused on urban ecology.

The first few weeks of class we went over various case studies and developed a working definition for what urban ecology means to us. Now we’re in the midst of planning a green initiative yard sale for the end of the semester (so people don’t have to throw away things at move out!)  Another aspect to the class now is that we have various guest speakers come in and talk to us about the different facets and multitudes to urban ecology.

This past week President Hutton came in to speak to our class. As all Utica College students, faculty, and staff are aware, our president is actively involved in many campus activities. He is also actively involved with the city of Utica. He is currently a member of the city board and gives input on various issues. (He has been a member of several city planning communities throughout the country!)

He also told our (enraptured) class about the various conservation efforts he and various other Utica College officials have taken to ensure our campus is staying up to date in the world of sustainability.

Did you know Utica College (along with the hospital) was the first school to produce its own energy? I had no clue! That building back behind Burrstone Hall is actually a microgrid that produces energy that is used by the hospital and our campus. During the day the micrgrid produces about 80% of our energy and the other 20% is supplemented from National Grid. At night, all of the energy being used on the campus is produced by the microgrid.

The campus is also looking into other sustainable options. Unfortunately full solar power for the campus is simply not a feasible option as of now. However, they are looking to put solar panels in above the pool in the athletic center so it can be heated that way! Little steps add up!

It was definitely a really cool experience to have the president of Utica College come in and talk to my senior seminar class. We’re only a class of 7, yet he still treated us as if we were a larger class. He asked us our opinions and seemed genuinely interested in our thoughts. I got to talk about my favorite issues, and felt like my opinions were actually being heard. It was probably my favorite class hour that I’ll ever have at Utica College! 11160059_1103963916285608_7854584658554039119_o

Sleep is Essential

Apr 16, 2015 | Author: Jayson Bretton


As the weeks go by, the closer we are until the semester is over. Which means that it’s almost time for finals week! I know everybody is as excited as I am to know summertime is right around the corner. But before we can lay back and relax in the sun, we must make sure we are doing the things necessary to pass those finals. There is one thing in particular that will be essential for passing those finals besides the obvious, studying, and that is SLEEP! Many don’t understand how essential sleep is when it comes to day-to-day living. We underestimate how much our body truly demands. As human beings sleep is vital for survival, so without good sleep it becomes hard for people to concentrate and you can become ill.

The condition of not having enough sleep is well-known as sleep deprivation. This condition can have a major impact on the lives and actions of people among all ages. It’s understandable that we are in college and sometimes it’s hard to go to sleep but it’s very important that one makes sure to get 8 hours of sleep a night. It’s not easy to get back to normal sleeping habits because our body has to go through what is known as sleep debt. “Our bodies give us plenty of signals when we’re tired. But some of us are so used to being sleep deprived that we remain oblivious to how impaired we really are. Sleep debt isn’t something you can pay off in a weekend, researchers say—it can take weeks of building up restorative sleep habits” ( There are five signs for a person to know in order to find out if you are sleep deprived or not.

  1. Simple decisions stump you
  2. Your still hungry — after eating all day
  3. You keep coming down with coldsimage
  4. Weird things make you cry
  5. You’ve become a klutz

Those are some things ones should look out for when enough sleep is not something they are getting. Of coursethere are some reasons as to why people can’t sleep. In some cases people just can’t get enough sleep because of sleep disorders that they may have. Insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and even night terrors are all examples of some of those disorders. But as the clock is ticking and it’s coming down to finals everyone has to make sure to get the right amount of sleep that is needed in order to stay focused during those tests.

Please continue to read my blogs and don’t forget to follow me on my Twitter @Jayson_UC to get updates on upcoming events on campus.

Till next time,



Why I chose UC for Nursing

Apr 16, 2015 | Author: Grace Pfeifer

As many of you know from reading my previous blogs, or just know from knowing me in general, I am a Junior in the Nursing Program here at UC. I applied in Fall of 2011 and was accepted in November 2011. I started my freshman year in Fall of 2012.

I did not always know I wanted to be a nurse, in fact I didn’t even really think about it till my H.S. Biology teacher looked at me one day and told me that I’d make a really good nurse. From there I just kinda took her suggestion and ran with it. I had always had elderly grandparents so I was no stranger to hospitals, and I knew I wanted to be in a job where I was helping people, so what better career then to become a Nurse?

