Tessa Lamper

Tessa Lamper

Occupational Therapy

Pretty much love doing anything and trying new things!

Hey I'm Tessa, I am from Hughesville, PA which makes Utica a HUGE city for me! At home when you don't see me riding or showing my horses, you can probably find me running around my farm (or zoo as I like to call it). At Utica I love working out, hanging out with friends and I love supporting UC as an Ambassador and UC Tele-counselor.

Be Prepared for Next Semester

May 7, 2015 | Author: Tessa Lamper

Hey everyone! I know you are just focusing on finishing finals and looking forward to the summer but when August rolls around, remember these tips for coming back! Preparation is the key to an easy start of the semester!

1. Remember to print out your schedule.

2. Buy all the notebooks, pencils, paper, ect. that you will need! Take an inventory of your school supplies.

3. Take inventory of your dorm room supplies. Ex: cleaning supplies, personal hygiene supplies, ect.

4. Wash all of your dorm room bedding, rugs, ect.

5. Purchase your textbooks ahead of time!

6. Talk to your roomate/clustermates and decide what you want to bring back. I know I am planning on bringing my Wii back for our living room area of our cluster!

7. Start packing early!

8. Prepare what clothes you may need.

9. Pack ahead of time, not the hour before leaving like I do…

10. Clean your room at your house so your parents will not have to deal with your mess!

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My Spring 2015 Semester Favorite Moments

May 7, 2015 | Author: Tessa Lamper

Hey everyone! I have had an awesome Spring 2015 semester at Utica College and I hope you have too! Here are some of my favorite things that happened this semester! IMG_1987

1. Took some pretty cool classes! I took Senior Seminar, Clinical Research, Neuro Anatomy and Physiology, Kinesiology and Anthropology- Health and Healing! Neuro Anatomy was a pretty interesting class and for everyone that needs to take it: do not worry! It is not as scary as it may seem initially and it is very interesting! P.S. Take Professor Pack for everything you can! Kinesiology was another fun and interesting class. Professor Mallace was my professor for this and he is another awesome professor! Professor Mallace was also my professor for Clinical Research and he is great about helping you throughout the research process. Anthropology with Professor Blouet was another cool class and I learned a lot about healthcare in other areas of the world.  Senior Seminar was pretty cool because I was able to have class discussions on many types topics in healthcare.

2. I have successfully made it through my general education classes and some major related classes!

3. I was apart of Utica College’s first class to be inducted into the National Society for Leadership and Success! (Which is an awesome organization and anyone who gets invited into it should join!)IMG_2085

4. I was able to participate in the American Heart Run/Walk and Utica College’s first ever Relay for Life. IMG_1762

5. I went to the Alpha Phi Delta Formal and took a tour of the Saranac Brewery when I turned 21!IMG_2041Sorry the picture is so blurry!

6. I had a great time at Moose Madness and saw the X Ambassadors!

7. I had a great time meeting future OT and PT majors at the Admissions Open House and Accepted Students Day events! Also dancing with Trax at these events!

8. The Holi Celebration, of course, was FANTASTIC!

9. Having fun with friends in the Residential Quad when the weather was finally warm!

10. Visiting the Utica Zoo with my family and showing them around the city of Utica!IMG_2091IMG_2079

End of the Year Checklist!

Apr 22, 2015 | Author: Tessa Lamper

Hey everyone! Its that crazy time of the year again… Finals and leaving for Summer break! A lot is going on, even more so than finals before Winter break, so here is a checklist so you can make sure to remember to get everything accomplished without the stress!

  1. Make sure to write out everything you need to do for classes on a sheet of paper or on sticky notes and hang them around your room. This way, you will not forget to do the end of the semester papers, projects or presentations!
  2. Write out another calendar of your finals and their times! Finals can be stressful, so make sure you do not forget to go to them during the hustle to study for them!
  3. Plan out your packing for moving out. I seem to end up waiting till the day I leave to even START to pack all my belongings to go home and I regret it every time!!!!
  4. If you are going into a graduate program (such as OT like me!) make sure you have all your requirements filled so you have no trouble in the fall.
  5. Make sure to sign up for classes, housing and pay your tuition as soon as possible, again, so you do not run into trouble when you come back for the Fall semester.
  6. Finally, do NOT forget to hand in your room key/s at the end of the semester!!! I forgot to hand them in your freshman year and I had to send them in the mail. Trust me, you do not need that stress when you just want to start your summer vacation

