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Are You Too Busy to Be Successful? Keys to Managing Your Time Effectively

Oct 19, 2014 | Author: Allison Acquaviva

It’s only the middle of the semester, but we are already feeling the pressure of upcoming deadlines for projects, papers, and exams. It’s making us crazy, overwhelmed and just stressed out. 

Managing your time effectively is so much more than simply not procrastinating. In order to be successful, you must be organized, determined, and be willing to work your hardest. Everyone knows that though….right?

Here are some key concepts to make managing your time easier and to make your success rate soar:

1. Evaluate Your Timelines: Are you constantly struggling and staying up all night just to finish an assignment? If so, it’s time to re-evaluate your timeline. Set realistic expectations for yourself that you can handle without feeling overextended.

2. Don’t Underestimate Deadlines: Just because something is due in November, does not mean you should wait to DO it then. It’s important to be open about the time you take to work on things. Granted, we all need relaxation time, but before you put off any of your assignments, make sure you will be able to deliver on that deadline. They are sneaky little buggers.

3. Embrace the Power of No: Every day, we are presented with opportunities and things we want to do. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough hours in the day to possibly get everything that we want to done. It’s okay to say no. Sometimes, for our own sanity, we have to let go of unnecessary obligations….for the time being. That doesn’t mean we can’t revisit them later on when we’re less busy.

Created by me in Meme Generator

Created by me in Meme Generator

4. Take a Digital Diet: Put down the phone, log out of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the list goes on. I know, easier said than done, right? Absolutely! I can’t tell you how many times I get distracted by my phone, Kindle, or even my dog. Then, before you know it, what was supposed to be an hour-long assignment has turned into an all day affair. Seriously, for your own benefit, put the digital devices away.

5. Prioritize: Consider what projects must be done first. Then, consider how your time can be used more productively. For example, if you have that dreaded research paper to do, think about the ways that you can make your life easier. Is there anything you can complete ahead of time? If so, do it. Also, try making a “today” list instead of a “to do” list. Focus on the tasks that you want to complete that day. Looking at all the tasks you have to do, might completely overwhelm you.

Do you want to be more successful? Do you want to accomplish more? Try doing these five key points. If those don’t work for you, make your own list of steps that you feel would be beneficial to you. Take that “too busy” feeling and turn it into a “successful” feeling!

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12 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About College

Oct 17, 2014 | Author: Colleen Bierstine


Most of our knowledge comes from experience. That’s why a lot us will look back on events in our lives and say things like, “If I only knew then what I know now.” We tend to think about things in retrospect – what we could have done better if we had known more at that present time. But of course, this never really does us any good because, try as we might, we can’t go back to those moments.

Now that I’m about to graduate this semester, I have been thinking of a lot of things that I wish I knew going into college, things I wish someone had told me. Although, even if someone had passed this knowledge my way then, would I have listened? Who knows? My hope is that, in sharing these tips with you, you’ll trust me and take it to heart so you can get the most out of your time and money.

  1. Take the classes that matter to you.
    I am going to be completely honest. Every semester, when it came time to build my schedule for the next semester, I focused only on a) what was required to graduate, b) what was most convenient time-wise, and c) what was easiest. This worked out to make my time here quite efficient, but all of a sudden, it dawned on me that I have taken all of the classes that I will take.
    I wonder if I missed things. I took a couple easy A courses, but did I take things that would be practical and applicable? Yes, but not as many as I could have. Do whatever you can to broaden your horizon now. Take communication, business and writing courses, no matter what your major is. These will help you so much. Then be sure to fit in things you find interesting.
  2. Class attendance is crucial, but your health is the most important thing.
    This past semester, I got hit with mono. It took me a week or two to get diagnosed, but I knew something was severely off. The type-A part of me was saying, “Go to class!” But my body was physically incapable of movement. I did the right thing and went to the doctor instead of class, then brought my professors a doctor’s note. When you have a serious illness like mono, you have to put your health first.
  3. The best way to do well in a group project is to take charge.
    We all know that, despite professors’ best effort, group work is never an equal division. And if you don’t get to pick who you’re working with, there’s no guarantee the people you work with have the same work ethic or concern for their grades as you do. Therefore, if you want to do well on a group project, the only way to do so is suck it up and take the reigns. You need to be in control, be responsible, and be aware of dates and requirements. As harsh a reality as it is, that’s just group work for you.
  4. Your professors want you to succeed.
    It feels like they’re out to get you when they hand you a research paper assignment, but I swear, they want to see you do well. They will do everything in their power to help you if you show you’re willing to work and to reach out to them.
  5. Make time to see your family.
    A lot of kids want to get away from their families when they go off to college. And even if that wasn’t the case for you (it wasn’t for me; I didn’t want to leave), it’s likely you’ll assume you have your entire life to visit your family, and you won’t make it a priority on breaks. The thing is, life is going to keep changing and more and more things will get in the way of spending time with them, whether it’s jobs or distance or whatever. Take the time while you have it and be with your family as much as you can.
  6. Get at least one person’s phone number in every class you’re taking.
    This will come in handy on many levels. If you’re stuck in traffic and going to be late, you can text someone and ask them to let the professor know (make sure you pull over to do this though!). If you miss a class, you can reach out to them for notes. If you’re confused about something, you can ask them for clarification.
  7. Pens exist only to be sucked into a black hole when you’re not looking.
    Seriously, buy a million, because they’ll all be gone in a week, even if you don’t lend them to people.
  8. Learn to cook.
    This is for men and women. People like people with food. It will help you take care of yourself, make friends, get on professors’ good sides, and you’ll look smooth on dates.

