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LaShanna Saunders

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"Challenge yourself in everything that you do, embrace disappointments because they have made you, and realize that life is too short to do anything half way, give it your all and leave the rest to God". L

Season Changes : are you prepared?

Sep 16, 2014 | Author: LaShanna Saunders



As the season changes from summer to Autumn/Fall we reflect on summer and all the fun memories, for most of us it means school starts again and winter is soon to follow after. For me it means trying to stay out of the cold and prevent myself from getting sick. Getting sick is horrible to begin with but getting sick away from home is worst. Even though I am not one to get sick often, for some strange reason this time the weather change got me. I have been sick for a a few days now and hating every minute of it. Here are some tips to prevent yourself from getting sick and to help yourself get over a cold, or the flu while your sick.

DISCLAIMER: I am in NO WAY a medical doctor, nor do I recommend that you ONLY follow my instructions while begin sick/ill. If you are sick you should seek professional help at your local hospital, clinic or your school health center.

For Utica College Students  ONLY in need of medical assistant you can visit the Health center in strebel on the 2nd floor.

Julie L. Murawski MS ANP-C 
Director of Student Health Center 
(315) 792-3094 
(315)792-3700 (Fax)

To prevent getting sick you should do the following:

1. You should always were a sweater, cardigan, or a jacket when leaving your room/house. ( Even if it is not 50 degrees outside at times the draft that we cannot feel is the thing that gets us sick. It is better to be hot then to be cold.)

2. As soon as the weather hits below 60 degrees, walk with either a scarf or a hat. Cold hits you in your head and in your throat/chest. Both scarves and hats are fashionable so you can definitely still look good while protecting yourself.

3. Take vitamins . Vitamins are good for you because it helps your body fight off infections and keeps your body strong and moving better.

Helping yourself;

1. For a sore throat, naseau, congestion, a headache or all three take Dayquil or Nyquil  as prescribed on the bottle.


2. Alka seltzer plus cold and flu is also great for the cold, flu and really any other issues you, have this product can clear it up very fast.


3. Rest; make sure you rest. When you are sick and your body needs more rest then it normally would because your immune system is weak from fighting off the virus and you need to consume every energy possible.

4. Drink Soup.. I know this is repeated by everyone, but when you are sick you normally do not have an appetite. Soup is light on your stomach and will give you good nutrients to help your body fight off that nasty cold. DO NOT USE CUP NOODLE SOUP, DRINK A HEALTHY, VEGETABLE SOUP. 

5. Take it easy. Your main focus while sick should be to get better. Stay inside as much as possible, allow yourself to sleep, sweat, and sneeze out your cold. Moving around and doing too much in my opinion delays the process. Watch some T.V. , read a book, do some hw, but staying inside and staying comfortable is the way to go.

All these items can be found at your local drug store. ( Rite aid, Walgreen’s etc)

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Love always, L


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Work Hard- Play Hard

Sep 12, 2014 | Author: LaShanna Saunders

Begin a hard worker and having an healthy work ethic is admirable and necessary to live a comfortable and well grounded life. However, everyone needs a balance  between work and fun in life. Too much of anything in unhealthy. What’s the point in working hard if in the end you have no one to share it with. Finding free time for enjoyment is necessary. For example, some people come into college and they go through college without experiencing life on campus. They come to school get good grades and then graduate without any memories but the  library. Getting good grades in extremely important because the main reason for coming to college is to graduate and be well off but if that was the only point then we would not have college activities. Monday – Thursday should be solely dedicated to  your studies but Friday- Saturday is for you to enjoy yourself. Over working yourself and always isolating yourself from campus and activities can lead you to depression and  social anxiety. From experience I have tired to be that person who only wanted to focus on schoolwork and nothing else because I felt that it would guarantee me a successful future and it would somehow make me more mature and a better student, But to be a good student you need to have fun and have a life outside the classroom and outside your work. Having a social life is not only healthy but it allows you grow and develop yourself. School can prepare you for success but having a social can prepare you for the world. You can be as smart and well grounded as you would like to be but if you haven’t experience  life then your success is half completed. Success is half education and half life experiences. Find what makes you happy and do it because in a blink of eye you will be in the work force and an adult.

