SYBL: Internship

Sep 30, 2014 | Author: Karita Rawlins

2. Land an Internship 

With my senior year off to a great start, it is also a reminder that it will soon be coming to an end. In a couple of months, I’m going to have to face the facts and be out in the real world. I can guarantee you I am not ready for that. For starters, I have changed my major a total of five times and even now I am second guessing it. To help myself better understand what I want to do for the rest of my life I decided to apply to for an internship. Since my major doesn’t require it, I figured it would still be great learning experience and I should go for it, but if don’t land one it would be okay.

My passion for news reporting drove me to apply for something in that field. I successfully landed an internship as a Reporting Intern at Time Warner Cable News Syracuse.



Here on campus, Career Services has many available resources to land an internship! Below are a few tips of my own you can use:

1. Early bird gets the worm!

Don’t wait until to last minute to start looking. It’s okay to start looking a semester or two in     advance. It’s better if you have you know what you need to improve or have ready when the time comes to apply. Pay close attention to deadlines! Just because your application it’s not due until 11:59pm doesn’t mean you should wait until 11:53pm to submit it. Technology isn’t always our best friend.

2. Double Triple Quadruple check your resume

When you submit your application, you’re not going to be able to sell yourself the way you want to pre-interview. Having a spelling-and/or grammar-error-filled resume can kill your chances. Use Career Services! They offer a resume clinic and are available by appointment to work on strengthening your resume. Don’t sell yourself short either; in today’s market experience comes in different forms. President of your sorority? That’s a leadership role! — include it.

3. Go into your interview prepared.

Research the company you are interviewing with. There is nothing more embarrassing than being in an interview and not knowing who you’re interviewing with. Dress presentable and professional. Don’t wear a ball gown, but maybe khakis aren’t the way to go either. A good beard trim won’t hurt. You want to be taken seriously and your appearance is the first step. Career Services also offers mock interviews. Schedule one a week or two before your interview and while you’re there order some of the free business cards they have available for students!

4. Be confident and never feel discouraged

We all can’t get everything we apply for or want in the world. Maybe you didn’t get that internship the first time, stay confident in yourself and it won’t be long until you land your first one!

If you are a student seeking an internship I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Take a risk because the worst thing they can say is no! Believe in yourself and anything is possible. Stop by the Office of Career Services to learn more about what they have to offer.

Want to learn more about my Senior Year Bucket List? Check it out how far I’ve made it on my list!

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somethings to know

Sep 30, 2014 | Author: Juwan Wilson

Hey guys how you doing hope everything is going well, I just wanted to give you guys a heads up on some of the things that are coming up. BREAK BUS! Are on sale right now and have been since September 30th bus leaves Oct 10th at 4pm in front of strebel its 70 dollars round trip. Having problems with APA style on paper? The UC Library is holding workshops to help you understand and get APA down packed. GymLyfeFitness is a Quality Affordable Online Personal Trainer any students looking to get their body in the right shape and need guides should check it out. Flyers are outside across from Student Activities and also UC college students Receive 50% off all Fitness Package you can’t wrong with that.

Life as a Public Relations Major

Sep 29, 2014 | Author: Allison Acquaviva

When I first started my journey as a Public Relations major, I had no idea just how exciting it would be!

I’ve been in this curriculum for only a year now, but I’m absolutely in love with it! There is already so many avenues and opportunities to step out of my comfort zone and fly.

There is no real definition of Public Relations. It ranges from communications, to marketing, journalism, management, business, blogging, and so much more.

One of my favorite things about being a PR student is that there are so many areas that I get the chance to explore and so many experiences that I can easily add to my resume someday!

This semester, I am so fortunate to be able to work on articles for The Tangerine and host my own hour long radio show on WPNR 90.7 FM :)


My 2nd article for The Tangerine

Writing for The Tangerine has been quite the experience so far! After taking a couple of Journalism classes last semester, I found that I really do enjoy writing!