    A Loaded Cheese Fries Grilled Cheese from my blog.

    A Loaded Cheese Fries Grilled Cheese from my blog.

  9. You really need to check your email.
    Ask any professor; students don’t check their emails. That’s because our generation is accustomed to texts, and email seems like a thing of the past. However, you have to remember that your professors still use email avidly. It never fails that the one day you don’t check your email is the one day you got a class cancellation notification, but missed it and drove to school for nothing. Plus, you need to look out for weather and campus safety updates. All kinds of important stuff goes to your UC email.
  10. Establish credibility with your professors.
    This is especially true for professors you know you’ll have again. Even if someone rubs you the wrong way, you want to be on their good side. Prove to be diligent, motivated, and responsible by consistently handing assignments in on time, showing up to all classes on time, and participating in class. Always hand in your best work and be friendly. That way, when an unfortunate circumstance does happen, your professor trusts you and is willing to work with you. For example, I got rear-ended on the way to a midterm a few semesters ago, and was consequently a few minutes late, but my professor knew what kind of student I was, and he understood.
  11. You are never “too busy,” so ditch that excuse.
    The saying is true: if you really care about something, you’ll find the time for it. When you tell someone you were “too busy,” you really just didn’t see the thing you didn’t do as priority. I don’t care how much crap you take on – I’m the queen of taking on too much – you will find a way to do what matters to you.
  12. It never hurts to ask.
    A lot of people refrain from asking for something they want/need if they’re sure the person will say “no.” I have always adopted the mantra that it doesn’t hurt to ask, and it’s almost always been helpful to me. When I’m feeling like things are going south in a class, I see if there’s anything a professor can do to help me, even if I think they’ll say “no.” Nine times out of ten, I get surprised. The same goes for anything. I’ve expressed to professors that the whole class could benefit from a couple days extra of studying and gotten tests moved back. This semester, an incredibly understanding professor was willing to work with my teaching schedule at the gym. People will surprise you, and if they say no, so what? You should ALWAYS ask.

21 Questions!

Oct 17, 2014 | Author: Elaine Paravati

In case you didn’t pick up on this by now, I am friends with several of the other UC Bloggers. Naturally, the students who blog are students who love UC and are pretty involved on campus, so I often see them at events and meetings. One of the bloggers I am particularly close friends with, Karita, posted a fun blog last week in which she answered 21 random questions about herself. (You can read her blog here). I loved it, so I figured I would do the same here, and answer her questions about myself!