Utica College’s 1st Relay for Life

Apr 22, 2015 | Author: Tessa Lamper

April 17, 2015 at 6pm was the kickoff of Utica College’s first Relay for Life! The event went from 6pm on April 17, 2015 to 6am April 18, 2015. The event was held by the new student organization, Colleges Against Cancer, which I intend on joining! The event kicked off with some very brave cancer survivors making the first lap around the gymnasium and the rest of Utica College followed them. The rest of the event consisted of the teams making laps around the gym, live musical entertainment, different organizations grilling for the event, Kan-Jam, dance-offs between the fraternities and so much more!IMG_2012

The fraternities Alpha Phi Delta and Alpha Chi Rho had fun raising money by putting each other “in jail”. In the center of the gym was a closed off sort of box that you could pay money to put someone in. To get that person out of jail, someone would have to match the price it took to put that person in jail. One member of the fraternity for Alpha Chi Rho ended up being in jail almost the entire night because his price was close to $200! They ended up having dance-offs and even Rock Paper Scissors Shoot challenges to help people get out of jail! It is safe to say everyone had a few laughs and a fun time watching and participating!IMG_2023Some people in jail!

There was a huge turnout for the event, 29 teams and 285 participants! That is a lot for a small (and awesome) college like Utica! I relayed with the Utica College Student Occupational Therapy Association (UCOT2016 team) and we raised the third highest amount of donations at $1,348.80!!! I am SO proud of our team! The top two teams were Alpha Chi Rho with $4,586.00 and Colleges Against Cancer with $2,150.28. In total, Utica College raised a whopping $21,227.33!!!

10 Cheap Games to Play on the Quad

Apr 8, 2015 | Author: Tessa Lamper

The weather is getting nice and that means QUAD DAYS!!!!! Here are some fun and cheap games you can get for indoor and outdoor use!

1. Cards Against Humanity: Best card game ever… I cried multiple times from laughing so hard! It is great to play inside and it will be even better with a crowd in the hot sun on the quad!

2. Kan Jam: An awesome game which involves a team of two competing for points by throwing a frisbee into “Kan’s” (a plastic circle that resembles a garbage can.

3. Good ole game of catch! Get a cheap baseball/softball and glove from Walmart and play catch with your friends. I love playing catch, even though I am horrible!

4. Football: get a football and play with your friends!

5. Kickball: Get a $5 rubber ball from Five Below and get a kickball game going!

6. Wiffle Ball: You can also get a $5 Wiffle Ball set at Five Below! So much fun, especially for those who may not feel comfortable with their baseball/softball skills!

7. Uno: get a fun game of Uno going! Over Spring Break my boyfriend and I were playing with my brother and his girlfriend when it was rainy and we had a blast!

8. Twister: this game is even better now than it was years ago! Try it with your friends!

9. Capture the Flag: All you need is two old shirts and friends ready to play! This campus is awesome for it and a lot of people love it!

10. Poker: I have never really mastered this game, but I know a lot of people who do!

Upcoming Events I am SUPER Pumped for!

Apr 8, 2015 | Author: Tessa Lamper

Hey everyone! With the nice weather coming out, the campus will soon be more alive than ever with activity! Here is a list of events that I am SUPER PUMPED for!!!!!!!!


4/19 Gay-Straight Alliance will be having their Annual Drag Show! Professional Kings and Queens will be performing and it is FREE for UC students! This show really is amazing and its also inspirational to see how people embrace themselves!

Moose Madness Week:

4/20 School Spirit Day, Wear blue & orange! and Campus Scavenger Hunt! I am so excited to show my Orange and Blue! I will definitely win!

4/21 Moose Madness Trivia Night, Pub 5pm  Look out, my team will be unstoppable!

4/22 Arcade games and crafts in the pub 12-4 and Sailesh Hypnosis @ 7pm

4/23 The Great Regurgitater- he swallows goldfish and brings them back! 8pm

4/24 UC Student Showcase pub

4/25 Inflatables in Res Quad 12-4, BBQ in lounge

4/25 FREE CONCERT to UC Students to see the X Ambassador ft: Royal Tongues at 4:30

4/26 One of my favorite walks! March to End Alzheimer’s presented by the Alzheimer’s Association, you can join a team or make one by going to http://act.alz.org/site/TR?fr_id=7672&pg=entry I will be walking with the Utica College Student Occupational Therapy organization!

