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Tessa Lamper

Occupational Therapy

Pretty much love doing anything and trying new things!

Hey I'm Tessa, I am from Hughesville, PA which makes Utica a HUGE city for me! At home when you don't see me riding or showing my horses, you can probably find me running around my farm (or zoo as I like to call it). At Utica I love working out, hanging out with friends and I love supporting UC as an Ambassador and UC Tele-counselor.

How to Feel More at Home

Feb 26, 2015 | Author: Tessa Lamper

Coming from farming country, a close-knit family and pets running around, it was a big transition for me when I first came to Utica College. I therefore found myself homesick, not because of the college, but because of the dramatic difference in lifestyle I had to adjust to. Over the past three years, I have found some ways to make the adjustment so Utica feels more like home than school.

1. Have “family” dinners: At home I have family dinners every night at the dinner table and when I came here it was a lot different. My friends and I started having a “family” dinner time (just a time we could all go eat dinner together) and it really helped! It sounds weird, but being away from family makes you depend on your friends more for support and they become a type of family. Although your family is always there for you no matter where you are!

2. Call your family: Its always so nice to call my family and hear about whats going on at home. For me, I love when I can hear my old grandfather clock and my dogs barking in the background just as much as hearing my family’s voices.

3. Bring stuff from home! It may sound like a waste of space, but I sometimes bring things back to set on my desk or around my room to make it feel like my real bedroom. I have a bunch of Nicholas Sparks books laying around my room (even if I do not have the time to read them here) because thats how my room is back at home.

4. Pictures! This may seem obvious, but sometimes people get worried others may judge them for having pictures of family or friends or pets on the wall. I love having pictures throughout my room. It reminds me I have an amazing support system back home waiting for me… And a horse, two goats, three dogs…IMG_1707

5. Posters and Decorations! When I found out that Utica could be colder than Alaska at times, I decided I wanted my room to be a beach theme to remind myself that it will get warm and sunny! I always find comfort in going back to my room because of all the colors and decorations I have in my room. It covers up the brick walls and makes it feel “homey”. My friends even say that my room is so cozy!

PS: My beta fish also makes my room awesome!!! Sorry I could not get the picture to sit straight up and down! IMG_1708

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5 Fun Things to do this Spring Around Utica

Feb 26, 2015 | Author: Tessa Lamper

When I first came here, I was unaware of all the fun things to do around Utica College!! While you can still go skiing, when it gets warmer, try out these five fun activities!

1. Utica Zoo: I love the zoo!! There are over 200 animals from all over the world at the zoo and you can choose a guided tour, an animal encounter or even just tour around. It is also a great time for relaxation and fun. I went with a bunch of my friends and had a lot of fun learning about the different animals! Check out http://uticazoo.org/animals/FullSizeRender

2. Saranac Brewery Tour: This place is really cool even if you are not 21! You take a tour through the brewery and you can have samples of the alcohol if you are 21 and samples of the soda if you are under 21! For more information go to http://www.saranac.com/tours/

3. Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute: Another great place if you just want to relax or if you love art! I have never really been the “artsy” type, but I really enjoyed the art the museum has to offer and historical significance. Learn more at http://www.mwpai.org/visit/

4. The War Club Paintball Park: This is a blast! Its the largest paintball park in central NY and has paintball for people of all ages and experience levels. I had never done it before and I had so much fun! Check it out on http://thewarclub.com

5. Pixley Falls State Park: My boyfriend and I went hiking last spring here and it was beautiful! It was the perfect place to just relax before the stress of finals week. There is a 50 foot waterfall, picnic areas, a nature trail and trout streams. Check it out on http://nysparks.com/parks/32/details.aspxFullSizeRender-1



My Favorite Class at Utica College

Feb 11, 2015 | Author: Tessa Lamper

I have had many enjoyable classes at Utica College between my Health Studies classes (that I got all A’s in) and my English classes (English is one of my favorite subjects!). However, my favorite class was probably one of the more difficult courses I have taken and did not come easy to me.