  1. What is your year/major?
    • I am a senior and a psychology major!
  2. When’s your birthday?
    • April 20.
  3. Where are you from?
    • I am local- born and raised in Utica!
  4. Why Utica College ?
    • I wanted to attend a small school, and I loved that I could commute from home while still being at a school with a strong faculty. Over time, I grew to love campus so much that I didn’t want to leave, which is why I became a residential student this year!
  5. What is your favorite cereal?
    • Plain ol’ Llife cereal!
  6. Do you have any pets?
    • I have a kitten named Cleo who I am a little obsessed with.
  7. How involved are you on campus?
    • This semester, I am a teacher’s assistant, a research assistant, a WPNR DJ and production staff member, a resident assistant, a North Hall representative in Student Senate, and the GSA Vice President. I am also a member of the UC Choir, the Psychology Society, the ASA Gray Biological Society, the Student Conduct Committee, the Food Service Committee, and Psy Chi Honor Society. In the past, I have also been involved with RHA and the summer orientation program.
  8. What is your favorite season?
    • Fall- I love the changing leaves, sweaters, scarves, and hot cider!
  9. What is your favorite thing about Utica College?
    • I love that this school really feels like a family. We are a small community, and everyone knows each other. The students, the faculty and the staff all truly care about one another and want to help each other succeed.
  10. What city you would like to visit?
    • Right this minute, I would love to be in Maine. I love Boothbay Harbor, and could use a little time by the ocean.
  11. Favorite song?
    • “Somebody Loves You” by Betty Who always makes me get up and dance!
  12. Any siblings?
    • Three (brother and two sisters- all are also in college currently!)
  13. What is your favorite animal?
    • Cats. Specifically, Cleo!
  14. Favorite restaurant?
    • Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse in Utica, and Joe’s Wagon Wheel in Oneida. Both are great date spots if you love pasta as much as I do!
  15. Pet peeves?
    • I hate when people complain endlessly! My opinion: fix it, or stop complaining. Life’s too short to be unappreciative and unhappy! Fix the issue and move on.
  16. Favorite quote?
    • “Meow.” -Cleo
  17. Most played song?
    • Apparently, it is “Countdown” by Beyonce, the queen. Figures.
  18. Any talents?
    • I love to do Zumba, sing, and paint– but not all at once!
  19. Favorite video game?
    • I don’t play video games.
  20. If you could be friends with any celebrity, who would it be?
    • Judge Judy- I love her!!
  21. What do you want to be when you grow up?
    • Grateful :)

It’s that time of the semester again… Homecoming Weekend!!!


Are you ready for what is about to hit campus?
Who’s excited for the Weekend? If you’re not, let me remind you why you should be.

1. UC Set to Host Fisher for Coach to Cure MD Homecoming Game.


The Utica College football team returns home on Saturday for the Coach to Cure MD Homecoming Football game as the Pioneers take on the nationally-ranked St. John Fisher in Empire 8 Conference action.
The game is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. on the turf at Charles A. Gaetano Stadium, and it is a part of the College’s Homecoming festivities.

2. Women’s Soccer vs. Alfred University


The Utica College soccer team also returns home Saturday, October 18 to face Alfred University. The game will be on the turf at Charles A. Gaetano Stadium as part of the College’s Homecoming festivities.

3. Edith Langley Barrett Fine Art Gallery Exhibit:

John Lyon Paul

This self-taught artist began to make sculptures at the same time he began to practice meditation in the 70s. These two practices, the receptive and the active, have informed his entire creative life and generated a large and innovative output of artworks. The master of many materials, John spends about equal time painting and sculpting in the solitude of the studio he built in the hills near Ithaca, NY. The event begins at 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 18.

These are just few events going on this weekend. If you need more information, go to Utica College.

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Staying Prepared for the Weather in Utica

Oct 16, 2014 | Author: Tobias Neto

In Utica, the weather changes from sunny with low winds to heavy rain storms within a duration of a day. This creates trouble in trying to prepare for the day. I have found a couple of ways to help be ready for the unexpected weather:
1. Check the Weather: It is always helpful to watch the weather, whether it’s on an application on your cell phone or simply watching it in the morning in your room as you prepare for the day.
2. Bring a Sweater/ Rain Coat/ Boots: Since some students have classes with AC and are not used to the cold, it would not be bad to carry a sweater in your bag or to wear one. It allows you to stay warm if you are feeling cold, and you can take it off it you get hot. If you know it is going to rain, prepare yourself and wear rain boots and a jacket.
3. Carry an Umbrella: if you know it’s going to rain later in the day and you are not going back to your dorm room anytime soon, bring an umbrella. It will still help, even though it is pouring. It should keep you primarily dry.

Cafe Food: Are You Over It?

Oct 16, 2014 | Author: LaShanna Saunders

I can’t count on my fingers how many times a week I get sick and tired of the cafe food: burgers, pizza, pasta, soda, etc. At first, it’s pretty cool and enjoyable because you’re away from home, but after a semester or two, it gets draining and you are dying for a home-cooked meal. However, what some students don’t know is that there are local stops around campus in the Utica area where they can get something other than the usual food.  Below, I will give resources on other food sources around campus.