You can find out more about whats going on campus by checking out the UCPB calendar! At:





Staying Awake in Night Class…

Mar 26, 2015 | Author: Tessa Lamper

As fun and exciting as classes are, sometimes you may choose to take a night class from 6:30-9:20 pm and if you are a morning person like me, you may be a bit drowsy by this time at night! I personally do enjoy taking night classes because it means you only have the class once a week and allows for more time to work on the materials outside of class. On the other hand, sometimes it is hard after a long day to go and be bright eyed and bushy tailed for night class and that is why I have had to come up with these ideas for staying awake in night class.

1. This is sort of obvious, especially for college students, but getting a little coffee is not a bad idea! I do not drink coffee in the mornings of “Night Class Nights” because I want to save it for night class! Remember that drinking too much coffee can be unhealthy. Drinking a bottle of water can also keep you refreshed and energetic, if you are not a big coffee drinker, or just want to be healthier.

2. Write your notes! Many professors put their notes in Powerpoint and allow students to print the notes before class so they can just take little notes on the side. I believe it is very beneficial to go to class without the printed notes, take the notes and then print out the Powerpoint slides to make sure I get all of the information. This will help you retain the information better and stay focussed in class. Professor Pack tells his students all the time to write out notes instead of printing them out because it leaves a lasting imprint on memory (when I learn more about it in Neuro I will be sure to share the information with you!) I know this is a big study aid for me, while helping me stay awake!

3. Wear a nice outfit! Most people, including myself, just want to wear sweatpants and comfy clothes to night class, but this will just make you feel more sleepy. It is better to wear a nicer outfit or less comfortable clothes (than sweatpants) because it will make you less likely to feel like you are about to go to bed. I am not saying you have to be uncomfortable or wear fancy attire to night class, just wear something you would not sleep in!

4. Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before or take a nap before going to night class. This way you will still be energetic and your mind will still be ready to learn for your night class! It is important to get all of the information from your classes as you can.

5. Eat a good, healthy meal before hand! I know 6:30 is usually my dinner time, so it is important to make sure you get a good meal before night class so you can stay focussed and energized. Although it probably would not help to eat a lot of turkey before night class… (they have a chemical that makes you sleepy!) You can also take snacks and gum to chew in your night class to help you stay awake.

Reasons to go to Admissions Events as an Incoming Freshman

Mar 26, 2015 | Author: Tessa Lamper

Hey everyone! As you guys know, I work for Utica College Admissions as an Ambassador-Tele counselor! I work to call students who are interested in Utica College and help them out with the admissions process and answer any questions they may have. At admissions events such as Open Houses and Accepted Students Day’s, myself and the rest of the admissions staff show students and their families around Utica College, answer their questions, inform them of the college and make them feel welcome! This Saturday (March, 28) is the first Accepted Student Day of the semester and I am so excited to meet everyone! I love talking to students interested in Utica College because I remember how nervous I was when I was looking into colleges and I remember all of the questions I wanted to ask that I wanted true answers for! (Check out my previous post for questions and TRUE answers I give to students!) Now that you know why I like to work the admissions events, these are the reasons why you should attend admissions events (such as Accepted Students Day) as a student interested in Utica College…


Utica College Accepted Student Days offer accepted students and their family members the opportunity to gain a stronger perspective of a day in the life of a UC student through a series of sessions that will discuss the student/family experience, academic programs, and student life at UC.  Students and their family members will also have an opportunity to have lunch in our Dining Commons and go on a campus tour.

1. At the Accepted Student Day, you and your family are invited (for free) to check out Utica College in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Looking at colleges is a big step in a person’s life and can be quite frankly, terrifying. At Utica College, the admissions team works to make you and your family feel welcome and comfortable as possible while getting important information. I know that when I was looking at colleges, the other colleges I was accepted into (9 not including Utica!) did not make me feel nearly as comfortable as Utica did. This comfortability is the reason I picked Utica College over the nine other colleges and universities I looked into.

