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Tessa Lamper

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Pretty much love doing anything and trying new things!

Hey I'm Tessa, I am from Hughesville, PA which makes Utica a HUGE city for me! At home when you don't see me riding or showing my horses, you can probably find me running around my farm (or zoo as I like to call it). At Utica I love working out, hanging out with friends and I love supporting UC as an Ambassador and UC Tele-counselor.

The Yik Yak Epidemic

Sep 25, 2014 | Author: Tessa Lamper

yik-yak-web-logoAs most of you know, Yik Yak is an App that is quickly growing with college students. It is an App that is created so that people can anonymously post anything they want about whatever they want, without anyone knowing who wrote it. When you first download Yik Yak, it shows a listing of colleges and universities and it allows you to pick which college you attend. Then you are able to create a post and/or see all the posts made about the college/university and the people within it.

Sunday was the first day I had heard about the Yik Yak epidemic. People were gossiping and tweeting and posting screenshots of posts from the App. I did not really understand it or care about it until yesterday (Wednesday) when I was about to go into the Cafe. I was waiting in a chair for a friend when a group of girls in the chairs beside me started talking about Yik Yak. Here is just part of the conversation.

Girl One: “Everyone keeps posting about this girl, like when will they stop”

Girl Two: “Here, lets come up with a different person to start picking on”

Girl Three: “Yeah lets post about that weird girl who…”

Now, I am not implying that I am a saint and I understand the human race tends to be critical of one another, but there was something obviously wrong with this picture. A group of girls specifically stating they want to find someone to pick on. How messed up is that? I was very distraught about the situation and decided I wanted to see what this Yik Yak was about. I downloaded the app and was horrified by some of the posts. I do not want to write the specific posts because I do not want to further embarrass anyone who has been victimized, so I will just briefly describe some of the posts I witnessed.

To start, I saw about twenty NEGATIVE posts about one person specifically and the clothes they wear. Only ONE person made a comment in defense of the victim, unfortunately in return people started victimizing that person. I just want to say that in high school there was a boy who came from a rich family and he came to school wearing the same outfit for a whole week. Many of my peers started bullying him about it to the point that on the fifth day he broke down crying and went to sit in the principal’s office to be picked up. When the guidance counselor asked him what happened, he told her that the reason he spent a week in the same clothes was because he sat in the hospital room with his young brother who was dying of cancer. He stayed in the hospital room whenever he was not in school. He did not even go home to change or bathe. The moral of the story is you never know what someone’s situation is.

I also witnessed many posts that accused people of criminal acts. These posts are not funny and can have real impacts on those people. When these accusations are made, REAL LIVE actions are taken, which can result in an innocent person getting taken in for questioning with the law.

The last posts I would like to briefly discuss are the ones describing how people have been hurt by comments on Yik Yak. People were making self hate comments because they were so hurt by comments. There were also comments about people losing friends and girlfriends/boyfriends because of untrue rumors created on the App. Even worse is that people would then bully them about being hurt.

The App was not meant to be a site of bullying, but it has easily become one. I realize that there were some nice posts, but not even close to the amount of bullying posts. I would first off like to say that I came to Utica College because I felt a deep connection with the faculty and the students such as the Ambassadors and mentors. I felt at home and felt like I could easily make friends and make Utica my second “home”. This blog is not meant to “dis” UC, it is meant to show the harmful effects of the App, Yik Yak. Utica College is not the problem because Yik Yak is causing problems throughout all colleges and universities. Using the App, students are able to personally victimize others, making them feel insecure when college is supposed to be a second home, a time of fun and a time of preparation for the real world. Top off all the stressors of being a student in college/university with the insecurity and hurt of bullying and disastrous things can happen. Bullying in itself can really destroy a person to the point of self harm and harm of others… Hopefully the App is banned/shut down before that happens.

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Keeping it Clean!

Sep 22, 2014 | Author: Tessa Lamper

messy_room_by_iamderek-d37sb10I am sure that everyone has gone (or is going) through the scenario depicted in the picture above. Being in college there is a lot to think about, like homework, class, eating, friend time, relationship time, sports, working out, clubs, activities, Netflix. You get the picture. One thing that is at the back of most minds (or at least mine) is keeping a clean room! Living at college means that Mom is not around to tell you when your room is too messy or smells, and she is not around to do your laundry! Because of this, many dorm rooms that you may enter deserve “Caution Only” signs. Here are some tips in order to maintain a clean and fresh smelling room so you do not become the Pigpen of UC!