Utica College shuttle Vans

Utica College offers shuttle vans to the mall at least twice a week. The shuttles are free of charge, and you can go with friends and grab a bit to eat. The mall has Walmart,Chipotle, Chinese food, Subway, pizza, Panera Bread and other little food stores.The shuttles leave from in front of Strebel and usually runs every hour. The shuttle driver will drop you off at the mall and pick you up back within the time frame that the shuttle van is working for that day. To see times and dates go to the link below:

Around the Area

No longer than 5-10 mins away there is:

Friendly’s – directly across from the campus

IHop- walking distance, walk towards The Home Depot

Gas Station- directly across the street from campus, which sells pizza, snacks, and other frozen food

Dunkin Donuts

Minar Fine Indian Cuisine

Why I Chose My Major

Oct 14, 2014 | Author: Nayary Rosario

Coming from a really big family, I have a lot of people that are there to motivate me everyday. One of my cousins, whom I consider my big sister because she was always there for me since the day I was born, is now a general doctor. Her name is Audrey, and the fact that she took time out of her studies to be with me growing up means a lot to me and, in a way, made me feel special. Hanging out with her, I got to see her books and tools that she used in school for her medical studies, and I became interested in them.

When I entered high school, I was required to volunteer in my community in order to graduate. I did not want to volunteer in just any regular place. Unlike many of the rest of my classmates who volunteered anywhere just to get it over with, I wanted to volunteer somewhere health-related.

I went to a nearby hospital known as one of the best hospitals in the United States and applied there. It took a while for me to get an acceptance, but I got an interview. That interview was really influential to me because I noticed how I was the youngest one. Everybody else was 25 and up.

Later on, I started working in the Cardiology department, and I loved it. I was basically like an assistant nurse, wearing a blue jacket while most patients looked at me like a real nurse. I assisted the patients and made conversation with those who were lonely, who had nobody who visit them. I helped them get out of bed, put their clothes on, or if they needed anything, I had access to a room with all the utilities such as lotion, hand sanitizer, soap, food, etc.

Working there, I met a lot of inspiring people during lunch when I had to share tables because there wasn’t enough space for everybody to eat. I was able to sit down and eat with doctors, nurses, and technicians during their lunch break. Being so young, I was scared, but I was proud of myself for going all out and getting that volunteering position in a hospital. I ended up loving it so much that I did more hours than I was required to.

I then knew I wanted to be a nurse because I wanted to be able to talk to and have contact with people and actually be there for them. Doctors do not really get the chance to do that because they are mostly in their office. I do not want to be just any nurse; I want to be a pediatric nurse because I have a heart for children. Growing up with my mom as a daycare provider, I also had a lot of contact with children my whole life, and I just love them. I learned how children react the way they do and how to make them feel happy.

Get to Know Me

Oct 14, 2014 | Author: Karita Rawlins

As I read through my previous blogs, I noticed I never formally introduced myself, which is actually really ironic seeing as the only person I want to talk about majority of the time is myself.

I recently turned 21, so I will answer 21 random questions about myself that are a combination of ones I found online and made up on my own.

  1. What is your year/major?
    • I am a senior studying communication arts.
  2. When’s your birthday?
    • September 9! I’m a Virgo.
  3. Where are you from?
    • I was born in St.Thomas, US Virgin Islands. and I lived in the Bronx,NY since I was 4, but just last month, my family moved to Syracuse, NY.
  4. Why Utica College ?
    • My sister was a student here, and I follow her everywhere, so naturally, I went to the same college as her.
  5. What is your favorite cereal?
    • I’m pretty sure I am an 85 year-old woman on the inside. My favorite cereal is Wheaties; second place is Corn Flakes. I hate fruity/sugary cereals!
  6. Do you have any pets?
    • I am afraid of pretty much everything not human. So, no.
  7. How involved are you on campus?
    • I’m pretty involved. This year in particular, I’m not due to time constraints, but I am a member of Alpha Phi Omega Petitioning Group. In the past, I’ve been active on UCPB, Student Senate, RHA and many more…
  8. What is your favorite season?
    • Autumn. Sweaters are my favorite article of clothing. It gives me the opportunity to wear cute outfits without freezing or having to hide them behind a big winter coat.
  9. What is your favorite thing about Utica College?
    • The people. Both faculty/staff and the students. They all contribute to this unique experience that I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else.
  10. What city you would like to visit?
    • Hong Kong. It seems kind of cliche, but I’ve always been intrigued by China, and I am very determined to visit.
  11. Favorite song?
    • Currently “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift, but overall it would be “Imagine” by John Lennon.
  12. Any siblings?
    • Yes, 8. There’s a big age gap between the first and the last!
  13. What is your favorite animal?
    • Elephants. I actually have a tattoo of one. They are very protective of their heard and are a universal symbol of strength, good luck, power, loyalty and divinity. Plus, the little babies are sooo cute!
  14. Favorite restaurant?
    • Applebees. Anyone who knows me knows for a fact I love Applebees.
  15. Pet peeves?
    • Notifications on my phone and unread emails. It bugs me when I see someone’s inbox and there are 5358 unread emails. *cringe*
  16. Favorite quote?
    • “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all,” - The Emperor of China, Mulan
  17. Most played song?
    • I just checked iTunes;  It’s “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit. I played it a whopping 146 times.
  18. Any talents?
    • No. I am as talented as a brick. I am really good at parallel parking though, so maybe that counts.
  19. Favorite video game?
    • The Sims. I’ve been a avid player since I was young. I need to add the Sims 4 to my collection!
  20. If you could be friends with any celebrity, who would it be?
    • Mindy Kaling. She is my spirit animal.
  21. What do you want to be when you grow up?
    • Happy. I’m still figuring out what specific career path I want, but I know for a fact I want to be happy.

