Michael Defone

Michael Defone

Construction Management

Alpha Phi Delta

Hey I'm Michael Defone. I am currently the Vice President of my fraternity, Alpha Phi Delta. At Utica college I am very active and involved with the school and its organizations. I work at student activates, so maybe you've seen me there at the front desk. I'm easy and outgoing and love making sure people are getting the most out of their college experience.

We Live in the Future! Make Technology Work for You!

Mar 26, 2015 | Author: Michael Defone

Being organized in today’s world is extremely important. Now one thing you can do is get a planner or you could even leave sticky notes all over your room but in my personal experience is to use technology to your advantage.
I would consider myself a techy guy and I love having all kinds of gadgets. Two of my favorite gadgets are my Samsung Galaxy S5 and my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition. I have always had apple products but around last semester I decided to try out android products. I am telling you right now the amount of organization and coordination you can utilize with android devices is out of this world.
One of the first things I wanted to talk about was all of the calendar apps you can use. I love to make sure the app is customizable so that way I have control of how the app runs and feels. The best part about android is the accessability of widgets. Having the widget right on my home screen gives me easy access to all the information I put into my calendar. Most of the calendar apps also are compatible with google accounts so syncing your calendars to the apps is easy and simple giving you unlimited information right at your finger tips.
The are tons of sticky noke apps and widgets that allow you to stick little reminders right to you home screen and maybe even your lock screen. These come in handy when you have that random little fact your trying to remember but know you will forget.
Another great thing about these android devices is that rel time whether widgets and apps and plentiful. I personally have weather widgets for Utica, Rochester, and Muncy so that way where ever I am I know I am prepared for the weather. This comes in handy especially in Utica since Utica can have all four season within a single day.
Having a tablet I think is a extremely smart investment. It last for an extremely long time, it is easy to carry around and looks professional. Now a days there is just too much information out there and with a tablet or even a andiod smart phone you can have all the information you want all together on one scree with live feed. You got to be one step ahead of your competition and being organized and more prepared is the first step to landing that big job or interview.

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Need A Physics Teacher? I Got The Perfect One For You!

Mar 11, 2015 | Author: Michael Defone

This blog is not about a teacher that gave me a good grade or a teacher I considered me being a teachers pet too. This is a teacher who takes his profession seriously and doesn’t care about excuses. This is also a teacher who cares very deeply about his students and wants to give them every opportunity to succeed and thrive in all of his courses.


I first had Professor Ribaudo first semester of my junior year. I was in his PHY 151 lab section. Now everyone hears rumors about teachers and there are certainly bad rumors and good but trust me this is a teacher that dispels all of the bad rumors. I will be the first to tell you his classes are difficult, as is any physics course in my opinion. What does do is tell you the first day that you will not pass this class if you just show up to class and take notes. Mr Ribaudo does not jerk your chain he tells you straight up what he expects and he expects you to for-fill those wishes. Now I have him for lecture currently this semester and let me tell you I was blown away with his teaching style.

The first day of class we obviously went over the syllabus. What he had in his syllabus was something that I have never seen, an option to have homework graded or not. This flabbergasted me because here is a professor that is actually thinking about how the students learn?! He explained it that we could not have the home work graded which could take the weekly pressure off of our shoulders, but it would add a percentage onto our test. Or we could have our graded homework and have our test count for less potentially giving us a higher grade. This one one of the many things he did to adjust his teaching style to his students. The graded homework said you get one try for each answer and for anyone who has taken a physics class sometimes learning it takes trail and error. Well the concerns of the class didn’t like that and stated there opinions to him. Well being a truly caring professor he changed his grading policy. He gave us three tries but also made it worth a big chunk of the question each time wrong so you still had to get the right answer but if you got it wrong the first time you could still get partial credit instead of a zero.

He has taken full class periods to stress of how important is it to truly understand the concepts. Math is math that is not hard. “to pass this class you must understand the concepts then apply the mathematics” Mr. Ribaudo said one day in class.

This professor truly cares about his students if you show hard work and willingness this teacher will get you to achieve your dream grade. That’s only if you show want if not your left out to the dogs because lets be honest its not high school anymore. If I were to rate this professor I would give him 5 out of 5 stars. I don’t have a A or probably even a B in his class but even with a C kid like me he puts forth all his effort to make sure his students are the most prepared they possibly could be for finals. Hes the only teach I know of that begs kids to come to office hours so he could get a bigger room to study with his students. Truly a great man and wonderful professor.