1. Do your laundry at least once a week! Look over your schedule and make a designated time (or times) that you will be available to do your laundry. If you are an athlete, work out, or are in gross anatomy (like me!), remember that your clothes will really stink up your room so try and wash your really smelly stuff ASAP! Also, remember to fold and hang up your clothes right away so they do not become a part of the dirty pile!

2. Another tip in regards to clothing is to buy some dryer sheets and just leave a few in your clothing drawers and closet, it will keep your clothes really smelling fresh!

3. Buy a cheap broom and dustpan at Five Below! Cleaning the floors is really important especially when it becomes rainy, snowy and muddy. You can get cheap brooms and dustpans for five dollars! Another really good investment is a Swiffer with the wet wipes. It really cleans up the mud and leaves my room smelling like home.

4. Remember to take out the trash for goodness sake! Use a garbage bag or even a plastic grocery bag as a liner in your garbage and take it out a couple times a week (or as needed). If you are throwing food out, just take the couple extra steps and throw it in the garbage cans in the hall. That way, your room will not smell like it and you will not be finding ants or fruit flies in your room. (I threw out a banana once and the next morning fruit flies invaded my room, ICK!!!)

5. Since we are unable to have candles, I have found a few other ways to keep a fresh scented room. One way is by simply getting Febreze to spray or a couple Renuzit fresheners to lay around your desk. Something else you can try is put a couple dryer sheets on the window sill with the window open and the breeze will catch the scent of the dryer sheets. Something else I really enjoy is my moose! I received a “Scentsy” moose for Christmas and it is really the best thing for any college student! It’s a stuffed moose (moose for Utica of course) that has a little pocket in his back that you can put a little Scentsy pack of your choice in. It is a cute and simple way to get your room to smell the way you want, without the flame of a candle. (Check out the Scentsy website, there are other animals to choose from besides the moose and other ways to “Scent up” your room!)


Playing Nicely With Others…

Sep 9, 2014 | Author: Tessa Lamper

loathingAs you guys know, I am an Occupational Therapy major. In the majors of Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Nursing, basically ANYTHING in the health field, along with many other fields of study; TEAMWORK is a key role. Throughout the total 40 hours of observation hours I have accumulated between PT and OT, the biggest concept that my mentors have stressed to me is the importance of teamwork. They have told me that anyone that cannot work with others (or doesn’t like to) has no business in the health field. This is what brings me to the dilemma I have recently faced in one of my Health Studies classes…

In my Health Studies class, we were assigned a simple project, which included that we must work in groups of threes. The class is pretty assorted by which I mean that no one really knew each other that well. I however, knew two people in the class and immediately wanted to work with them. When it came time to pick groups, the two people who sit beside me (we will refer to them as Tom and Jerry) asked if I would like to work with them and I said yes because I figured it would be nice to meet new people. Long story short, I had a terrible group project experience. I did all the planning, all the work and the worst part was that my partners had no respect for me. I was about to talk to my teacher about changing groups when I realized that when I get into the real world as an OT, I may have to work with people like the ones in my group. I decided I would remain in my group and work through it, so I looked up some tips for handling these kinds of issues…

  • Make assigned tasks and progress reports visible to everyone. This will keep members motivated and on point.
  • Try to communicate with the people you are having problems with. Feel free to share your feelings–but do not lose your temper.
  • Hold a meeting to discuss the project and the desired results in detail before getting started.
  • Make sure that work is equally distributed among the group.
  • Do not get angry with people who are not following through on commitments. Be the bigger person: find out what the problem is and how you can help.
  • The opportunity to work with difficult people in business school will give you the practice you need to deal with difficult co-workers in the post-graduation world.team

I hope these tips help you guys out as much as they helped me, I will be sure to follow through with these tips the next time I have to do a group project so I do not end up in the situation I was in this time!


Looking for Something New?!

Sep 2, 2014 | Author: Tessa Lamper

Unknown Hey fellow Pioneers! I would first like to say WELCOME TO THE UC FAMILY to all of the new members of the college and that I hope everyone had a great summer! Whether you are a returning student or someone new to campus, I think everyone should be aware of the great clubs and organizations offered at UC. Anyone can join the clubs and organizations on campus even if they have no experience (such as the fencing club!). Now, there are MANY  clubs and organizations offered on campus, so I will not be writing about all of them, but I will inform you of a couple of the clubs and organizations that I have participated in and and plan on joining!