My favorite class so far has been Gross Anatomy. I took Gross Anatomy last semester and I can tell you right now that it did not become my favorite, or even close to a favorite class until the end of the semester. It started out pretty rough for me between the constant memorization and getting used to the cadavers in lab. I have never been the type of person who can just memorize things right away and it made lecture very frustrating for me. I was also very uncomfortable in lab when we first got started because of the smell and the dissections of the cadavers.

As you can imagine, I did not do very well in the beginning of the semester! Then, after the second test that I was not very proud of, I figured I needed to make a change. I went to Professor Adam Pack, my awesome teacher for the class and he helped me tremendously! I also started meeting with the Teacher’s Assistants personally to help me with lecture and I started meeting with my lab partners for EVERY open lab I could go to. I even went to lab by myself when there was not anyone else there so I could study!  Before the third test, everyone in the class was asking me for study-method help and I even corrected a Teacher’s Assistant in what the Great Saphenous Vein was! I felt so confident and it definitely showed on the rest of my exams. I even got an A- on my cumulative lab exam!

When I started getting high grades in the class, I did start to feel better about the course and it was no longer a class of torture for me, but it still was not in my favorites list. It became my favorite class when I was finished with the course (even before I knew what my final grade would be) because I was using the information. I was completing my shadow hours for Occupational Therapy and my mentors would always tell me what physical impairments that patients had and I knew what they were talking about! It was like an epiphany! It finally clicked that all the days of hard studying actually paid off! I was able to remember everything from lab and I was able to put the information from lecture into it as well. During the course, you learn the anatomy of the body and the functions in sections, so when it was finally all put together in a real life situation, it made the hard work worth it! When everything clicked and was put into a real life perspective, Gross Anatomy became my favorite class.

Top 5 Questions & TRUE Answers About Utica College

Feb 11, 2015 | Author: Tessa Lamper

Hey everyone! Hope you guys are all staying safe and warm this semester! As you guys know, I am a Tele-counselor and I work the Open House events for incoming students. I was talking to a new Tele-counselor about some of the most popular questions I get from incoming students and I thought it would be helpful to write about them in case any incoming freshman see this blog! Between Open House events (which are an amazing opportunity to see Utica College) and Tele-counseling, these are the Top 5 questions I get…

1. What is there to do at/ around Utica College?

What isn’t there to do on/around Utica College campus? On campus there are always events going on that are put on by the student clubs/organizations, Student Activities and by Utica College Programing Board. Around Utica College, there is the Utica Zoo, many local (and awesome) restaurants, shopping, skiing in the winter, paintball and we are only a half an hour away from Syracuse, which has a lot of things to do! Also, Utica College has an amazing sports support team in which most of the students go to all of the sports games, even intramural sports, to support the college and each other.

2. What is the food like?

The food is pretty good and it keeps getting better! The Dining Commons has a lot of options and has recently been adding even more meals to the menu. For example, today for lunch there was a boneless wings bar!! How awesome is that?! There is always something for everyone and if you don’t feel like eating at the Dining Commons, you can always go to the Pioneer Pub in Streble!

3. Are the Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy courses as difficult as people say?

I will not lie to you, the courses can be tough, but they are not nearly as bad as people say it is! I know when I came to college, a lot of people discouraged me by saying the program was impossible. I was terrified to start because I was an average student in high school and therefore I felt I was not ready. I stayed on top of my studies, bought a planner, used my professors office hours and studied as much as it took for me to understand the material. I have been really successful in the programs and it is by far not impossible!!! Do not let people discourage you, but do not expect to do well if you do not put your best effort forth. If you legitimately put forth the effort, you will do just fine and still have time for sports, work and other extracurricular activities!

4. What are the dorms like?

The dorms are a lot bigger than the dorms of other campuses I have visited! Freshman year, my roommate and I were able to have all of our “girl stuff” (TWO: bean bag chairs, full wardrobes/crazy amount of shoes, pet fish, a mini basketball hoop, rugs, refrigerators, garbage cans…ect. Oh, and we were still able to play Just Dance for Wii!!!). Yes, the dorms are pretty big considering all of the stuff my roommate and I had in our freshman dorm!