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Life Distractions. How to overcome them

Sep 9, 2014 | Author: LaShanna Saunders




Almost everyone that I know wants to be accepted. They want to accepted by their family, peers, professors and friends. Some people are willing to go the extreme for acceptance. Even when it means giving up their own identity to accept one that is forced upon them. The million dollar question is why. Why do we want to be accepted by others?Why cant we love our  self’s and appreciate our-self’s without confirmation from others? In my opinion as humans we are always going to feel unsure our self’s, we are designed in a way  in which we cannot always be  confident in our own skin and accept our self’s for what we are. However, we all have the ability to live  an emotionally healthy lifestyle. An emotionally healthy lifestyle means accepting yourself, loving yourself, knowing your worth, speaking life into yourself, and not allowing the words of other’s to burden you or make you feel less. Words are very powerful, and when we allow other people words to burden us we are giving them power over our lives. We cannot stop people from saying negative things to us but we can certainly zone them out and we can certainly speak life and positivity into our own life. When you wake up in the morning before you even start your day tell your self that TODAY IS GOING TO BE A GOOD DAY. When you are about to take an exam and you feel nervous and unsure tell yourself I AM MORE THAN CAPABLE OF PASSING AND I KNOW I WILL DO A GREAT JOB. Always think positive and speak positivity into your life because you have the control over your life, do not give anyone the power or the room to stop you from your divine purpose.


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Love Always, L


Aug 28, 2014 | Author: LaShanna Saunders



As I enter my sophomore year of college I find myself feeling nervous for what the new year has to bring. As I have grown over the summer and even over the past year I myself have changed so much about myself. As I begin sophomore year I face the reality that my old best friends will now become  my new associate’s, and my associate’s may just become my new best friend’s  and I myself will do things that surprises me every once in a while.   However, the most important part is I am one step closer to graduation, adult hood, and reaching my goals. Every year life presents us with new opportunities and a fresh start to improve who we are and get rid of the things that may have hinder us in the past.The first week of my sophomore year is done and my expectations for this year are set high. I do not have the answers to all of my questions and I will not complete every task I set out because life is an uncontrollable thing but wishful thinking, persistence, determination, confidence, laughter and self-motivation will build my character and help me to survive whatever is ahead of me good or bad.


Love always,

Lashanna S.

Reflection: Freshman Year

May 16, 2014 | Author: LaShanna Saunders

tumblr_m7do3d3slc1r115hxo5_250Freshman year started off just like you see in movies, fall semester was ridiculously fun. From parties  to late night walks and dinner dates let’s just say fall semester was one that as a freshman you will never forget. You have just arrived at college, your first time away from mom and dad, you are  nervous about making friends everything is  handed to you at once, it is a scary amazing feeling. Fall semester of your freshman year  is always the most fun. Everyone is eager to be in college and most importantly ready to be an “adult”. I put adult in quotation marks because that is how a lot of us feel, we feel as if we are grown and ready to eat life’s challenges for breakfast. But let me be the first to tell you the way you ENTERED freshman year will be completely different then the way you LEAVE freshman year. At the end of freshman year  19 or 20 year old you will look back at your self and feel like a stranger to the person you once was. I have learned so much about myself it is scary to think I knew who I was.Even with  the amount of maturity that I came to college with I still feel as if I grew beyond my expectations, I really surprised myself at how much I had evolved. I evolved into this confident, well-spoken, involved, even more ambitious then before and amazingly beautiful young lady.  I now like to look at  myself as a Pitbull in a dress because I have become so hungry for success and  developed a kind of power and strength I never knew I had. College will teach you things about yourself, it will help you become a women/man. Going away to college or living on campus is the only way you can get the full college experience.The ability to discover who you are is something that everyone should want to do because if you dont know who you are, your dreams and goals are going to impossible  to reach. A huge goodbye to freshman year for all it has done for me and taught me.

Move out Day, ARE YOU READY?

May 8, 2014 | Author: LaShanna Saunders

blogging web      Move out day is May 15th are you ready? Is all your things packed? Do you have a storage space ready? How are you getting home? Did you study for finals? All these things come to play all at once, it can get overwhelming. Dealing with finals and moving out is hard. For me its a little more hectic because I have to deal with finals, moving out, organizations events, internships and work all at once but when you find a balance it will all work out for the best. Staying motivated and healthy is what is going to get you thorough this rough time. Make sure you eat health and when up late studying replace junk food with health snacks. Like carrots, sandwiches, crackers and cheeses, cereal bars  and most importantly water to keep your body from crashing. If you are feeling stressed or maybe your just pissed off, there is always someone here to help. The counselling center is available and the gym closes at 11pm, take a break and go work out and release some stress I promise  that you  will feel a hundred percent better after you are done. Moving out is a better sweet time because at this point everyone is excited to finally be home and yet again it is stressful because we have final exams but as time goes by these things will become normal to us.