The first club that I was introduced to on campus is The League of Extraordinary Nerds. The club is basically what it entitles, if you are nerdy about something, you can join! Some things that you may be nerdy about are movies, video games, technology, ect. I have recently become a Walking Dead addict and plan on joining L.E.N! The club does a variety of activities and events to accommodate to everyone’s nerdy side, making the members feel comfortable and proud of their “nerdy” side! Rick-and-Daryl-in-The-Walking-Dead Another club that Ive actually participated in is the Fencing Club! Last fall I joined simply because it looked like fun and I had always wanted to try it. It requires no experience (all experience levels are welcome) and the coach for it patiently takes you step by step through the basics. I was a bit nervous going into it, not knowing anyone else in it and having no experience but I assure you the coach and other members are very welcoming! If you do have experience, there are other experienced students and even faculty members who are willing to duel!

This is me fencing another student! (I am wearing the pink shirt under my vest)

This is me fencing another student! (I am wearing the pink shirt under my vest)

There are so many more clubs and organizations to choose from for people of all different interests such as academics, fraternities and sororities, athletics, hobbies and so forth! This is the link to the website where you can look further into all of the different clubs and organizations, enjoy and get active!



Intergenerational Clean Up Day

May 5, 2014 | Author: Tessa Lamper

This weekend was the 6th Annual Intergenerational Spring Clean Up! What is this you may ask? IMG958432-1(This is me on Saturday!)

The Intergenerational Cleanup weekend is made up by a group of organizations and volunteers that get together to clean up the Utica, Oneida, Rome and New Hartford areas. They include the Oneida County Youth Bureau, the Oneida County Office for the Aging and Continuing Care, Oneida County colleges, school districts and youth organizations. The volunteers especially help out with cleaning up the yards of senior citizens who are unable to physically cleanup their own yards, and sometimes are unable to financially afford to hire someone else to clean their yard for them. I got involved with the project through my teacher, Michael Romano, who is the director for the Oneida County Office for Aging & Continuing Care. IMG957428 (This is Amy and I finishing up a yard)

On Saturday morning I met up with a group of volunteers and we broke up into groups to go to the different elderly homes. I was grouped up with Tony Rashid who works at the Office for the Aging in Oneida County and with Amy Perry, who is a student at RFA. Then we all headed out to Rome for the three houses (yards) we were appointed with!

The experience was amazing. It was great seeing so many people out to help with such a great cause. It was also fun getting outside and meeting new people, while we were being rewarded with the happy faces of the appreciative elderly. The best part was when we were at our last house. We were finishing up raking up the leaves when a man came out, smiling with a cold Pepsi for each of us. He said “My mom lives here and I don’t have a lot of time to help her with her yard, it is such a great program, my mother and I are so grateful and I just can’t stress it enough”. It was really uplifting knowing that not only the elderly were appreciative, but also their families. 0503141147(This was the result of one of the yards! I should have taken a before and after shot)

If you could not make it this year, be sure to make it to the 7th Annual Intergenerational Cleanup Days next fall and spring! For more information (and you can see a video!) go to http://ocgov.net/ofa




So much to do in so little time!

Apr 24, 2014 | Author: Tessa Lamper

stressedI am sure since finals are right around the corner, many of you are looking like the person in the cartoon right now! Finals can be a very stressful time, between worrying about final grades, GPA’s, projects, papers and even the stress of packing for home! Just remember, although you are very busy, you need to be able to have some sort of relaxation period at the end of the day or it could lead to serious problems that you don’t need!

Stress can cause:

Over/under eating

Anxiety and irritability

Lack of sleep



So just remember to take time to relax, some ideas are…

Watch a movie with friends (Disney movies are a great pick-me-up!)

Treat yourself to a nice dinner

Go to the zoo with friends

Play video games or read a book for fun

Go outside and play or go to the gym and work out your anxiety!

Go to the various end of the year events the campus is having!

As long as you remember to do things that make you happy in this busy time, you will have no problem getting through finals and enjoying your summer!


Formal=Classy, Not Trashy!!

Apr 9, 2014 | Author: Tessa Lamper

Interviews, Etiquette Dinner, formals, Senior Ball, bar nights, parties… The list goes on with the different events around campus and the attire that should be worn for each! What has been brought to my attention is that there are many people who do not know how to dress for these sort of events and end up showing up in outfits that are not appropriate for the matter. Here are some guidelines for appropriate ensembles, based on the occasion…

1. An Interview/ Etiquette Dinner WhatToWear-2i7hl27 I feel that this picture is a perfect example for this topic. Ladies need to remember to wear natural looking makeup and clothing that is not “revealing”. I know you may think the mini pencil skirt and see through blouse with pumps may interest your male “hirer” but this is not the case. You need to look professional. For the men, please remember to iron your pants (or have your mom do it), and to trim or shave your beard! Your boss is not looking for a caveman to work for them. If you have questions about what you should wear, you can even google appropriate attire for the occasion. Trying to get a job at Hollister is different than trying to get a job as an Occupational Therapist, there are different outfits that are meant for different jobs!