2. You will never be lost or have to wonder where to go! On a few of the admissions events I went to for other colleges, my family and I were confused and even got lost. The admissions staff at Utica make sure you know where to go and help you completely throughout the day. This made it a lot easier for me my freshman year at Utica College because I had a great sense of where everything was located.

3. You get to meet and talk to students that attend Utica College of varying majors, who are in different clubs and activities and that participate in sports! This allows for the incoming/accepted students to get many perspectives from the students attending Utica College and allows for many questions to get answered!

4. You get to meet faculty members and professors for your major! This is a great way to get more information on the programs you are interested in and a way for you to meet the people who will soon  become like family to you!

5. You overall get to learn anything and everything about the college. You get to speak with professors, faculty members, students, you can go on a tour of the college and the residence halls and even eat lunch at our dining commons! It really is the best way to learn everything about the college before actually attending to make sure it is the perfect college for you and fits all of your needs.

Taking an Online Class

Mar 12, 2015 | Author: Tessa Lamper

Hey everyone! This semester has been hectic so far with my schedule containing: Neuro Anatomy and Physiology, Kinesiology, Anthropology, Clinical Research and Senior Seminar! That does not even include my jobs on campus, clubs and other activities (like sleeping!) With such a busy schedule, it was hard to find time to fit all of my classes into a working schedule and that meant I had to take an online course. I had never taken an online class before, but I had heard of the mixed reactions students have to them. I decided to take Senior Seminar online and was a bit confused in the beginning, but it has definitely turned out to be a great experience! Here are my personal pros and cons to taking an online class. Just remember, these were my personal pros and cons and everyone will have different opinions about it!


1. I have a week to get the work done and I am able to get it done when I have the time to

2. I was unable to fit all of my lecture classes into my schedule, so taking an online class allowed me to get all of my course requirements

3. The discussion forums that the class participates in has helped me learn a lot more than if I was simply sitting in a classroom because I am very engaged

4. The professor replies instantly to any questions that I have

5. The first couple weeks taking the online course was laid back so everyone had the time to get used to having an online course

IMG_1787Oh and did I mention the BEST Pro to taking an online course? You can do it in your PAJAMAS!!!!!!!


1. Sometimes the work may be confusing and you have to communicate online with your professor.

2. You cannot speak with your professor in office hours, you must email them.

3. You have to make sure you have the motivation to make yourself do the work. (Unlike in a classroom setting where the professors take attendance and insist on you showing up!)

4. All class communication is online, unless you meet your classmates on your own time.

Overall, I really enjoy taking an online class due to my busy schedule. It was benefitted me a lot and even though I am slightly computer illiterate and was confused in the beginning, I was able to figure everything out and I am now excelling in my online class. If you ever consider taking an online class, just make sure you take into consideration your schedule and remember: taking an online class does not mean it is easy; it just means you are able to participate in class on your own time (in the course of a week).

America’s Greatest Heart Run and Walk

Mar 12, 2015 | Author: Tessa Lamper

On Saturday, March 7, 2015 I participated in my first America’s Greatest Heart Run and Walk at Utica College! I have heard so many positive comments about the run/walk and I figured I would give it a shot. Turns out, it really was an amazing event! I walked the five mile event on behalf of the National Society for Leadership and Success and I walked with the Utica College fraternity, Alpha Phi Delta. It was amazing to see all of the students and student organizations that were involved with the run/walk. IMG_1757This is a picture I took of the people ahead of me participating in the walk, there were so many!

The American Heart Association is the “largest voluntary health organization working to prevent, treat and defeat heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases” and the diseases account for the #1 and #4 top causes of death in America.

(More info on http://heartwalk.kintera.org/faf/help/helpEventInfo.asp?ievent=1110889&lis=1&kntae1110889=B889A50D29CE459BA77DE26F0AA24CF5)

America’s Greatest Heart Run and Walk 2015 at Utica College has made (so far) $646, 718!! How awesome is that?! This event was for a great cause and was such an inspiration. It was so inspiring to see so many people joining the run/walk and seeing all the support from the neighborhood. There were signs in people’s yards, there were children cheering on runners/walkers in their home, there were friendly onlookers throwing out candy and water to the runners/walkers, the support was intense! The support just showed how tight knit of a community Utica College is apart of and how complete strangers can come together for a great cause! I definitely plan on participating next year and I recommend the event to everyone!

IMG_1762At the end of the walk!