Go out your comfort zone, you might be surprised!

Apr 24, 2014 | Author: LaShanna Saunders

PicsArt_1398366256412 PicsArt_1398366358233



On Wednesday April 23rd, RHA and FYV set up  a chill night in South lounge. The invitation was sent out for all students and flyers were posted up in Resident Halls. As the President of FYV village I was a little nervous for the out come because students usually don’t participate in things that don’t involve partying, drinking, or dancing. Along with my team we set up a night where students could come and enjoy food,listen to music, and play just dance on the Wii. In total we had over 30 people in attendance not including RHA or FYV member’s. People started coming at 7:15pm when the event was set to start at 7:30pm. People started pouring in and they weren’t just coming for the food. I was pleased to say that the night was filled with excitement and everyone stayed until the end. People were interacting with each other and having a good time, I mean students were coming out of their comfort zones and enjoying other students company without the influence of their normal everyday friends. See when you come out of you comfort zone it can be life changing, sometimes we get so accustom to our everyday friends that we don’t try to befriend other  students on campus. Just because your everyday friends are not interested in something it does not mean that you should not go or participate in it. Be your self and everything else will fall in place.

Love always L.

Confidence in your own skin

Apr 15, 2014 | Author: LaShanna Saunders

As college students we are all still trying to figure out what we want out of life and how to go about getting it. Confidence is something that we all struggle with. You can can lack confidence in many areas, from pursuing you dreams — to speaking to guy/girl you have a crush on. Confidence is something that everyone can have and its just a step away. I will be doing a Q and A on confidence below,  if there is any questions that I did not answer or address then leave a comment below and I will get back to you personally.

Love always L


#1: What is confidence?


Google definition:

Confidence is the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.

My definition: Confidence is something that you obtain from others around you but more importantly confidence is a personality trait.

Question #2: How do you know that you are confident?

Answer: You know that you are confident when people can give you their opinion about you and it does not change how you feel about yourself. You have confidence when you can walk into a room and you demand the attention of others, you walk with pride. You are confident when you accept that you are not perfect and not everyone is going to like you but its okay because you are comfortable with yourself.

Question #3: How do I gain confidence?

Answer: First, you have to be comfortable with who you are. If you don’t like yourself then no one else will, confidence is something that is visible. You have to accept the person in the mirror. Secondly, compliment yourself, there is nothing wrong with loving things about yourself its not cocky its confidence. Third, remain humble don’t let every comment someone makes affect you so much that you feel that you always have to change yourself. No one is perfect so remember that you are still growing and your still human!!

Question #4: Should I be worried if I don’t have confidence?

Answer: No, no one is completely happy with the way that they look. Confidence is something that grows over time and even when your 30 years old you will be still looking for confidence. You are never to old.

Sigma Banquet

Apr 6, 2014 | Author: LaShanna Saunders

As a freshman it is exciting to experience the different traditions at Utica college. This semester I got the opportunity to experience the sigma banquet. This was an  evening full of  live performances 20140405_181520and inspirational speeches. Overall the turn out was amazing with 108 people in attendance the banquet was full with mentors and alumni’s  that were there to share their experiences with us and give us advice on how to overcome some of life’s uncontrollable situations.. Phi Beta sigma did an amazing job and the night was a success something that I am looking forward to attending again in the future.

For pictures and snaps of this inspiring evening go to instagram type in the hash tag #oaroadto30.

Best Wishes L.

Do you have summer plans? If not UC has got you covered.

Apr 2, 2014 | Author: LaShanna Saunders

Summer time is the time to relax and focusing on catching up with old friends and spending time with your love ones. However, after the first month of that, it can get dry  and you need something to keep you occupied and active. Utica is here to help you out. Utica College offers a wide range of jobs, volunteer opportunities and programs to get involved in. Here are a list of things that may interest you, followed by links and descriptions, if it seems like something you like to do follow up with it by clicking on the links for more information.

Summer Institute Peer tutor/mentor 

Paid Job

The peer tutor/mentors are essential to Utica College Summer Institute Program. They provide the pre-freshman with resources that will enhance their opportunity for academic success and facilitate their transition into Utica College. Peer tutor/mentors are expected to foster a sense of community among students in the residence halls, and work cooperatively with other staff members to provide social, recreational, and educational activities.

Link :

Ecological, Zoological, Conservation and behavioral Internships

If you have an interest in becoming  a bio major, chemist, or even begin in the health studies field there is a wide range of internship opportunities that will help you to be hands on in these environments and learn if this is your true calling!!


Mosse Love as always, L.