5. How can I make friends if I do not know anyone that goes to Utica College?

I did not know anyone either and I have met so many amazing people at Utica College! When I came, I went to the Orientation and Open House events and that is how I met my roommate! I also met a lot of friends (that I still have) and exchanged numbers with them at the events. Everyone is in the same awkward boat when coming to college, so don’t feel weird for exchanging numbers and randomly introducing yourself! I also met a lot of friends on my dorm floor Freshman year. My roommate and I kept our door open and everyone walking by came in and introduced themselves. It was really cool to see how friendly everyone was! Don’t be scared, just have a positive mindset that you will make friends and just make it happen! (You can also meet people through events on campus and clubs/organizations!)


If there are any other questions you have regarding Utica College from a student’s perspective, please feel free to comment on this blog! I promise to be honest and reply as soon as possible!


Next Step for OT Juniors…

Jan 25, 2015 | Author: Tessa Lamper

As you guys know, I am a Junior in the Occupational Therapy program! As a Junior in the program, there are a lot of requirements to be upheld in order to keep a seat in the program. Therefore, I figured I would talk about what its like to come into the program as a freshman and continue through to Junior year, where I am currently at in my college career.


When you apply to be in the Occupational Therapy program, you must meet the basic requirements and the requirements of: HS GPA of 85.0 or higher, top 25 percentile in HS, SAT score of 1050 or higher and at least a year of Biology, another science course and three years of math. When you are accepted, students will meet with their Utica College advisors to determine if you want to be in the 4+2 sequence or the 3+2 sequence into the master’s program. I am in the 3+2 accelerated sequence. Most students choose the 4+2 sequence if they participate in sports, but they are able to go into the 3+2 sequence.

Freshman year-Junior year:

Your advisor will help you in picking classes and making sure you are taking the classes you need for the program. You must also maintain a 3.0 GPA (B average) and get a C or higher in all of your science courses, psychology courses, statistics, research methods, sociology, human development, anthropology, kinesiology and medical conditions and terminology. It may seem intimidating, but trust me, it can be done! I found that using the library, taking advantage of professor’s office hours and tutoring is the key to doing well!

Junior year: Junior is the time of preparation for Graduate studies. In order to continue into the graduate studies, you must do a few things…

1. 25 Observation or shadow hours with an Occupational Therapist in at least two different settings. I did my hours with three different OT’s in the nursing home, school based setting, home based setting, outpatient and Early Intervention settings. I had a lot of fun getting familiar with the major and being able to see all the directions I can go with it. For the shadow hours there are documentation forms the Therapist must fill out and you must write a paragraph or two reflecting upon the settings you observed.

2. Have all prerequisite courses finished with needed grades and a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

3. Two personal recommendations (one from a currently practicing occupational therapist and one from an academic professor)

4. CPR certification for adult/child/infant.

5. Transcript evaluation

I hope this helped out with anyone interested in Occupational Therapy and the steps it takes up until Junior year! I received my information from the link below and if you would like to read more check out the link below and the Occupational therapy homepage for Utica College!





Snow Daze!

Jan 25, 2015 | Author: Tessa Lamper

69be597dc5de4e27a6a7dadfe38b23acHey guys! I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing break and you are ready to get through this semester with flying colors! Starting tomorrow, Utica College is kicking off the new semester with Snow Daze! Utica College Programming Board is hosting activities everyday this week for everyone to enjoy to start off the semester with a bit of good, clean fun! Here are the events for this week!

Monday: MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!! In Streble Lounge at 8pm there will be Bookstore Bingo with lots of prizes from the bookstore!

Tuesday: Thinkfast Gameshow is a second FAVORITE of mine and it will be held at 8pm in Streble Lounge with a $200 prize!

Wednesday: Another FAVORITE!!!!!!!! Snow Daze Make Your Own Crafts in Streble Lounge from 12pm-4pm and you will get the opportunity to even make your own soap!

