Toni Vernon

Toni Vernon

Chemistry major with a concentration in biochemistry.

Do You Yik? or Do You Yak?

Sep 18, 2014 | Author: Toni Vernon

Do you have a smartphone? If so, you should know about a new app that has recently come out. Its called Yik Yak, this app lets you receive a live feed of what people are saying around you;however, the posts are completely anonymous. You are able to vote on peoples posts, by either pressing the up arrow or the down arrow. yik-yak-description-Surprisingly this app has become so popular so fast. Earlier today, I was in the caff with a group of my friends. We were approached by a group of teachers/counselors that were sitting at the table next to us, they asked us if we have the app Yik Yak. We answered with a simple yes as they proceeded to tell us about a post that was recently made that was directed towards them. This app is only going to get bigger on campus especially because not only is UC a small school but Utica in general is a small town with not much to do. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram now Yik Yak, I wonder what will be next.

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35 Degrees in September!

Sep 16, 2014 | Author: Toni Vernon

Have you ever seen temperatures hit 35 degrees in the middle of September? I haven’t until this past weekend, I woke up on Saturday morning and it was 39 degrees! As well as when I woke up on Monday morning for class, it was 35 degrees. Does that mean that fall is on its way? I know all of the freshman were confused as to how the weather changed so quickly, I definitely was last year; however, they don’t realize that this is only the beginning. Fall and Winter at UC go hand and hand, they are both something that you can’t even prepare yourself for. Fall is technically supposed to starts on September 21st (the fall solstice) and winter is supposed to start on December 21st (the winter solstice); however, that is not what happens in Utica. Fall in Utica usually starts around the 21st but winter surly starts before December. You will start to see snow in October. A little tip to the freshman who aren’t from around here, you will be expected to attend classes even under the worst conditions.

What Did You Do This Weekend?

Sep 7, 2014 | Author: Toni Vernon

What did you do this weekend? My weekend was filled with some amazing events. On Thursday the 4th, Fuerza Latina hosted an event called Roomie Love. At this event you were able to make a bracelet for your roommate. This event was a great way for the freshman girl in particular to bond with their roommate.


On Friday Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity through an event in the quad. This event was called water wars, they picked a perfect day to have their event because it was very sunny and humid. The location of their event was great too because it’s accessible to everyone, except a bit of a struggle for those who live in burrstone.


Saturday evening, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity along side of Chi Beta Sigma Sorority held an event in the athletic center. This event was a pool party, where the entrance fee was a bottle of water. This event was to raise water to donate to Ghana, Africa. This event was a complete success as they received a lot of water bottles.


Bonding with your roommate, water wars and a pool party…great way to end the second second weekend.

Welcome Back!

Sep 3, 2014 | Author: Toni Vernon

It is the first official full week of school! Welcome back to all the returning students and a big welcome to the freshman! This past weekend was welcome weekend, it consisted of a couple of nice events. One of which was on strebel lawn; it was the 20 foot jump. I witnessed many students take that 20 foot jump, most of which were freshman. It is great to see the freshman getting into the UC events so early, as they have much more to look forward too as the semester goes on. Another event that took place was a fair; however, this was an off campus event but UC provided transportation to it.  Hopefully, there are more events to look forward to within the next couple of weeks.

Food, Paint & Drag Oh My!

Apr 25, 2014 | Author: Toni Vernon

Utica College is coming alive with very fun events. This past few weeks had three activities that stood out, which were  the drag show, Holi’s paint event and the taste of the arts. These events were really creative and many students had positive things to say about it.

I was apart of the taste of the arts event in strebel due to the fact that I am a chemistry major and there was a chemistry booth. At this booth, you had the opportunity to try some amazing tasty treats such as, marshmallows that consisted of three different flavors; coconut, vanilla raspberry, red velvet cream cheese swirl and vanilla. Some of the marshmallows had powdered sugar on them, another tasty teat option was a candy pearl. However, the main treat at this booth was liquid nitrogen ice cream. Everyone had the opportunity to make their own liquid nitrogen ice cream and put their tasty toppings on.

photo (1)

The Holi paint event in the quad a complete success. Many students, parents and children came out to support. Holi did a great job organizing this event, they knew how much powdered paint to have and they knew how much water would be needed for the paint to stick to the participants clothing. They also couldn’t have picked a nicer day to have this event, the weather was beautiful.


The Drag show was enjoyed by many UC students. It was the first annual show so, no one was sure of what to expect but the production was spectacular. I would recommend this events to all the students at UC, present and future. The anticipation for next years drag show is at a high. It was a really fun week at Utica College.



Quad Season?

Apr 14, 2014 | Author: Toni Vernon

imageThis weekend was absolutely beautiful, who knew that spring in Utica would be so nice. Is it the beginning of Quad season? Let’s see… Saturday was in the 60′s and many people were outside; however,  sunday reached a high of 82 degrees, you know what that means… It’s Quad season. This weekend the Quad was filled with many people doing all types of things; playing football, soccer, baseball, frisbee and others just sitting or laying in the grass, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather. Is this nice weather planning on sticking around? Or will the weather go back to it’s usual ways?  As I look at the weather forecast for this week, it says it’s supposed to snow on Tuesday but it’s going to be at a low of 28 degrees and a high of 61 degrees. The real question is, will it actually snow in April? But then again, you need to remember it is Utica, anything is possible when it comes to the weather. The rest of the week looks great, hope it doesn’t change. The wait for spring is officially over, I know myself and many others are very excited for winter to have passed.  

Coming To An End

Apr 8, 2014 | Author: Toni Vernon

I feel as if August was just here, as if my freshman year had just begun. It is currently April which means my first year at UC is coming to an end.  This year has has been filled with many new experiences as well as many lessons learned. If you were to ask me in August what I expected from my freshman year at UC, I would have probably told you that college would be a piece of cake. If you asked me now I would tell you, college is what everyone tries to tell you it is. The courses aren’t the same as high school and the time and dedication you need to put into your work is tremendous; especially, if you want to excel. I came into my freshman year as a biology major, and currently I switched to chemistry because I realized biology in high school was way different than the biology courses in college. I also realized my passion for chemistry. In these last few  weeks at UC, I hope to finish up strong and start preparing myself for the wide variety of courses I need to take next semester.