Finals Sminals

Dec 18, 2014 | Author: Michael Defone

There’s only one thing on everyone’s mind the last weeks of school every semester, and that is finals. Now, it’s not the actual word “finals” that get people all fired up on Red Bull and coffee; it’s the stress that follows that haunting word. Here are a couple ways to remember that you’re smart and it’s just a word.14189202329892121147476

The first way that I found that was very effective is you just pretend it’s another test. The simple fact of the matter is the kids over hype finals week. If you paid attention all year and did your work, it’s literally just another test, and an easy test because you studied all year. Just remember that, if you’r worried about finals you, either might fail or you didn’t study as hard as you should. Trust me, I know this because I’ve been in that situation.

Another way to calm your nerves during that week is to find time to settle down, relax, and get your mind off studying. If you study for too long your brain will go to mush. I have a very close friend who would  study for 11-12 hours a day straight, and by the end of the day, she couldn’t every form simple sentences unless it involved her field of study.1418920192645-571210582

My last tip for you guys is just study all year for your finals. Everyone is so scared and nervous about just one simple word. Everyone who is at college earned their way there because they are bright human beings. So next semester, don’t let finals be your downfall; let finals be the icing on your cake. So, I’ll see you next semester, and may your finals week be great.

Why Utica?!

Oct 23, 2014 | Author: Michael Defone

Utica is not the biggest school, nor is it the fanciest. One thing this school does have is by far the most dedicated professors I have ever met. Freshmen year, I came to Utica as a construction management major. The first meeting I had with my professor, he gave this long speech then wrote his number down and said, “Anytime you need me, you call me.” As a freshman, I did not believe that a college professor could be this close with their students.

I’m a junior in my program and could not be any happier with what the Construction Management program has done for me. I am currently taking Estimating, which is a mentally draining and time-consuming class. Normally, with teachers in high school, I could talk my way into handing in late work. Well, with the professor in this particular class, if you’re not five minutes early, he will shut the door and say, “In the real world there would not be a locked door, there’d just be you getting fired.” These professors are literally treating us as if we were there employees.

But they do more than that; they also treat you like family. I had never attended the festivities for tailgating during Homecoming before, but this year, I brought my mother up to see what the college has done for me and how well I am doing. We attended the construction management tent for tailgating, and let me tell you, I was blown away! I have had ribs before made by my professor, but the atmosphere that he created for his students and their families was nothing short of incredible. There was a Blue Grass band, Texas-style BBQ, and of course beer. My mom and I had at least four plates each of BBQ, but more importantly, my professors came over and talked and just made my mother and I glad that I was going to this school.

Utica College is not a normal school. Yes, it’s small, but this school has by far the most incredible staff. If you’re looking to find the best bang for your buck, Utica College is the best. These professors will turn a freshman into a profesional with extensive knowledge in your chosen field.  Utica College gets a five-star rating in my book.

What Gets You Through College?

Sep 23, 2014 | Author: Michael Defone

My first year at college was a difficult one to say the least. I joined a fraternity and acquired a 1.6 GPA. I entered into my first serious relationship. But the worst part of it all, I took school for granted.

I believe that there are four keys to success in college: be good at what you do, have a good support system, get involved, and try new things.

Be Good at What You Do!

I am a junior now, and school is all that matters to me. One of my teachers sophomore year said to me, “If a kid and you roll up into an interview and he got an A+ in microeconomics, and you got a B+, it doesn’t matter to your future. As long as you are the better fit, it doesn’t matter how many A’s you got; you will get the job. Be great at what you do.”

Ever since then, I have lived by that saying. I have spent less time memorizing, and more actually learning my profession. I don’t think of it as school anymore; it’s the tool that’s going to help me do what I love for the rest of my life. It’s funny how simple words, like those of my professor’s, can change a student’s perspective on college.

Have A Good Support System

Another role model that helped me along the way was a fellow UC blogger, Tessa Lamper. Remember when I said I entered my first serious relationship freshman year? Well two years later she still pushes me every day to make sure everything I need done is done.

Every day, she’s always checking up on me and making sure I did this or did that. It’s almost as if she knows my schedule better than me. To get through college, you need someone in your corner like that. Someone who will (no matter what) step in the line of fire and sacrifice time out of their day to make sure you know your stuff for the test the next day.