Wednesday Night: You cant beat some nice musical entertainment and dinner! Stop by Pioneer Pub at 9pm for live musical entertainment by Nick Hagelin

Thursday: Need a good laugh? In Pioneer Pub at 9pm, enjoy live comedy by Adam Grabowski!

Friday: Wind down after the first week with a good movie! “Horrible Bosses 2″ will be featured at 8pm in Streble Lounge

Utica College is awesome because of all the wonderful events they put on to entertain the students and even faculty! Stop by these events for a good time, I know I will be there!

For more information on Snow Daze and other activities on campus check out the link below!


Things to Remember Before and After Break

Dec 15, 2014 | Author: Tessa Lamper

I know it is the last day of finals, and some people have left already, but I, like many others, am not able to leave until tomorrow! It is inevitable: every break, I always manage to forget something to take home or to bring back… I also know some of you who have the same problem as well! This winter break, I have a fool proof way of remembering everything to take home and bring back.

Before Break:

1. Go through your daily routine and put all of your necessities in a pile (even if you still need it). It gives you a visual of what you need to take home and helps remind you of everything when you are about to leave because you have already seen it all there!

2. Do not forget your fish… or other pets… (I had hermit crabs for my first two years at Utica College!). Also remember to have a plan of how to transport them. I kept my Beta Fish container that I bought my fish, Leonardo in just to transport him. IMG_0734 Leonardo DiCaprio is all ready to go!

3. Do not forget to clean your room, do your laundry and take out your trash! You do not want to come back to ants and a stinky room!

4. I also take home everything I do not need, such as my Christmas decorations, summer clothes and whatever other things I do not use or need anymore at school. I live 5 hours away so I do not get to go home very often to do these things!

5. If you are driving home, make sure you check your car! Make sure the tires and oil are safe and ready to go and make sure you have your phone charged in case of emergency. JUST DONT TEXT AND DRIVE! :)

After Break:

1. Remember to bring back your necessities, such as all of the items you wanted to make sure you did not forget before leaving! Last year, I forgot my hair brush (which is extremely important or else I will look like a caveman. Trust me, it’s for all of the safety of the civilians of Utica College!).

2. Make sure you have all of your clothes and whatnot cleaned and ready to go so you don’t forget anything important, and so you do not need to do laundry as soon as you get back.

3. If you are like me and will not be able to go home until the spring break, remember to bring back spring clothes and jackets; you never know what will happen with the weather in Utica, New York!

4. Make sure you have your classes figured out, your payments made and your books are bought! It relieves a lot of stress to know you just need to worry about studying!

5. Bring your game face! It’s a new semester, so if you did not get the 4.0 fall semester (which was my original goal…) you can still accomplish it this coming semester! Be positive and ready to work hard, and you will be off to a great start! IMG_1251 I am so excited to see my horse!! Hopefully I do not forget anything due to the near-bursting excitement!


Grade Anticipation…

Dec 15, 2014 | Author: Tessa Lamper

IMG_1344Today, Monday the 15th, I finished my last final exam at 10:30 a.m. I have been stressing about all of my finals for the past few weeks, and now that I am finally done with classes (until the spring), I am able to relax…NOT!!!! I have found that completing my last final exam of the semester has given me more stress than the actual finals! There is definitely something wrong here!!! I was stressing all day over…

“What are my exam grades going to be? I think I did well… But maybe not.. What if I do not get the C or higher in Gross Anatomy? What if I do not get the 3.0 that I need to maintain in order to remain in the Occupational Therapy program? What am I going to do?!!!!!!”

So then, I was talking to my friends, and we were all venting about our grades and feeding off of each other’s nerves (which of course is never good) and thus led to a “Post Final Meltdown.” The definition of a “Post Final Meltdown” (for me at least) is when you are very stressed and debating moving to Africa and saving the rhinos and elephants. You also may or may not consume a large quantity of chocolate…

So naturally, like every college student does, I called the wisest person I know…My mom. In this time of crisis, like every other, she gave me the best advice of all: DO NOT STRESS!!!! What is done is done, and everything will be okay. There is nothing that can be changed, and if the outcome is not preferable, it is no big deal. It will all work out, no matter what! She also told me to get out and have some fun, like getting an ice cream cone or going to the movies to cool down after a long week of final exams, projects and presentations. Just de-stress in general!