Want to learn more about me and my experiences at Utica College ? Check out my Senior Year Bucket List!





An Introvert’s Guide to Succeeding in College

Oct 14, 2014 | Author: Allison Acquaviva

I’m an introvert. Yes, it’s true. I’d much rather chill out at home with tea in my hand and my puppy on my lap than pretend I’m having fun at some huge party surrounded by people who I don’t even know.

Don’t get me wrong; I DO enjoy socializing. In fact, there are a lot of misconceptions about being an introvert. We get told that we don’t like people, we have poor social skills, we don’t have valuable ideas, and the list goes on….

Created by me on Meme Generator

Created by me on Meme Generator

But, here’s the thing: none of those accusations are true. Introverts ARE capable of having great social skills, they CAN become successful business men or women, and we DO value the relationships that we have.

Throughout our whole college career we’ll hear things such as:

  • “Get out of the box.”
  • “Put your introverted self away.”
  • “You need to become more outgoing and change your personality, or you’ll never have a fun college experience.”
  • “You won’t meet anyone by sitting on the couch!”

While it is important to expand your horizons and step outside of your comfort zone, everybody does it differently, and nobody has the right to judge. If you’re introverted like me, know that you can have a fantastic college experience. Here’s how:

  1. Find your circle: You’ll come across tons of people in your curriculum, but that doesn’t mean you need to befriend every single one of them. If conversations make you feel a little uncomfortable, start small. Talk to the person next to you, in back of you, to the side of you, wherever. If you only take away one friend from a class, so be it. Lose the notion that you need to have a billion friends. Remember: introverts care about quality NOT quantity.
  2. Take advantage of office hours, e-mail, anything! Have an idea or question that you would love to express to your professor, but are a little apprehensive to ask in front of class? Approach your professor after class, during office hours, or even through e-mail. Don’t let your idea or question go by the wayside. A professor will respect you so much more if you contribute your thoughts to them instead of ignoring them.
  3. Create your own fun: If going to a party just isn’t your thing, find something that is. The campus is filled with tons of activities for everyone to get involved in. From intramural sports to yoga, art classes, Bible study, and various organizations, the opportunities for those of us who are on the reserved side, are endless.

Find your people. Find your common interests (yes, there ARE people who have the same interests as you). Stick with them. Quit listening to the voices that tell you who you should be or what you have to do. Everyone’s personality is different, and if you’re introverted, there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, YOU create your own experiences, no one else does.

In the Life of Dillan Torres

Oct 14, 2014 | Author: Dillan Torres

Hey Utica College,

For those who do not know me, my name is Dillan Torres, and I am currently a masters student here on campus. I have been attending UC since 2009, and I am going on my 6th year. Each year, I have grown in such tremendous ways that have helped me get to where I am today.

I graduated in 2013 with my Health Studies bachelor’s degree, and I am now working towards my Occupational Therapy master’s degree. I have seen so many positives changes within myself throughout the 5-6 years, and within the campus as well. I was a part of six different organizations such as AVU (Gospel Choir), Prestige, RHA, RHCB, Student Senate, and I of course cannot forget my industrious brotherhood Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity Inc. I advise all to be a part of many organizations on campus and make your college experience the best one you can because you only live it once.