2. Formals/Senior Ball

First I will give you examples of the APPROPRIATE! Semiformal-Collage-1 6266-ccgy-yawah wear-formal-christmas-party-men

…and the INAPPROPRIATE… Clubwear-Dresses-Homepage urbanmen_0

Okay… Now that you have seen the appropriate and inappropriate, I will explain in one sentence… Formal means CLASS NOT TRASH!! There is a time you can wear those tight dresses (at Bar Nights) and there is a time for classy and elegant dresses (Formals and Senior Ball). Just remember ladies, beauty does not mean that you have to reveal your body all the time. Also remember to ease up on the eyeliner and try to keep your makeup more natural, it really shows off your true beauty and classy side! Formal is the time you are supposed to look classy and elegant, and the guys don’t appreciate a date who looks like she is about to go down a pole. TRUST ME! I have been to formals and I know more guys complained about their date looking trashy than looking “sexy”. For the guys, just remember to, again, iron your clothes, get them dry cleaned, trim/shave and dress up in suits or even a tux!

I hope these guidelines helped everyone out! Remember, CLASS NOT TRASH (for gentlemen and ladies) and if you are ever unsure, look on Google!

Colored Powder? No, HOLI!!!!

Apr 3, 2014 | Author: Tessa Lamper

imagesLast year about ten minutes before the Holi celebration at Utica College, my friend texted me and said “Hurry up, wear old clothes and come to the Quad”! I did, still not knowing what was going on and when I got there, people were handing around colored powder, squirt guns and buckets of water. Seconds later, there was an array of colors being thrown in the air, water splashing everywhere and a ton of people having fun!  I had so much fun that day, but I still was not sure what the point of throwing colored powder was…holi-Celebration

Holi is a festival that is believed to have originated before the period of Christ and is held in Packistan and India but is celebrated all over the world. It is also known as the Festival of Colors!! (Hence the colored powder). The significance of Holi is found in many forms including, Mythological, Cultural and Social. If you are into Mythology, take a look on


To read about the different stories. (You can also find out more about Holi on this site). Culturally, in some parts of the world, Holi is a religious experience to be rid of evil, to remember to stay truthful and loving towards others and also as a way to sort of cleanse the soul. The Social significance is to celebrate the nice weather and coming of spring (which makes sense for the people of UC!) and to also just remember to be happy and positive towards others. (Who wouldn’t be happy when you are getting covered in color?!)plentyofcolour_holi16

I hope this helped you out in understanding Holi a bit better and I hope to see you in the Quad on April 18th at 5!


Cold Weather Blues?

Mar 27, 2014 | Author: Tessa Lamper

sad-snowman  Spring is officially here, but for central New York, it does not feel that way. The high today was 25 degrees with a low of 4 degrees, plus wind and I even spotted flurries! After months of walking to classes, the cafe, and many other places; its easy to see how students can feel less motivated and even depressed at times. So how can we stay positive and motivated?

1. Go to the gym for about an hour and work out or even play! It is proven that excercise releases endorphins that can give you that “feel good” feeling. At the athletic center you do not just have to go lift weights, there are many other opportunities available such as: open swim hours, racquetball, basketball, open gym, volleyball, intramural sports and you can even sign out the dance room and just dance around or do yoga! There are so many different things for everyone, even if you don’t do sports (like me)!

2. Remember to eat healthy!! A big factor in mental health and feeling positive, actually comes from your diet. Yes those processed foods and big bowl of ice cream are tasty, but they are not filled with the nutrients your body needs and therefore can lead to energy loss and changes in mood. So just try to remember the food pyramid. You don’t need to follow it by exact and precise measures, but you should try to follow it as much as possible.

food_pyramid3. Remember there are ways to have fun inside! For instance….

The dorms have free pool tables and even games you can sign out to play.

Check out Five Below and you can get cheap gag toys, activities and games to enjoy with your friends.

Bring back old childhood board games! Or even adult board games!

Have a card night with your friends!

Have WII, Xbox and/or other game competitions with friends or even neighbors!

And don’t forget a good ole’ movie night!

The cold weather is not the end of the world and there are many ways you can make the best of it. Just remember to stay focussed, keep busy and stay positive! The real spring time weather will be here right around the corner and you will be complaining about the heat in no time!