Now, usually in my blogs, I give my personal advice. In this one, as you could see, I was the one in need of advice. The advice helped me out a lot, and I am finally relaxing with popcorn, 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family, and my best friend beside me. I hope my mom’s advice can help you guys as well! IMG_1343

Preparing for a Lab Final…

Nov 29, 2014 | Author: Tessa Lamper

In my last post, I gave you guys tips on how to keep focused on studying and homework during the Thanksgiving break. In this post, I would like to tell you guys about how I have been studying for my lab final and how it has been paying off.

Before the break, I was looking over my syllabus for Gross Anatomy when I discovered that my final would be the Thursday after break. I have to get at least a C in the class in order to keep my seat in the prestigious Occupational Therapy program, therefore it is critical I get the C. After thinking about the final being the Thursday after break, I started to get very nervous and stressed about the exam because of the grade I must receive overall in the class. I ended up having a slight mental breakdown over the test.

These were some of my thoughts:

How will I be able to study? It is a cumulative final! I can’t go to open labs for five days! I cannot study without the body! I only have three days after break to study!

As you can see, I was pretty worried…But then I remembered my advice about studying. I first made a plan about a week before break. I planned out all the open labs I can make it to the week before break and the week after. I also planned out days where there would not be open labs, but I would go in by myself and with my lab partners to study. After all the planning, I discovered I had a lot of time to study, and within the first couple days of open labs, I was already feeling confident about the final. I also planned out ways I could study for the final over break without the cadavers. I planned out that I would re-learn/practice the bones and ligaments over break so that way when I come back to school, I can just focus on the studying I was unable to accomplish over break. I have also been drawing out the muscles of the body and writing and re-writing the names of the muscles to keep my mind fresh of the material. IMG_1302(Studying the bones!)

It is extremely important not to wait till the last minute for finals, and I cannot stress it enough to people who go home for breaks. It may not be fun, but now some of my friends in Gross Anatomy have been texting me throughout the break extremely nervous because they did not go to any open labs before the break. They are worried because now they only have three days before the final to go and to study. I am so happy I started studying early. It really pays off because there is less stress and I feel confident.

Keeping Focus Over Break

Nov 29, 2014 | Author: Tessa Lamper

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! With finals and final presentations coming up, studying everyday is critical, but I also know it is difficult to think about school while you are at home enjoying the break. I know I have not been able to think of anything but riding my horse for the first time since August! Here are some tips I find helpful to get work done and to still enjoy my break!IMG_1301

1. Preparation: Before break, it is good to lay out all the work and studying you need to accomplish for the rest of the semester. That way, you have an idea of what you need to get done.

2. Make a plan! It is good to then get a calendar or planner and create a schedule of when you are going to get your work done. For example: My Wednesday of break was going to be devoted to my Psychology Essay and study Gross Anatomy Lecture and Lab for two hours. My Thursday was devoted to Gross Anatomy Lecture and Lab for three hours. It has been very helpful planning out my days because it forces me to make time for it (force because i would rather be playing with my pets than homework!), and it relieves a lot of stress knowing I am getting my work done, and I won’t be cram studying before my finals.

3. Stay devoted! It is important to treat your work like a class. You need the thought process of: you never miss class (hopefully), and you should not miss out on your study/homework time over break either. This way, you are not putting off all your work till the Sunday we get back. I did this last year and was so stressed because studying after a five hour car ride is NOT very fun.

4. Pick a time of the day and schedule the rest of your day around it as if it were a class. I made all my study time in the mornings when I woke up so I could have the rest of the day to do whatever I wanted. It is also a good feeling knowing it’s done and out of the way for the day.

5. Relax and have fun! The break is supposed to be relaxing, and some people get more stressed than relaxed over the break. Relaxation, eating right and sleeping well will benefit your health and get you all geared up and revived to do your best finals week.

I hope these tips helped! Good luck on finals and have a safe trip back to Utica!