It doesn’t have to be a girlfriend or a boyfriend. It can be your mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, or anyone who loves you and would do anything to watch you succeed.

Get Involved!

I got involved with Alpha Phi Delta, a national fraternity on campus, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made since I’ve been at Utica. I pledged Spring 2013 with Michael Alecia, Joshua Sommers, and David Vanuaker. We were the biggest pledge class since our re-founding, and I have had the greatest times with those three guys.

I can remember we would sit for hours and just chill with each other and tell stupid stories. One of my best memories with those guys was making our paddles together. We would spend hours on a wooden paddle. I bet if you asked each and every one of them if they would pledge again, their answers would be the same as mine – only if I was with my pledge bros.

The bond I have with those guys is a bond I will never forget, and it will always be there. Alpha Phi Delta has a special place in my heart, and I have met many amazing friends through it.

For example, my big bro Robert Pyane is the strongest man alive. Well, that’s something he would say. Antonio Fotino is the only 5-foot man I know who could take on seven grown men at once and walk away with out a scratch. Guanluca Sorisi, well he just likes to build stuff, he’d tell you. Last but not least, Branden Mcdainal is the smoothest redneck alive. It’s guys like this that make joining the best fraternity in the world so worth it.

Try New Things!

For the longest time at school I felt as if something was missing. I wanted to try something new. My pledge brother Dave and his girlfriend are religious, so I asked them if they wouldn’t mind teaching me about the Bible. Now, I’m not going to preach because I myself have no idea what I believe in, but I do believe in a higher power.

Like I was saying, I asked them about teaching me, and they agreed. Now, every Monday and Tuesday, Tessa, Dave and I go to Bible study to learn about what religion is and who is God. It’s simple things like this that keep you happy and in good spirits. It’s different from person to person.

School is not just about school…it’s the time where you learn how to become a better you and learn what makes you happy. What makes me happy is my girlfriend, Alpha Phi Delta, and building things with tools and wood. When you think about it, those four things are the ways to show you what makes you, you.



Springs Here?!

Apr 4, 2014 | Author: Michael Defone


With the snow melting and the temperatures rising we can finally saw the ice age of 2013 is finally over. Quad days, as the upperclassmen call them, are coming soon. Get your flip flops and your sun glasses out because the warm weather is coming. To kick off the spring we have the Holi Festival, which you can read more about on Tessa Lamper’s blog. After the colors fly grill season will officially start. Personally I will be out there with my friends, spatula, and apron cooking up some nice juicy cheeseburgers. So here’s some great ideas to do with less that 20 dollars.

slip and slide

1) Garbage bag slip and slide!

An easy way to cool off and have fun in the hot temperature is buying garbage bags and sliding across them! all you need is garbage bags, water, friends, and ice tea of course and you my friend will have a blast in the sun. Total cost 15 dollars

water balloon fight

2) Water Balloon Fight

One thing every college student loves to do is throw water balloons at each other. Just picture your self hot, sweaty, and wanting to throw something. The solution is going to five and below and buying 500 balloons for 10 dollars. This is endless fun and no one hates water balloon fights. Look forward to next year I heard Alpha Phi Delta might have a huge water balloon event.


3) Cooking

Food is the number one thing that brings people together. If you decide to do any of the these events cooking would go great with it. If you go to Wal-Mart you can get hamburgers and hotdogs with buns under 20 dollars! there are grills on campus that you could use to grill up your master pieces!

Well if you want to have fun this spring and you don’t even have 20 dollars, just walk out into the quad. Utica college id the most friendly place iv ever been so just get up, get out, and have fun:) happy spring!!


Looking For Something Different?

Mar 26, 2014 | Author: Michael Defone

igc4Looking to spice up college life? Are you bored of just sitting in your room all the time? Maybe Utica College has more to offer than you realized. Greek life is a huge part at Utica College. There are several different organizations out there for you. Coming in as a freshman I was shy and didn’t really know what to do with my spare time at college. The Greek community embraced me with open arms and iv never looked back. If your looking to have fun and be apart of something, Greek life is for you.  Every year Utica College has a special week dedicated to Greeks called Greek Week. This is a full week chalked full of events and plenty of chances for the organizations to show their stripes. Personally watching strolling is my favorite part of Greek Week. This year Greek week will be held from April 13th to April 18th. If you are really looking to make the most out of your college experience, go and explore your options. Most of all Enjoy college and have no regrets.