Finding out I wanted to be a Nurse was half the battle though, the other half was finding the right Nursing school. I had a lot of options, I could have gone the Nursing school route and graduated with my associates in two years, or I could look for a four year program attached to a University. Besides wanting my bachelors over an associates, I also really wanted the so called “college experience”. Therefore, it was a no brainer to look for four year schools with Nursing programs.

I found that there were many schools with Nursing programs but not all were created equal. The general theme that I kept coming away with every college I visited was, “Nursing is super Hard, You will have no life”. I mean literally, I was told over and over , program after program, how if you were a nursing student you could kiss any sports or extracurricular activities you loved goodbye.
I was really put off by this idea as I planned on continuing Cheerleading into college and participating in Theater club just like I always had in High School. I’m a person who likes doing things, so to be told that I’d have to give up the things I love for a career I would love, was very discouraging.

This was not the case when I visited UC. For accepted student day we were split up by major and had the opportunity to talk to the faculty and dean of the Nursing department. I was thrilled to find that UC’s program had a very different philosophy. They wanted the well rounded student. They wanted the student athlete to be able to also do the Nursing Program. Many of the teachers talked about their students and shared how many activities they were involved in. I still was told that Nursing would be a challenging program but at least I knew if I came here I wouldn’t have to stop doing the things I loved.

So, I went with UC and haven’t had any regrets since. I was able to do the things I loved. Freshman year I joined the football cheerleading team, and in the spring I was in the spring theater production. My following sophomore year, my friend Danielle and I started a Basketball Cheerleading team. Therefore, I think it’s important to share my experiences on picking a nursing program and how to go about it for anybody who might be trying to do the same.
The New Program
If you’ve heard anything about the nursing program, you might have heard some negative opinions about the change of the new program. In 2012, Utica’s Nursing Program switched to a t 2+2 program. This just means that our freshman and sophomore year we take our liberal arts core and major related courses, then starting the beginning our junior year we take our first nursing classes.

My class is the first group to go through this change. With all new changes, challenges arise. It was a little bit of bummer at first to find out I had to wait two years to start my nursing core verses just a year like the old program. However, now that I’m in my junior year I see how much easier it makes my life.

The 2+2 program allows us to get our core out of the way so we can just solely focus on our Nursing classes. If you’re someone who struggles with math like me, it’s a relief to know that I don’t have to take statistics along with a challenging nursing course like Medical-Surgical Nursing. The greatest benefit of the 2+2 program is the ability to fully dedicate yourself to nursing classes without worrying about other core or major related courses.
What UC’s Nursing Program is like?                                                                                                         Just like with all other programs at UC, being in the Nursing Program here is great because of the small class size. I went to private school for High School and graduated with 83 people. I knew all my classmates by first and last name, and I knew my teachers and they knew me. This is something I knew I didn’t want to give up in college. In the nursing program here at UC you really get that one on one attention from your professors. They know you and you know them. Same goes for my classmates. It is very family like which is something I really admire.

In addition to the small classes, we have a beautiful state of the art Nursing lab which is also very hard to find in other school’s nursing program. I remember one particular school I visited, and their lab was only slightly bigger than my bedroom at home (which is not very big). UC’s lab is built just like an actual medical floor unit. We have a classroom with doctor exam tables that are fully equipped, and then on the other side we have our hospital style beds with our mannequins and a nurse’s station. We also have a fully operating simulation room with a sim man.

Another thing I really like about the program is our availability to go to multiple hospitals and facilities for clinical. Just this semester along I’ve done a clinical at St.Luke’s, Masonic Home, and Crouse Hospital in Syracuse. If I was to attend a Nursing school with an affiliated hospital, your pretty much bound and obligated to do your clinicals with that hospital. Being able to do multiple clinicals with different hospitals really gives you an idea of what you might want to do, what type of setting you’d like to work in, and all the many opportunities in nursing that are out there.

Before listening to any rumors you’ve heard, take the time to really look in to UC’s Nursing program. Picking a school is something to take seriously. You have to really do your research and pick wisely to find what you want in a program. In terms of state of the art and innovation, UC’s program takes the cake. We have a beautiful lab, have multiple sim man’s and mannequins to practice on, have a great faculty, and a great community. If you’re thinking of coming to UC for nursing or switching majors to nursing, this is the place you want to be.