It’s really interesting how much Public Relations inspires me. If it wasn’t for this curriculum (and those two journalism classes) I never would have discovered my love for writing and blogging!

I don’t think that’s a secret anymore. I love being a student blogger and I love blogging in general. It makes me happy to get my voice out there and I hope that with enough practice, I can turn blogging into a full-time, money-making job.

Being a DJ for WPNR is something that I honestly never thought I would do or even could do!

My job every Friday!

My job every Friday!

I’m only a couple of weeks in, but I absolutely love being in the radio station AND I love the fact that I can play my own music!

The best part? Myself and two other fabulous girls are bringing Country Music into the studio On Fridays from 10 am – 12:30pm. **No, not the twangy stuff from years ago, today’s country.** Love it or hate it, it’s our style!

In the short year that I have been in this major, I’ve gained so much experience that I will be able to use for internships and job opportunities.

The field of PR is always growing, always evolving. In every company, business, etc., there are Public Relations specialists or managers right there to help with press releases, social media efforts, website design, and just the general promotion of the company. (NOT to be confused with marketing!)

Every class, every lesson for me is a learning experience, and it is enjoyable! That is what college should be like, my friends.

The Script

Sep 29, 2014 | Author: Benjamin Mehic

Have you ever wondered what there is to do off campus? Well, look no further than some of the events that are happening around town in Utica that are aimed towards college students.

While some of the events are solely for entertainment, Utica College has hosted a few performances that are entertaining, yet present a positive image for the students to carry throughout their career at the school. The Script will be taking place at the public library and should garner some interest around town.

The Script–”an award winning one man show”–will give students a chance to learn about sexual assault prevention.

script2Tim Collins’ “The Script” is an award winning educational show that offers insight on how to prevent sexual assault.

More on the show via Tim Collins Online:

In the course of this 50-minute, eye-opening play, the four characters grapple with their attitudes and beliefs about men, women, and relationships, and make dramatic choices that forever change their friendships and lives.

This “must see” play will be taking place on October 6th at 6pm.


Sep 29, 2014 | Author: Juwan Wilson

HOW ARE YOU GUYS DOING !!! I know it’s been a while since I posted a blog and I’m sorry schools and football has just been so crazy. I just want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting us this past sat at the game and helping us go 4-0 we play for you guys and the whole city of Utica.  Today’s blog is about managing time over this past week I found out that I wasn’t doing my best job of managing my time I was so stressed and I never want to feel like that again because it really  screws up a lot of other things just like a domino effect. So make sure you’re using your Sundays wisely to get all homework done make sure that you have your week plan out and maybe even get a nice jump start on some later projects.

The List

Sep 28, 2014 | Author: Elaine Paravati

  College is a time when we are often caught up in the moment and feel invincible. We spend countless hours laughing in the caf, in the residence halls, and in the library. It can be hard to really appreciate all of the little things that make our lives special. Our friendships, the opportunities we have to learn and grow academically, and our families are all things that are easy to take for granted in the business of our lives. The thought of life after college, when we graduate and go our separate ways, rarely crosses our minds when we are recapping on Saturday morning or sharing notes Tuesday afternoon.

  Yet, sometimes, life interrupts us and reminds us of the world that is occurring beyond the Utica College community. While we are settled into our comfortable routines and enjoying our daily routines, there is a whole world out there that is existing separate from the academic and social activities in our community. Sometimes, seeing a shocking news report or hearing unexpected news from home can jolt us back into reality and remind us that there is life beyond our privileged existence here.

  In my years here, I have made many friends. One is very special to my heart. She makes me laugh even on my worst days, and really lights up a room when she walks in. She is hardworking and dedicated, and has fulfilled many leadership activities on campus and in the surrounding community. Everyone loves to be in her company, because she makes everyone feel special and reminds us all not to take anything too seriously.

  For this reason, it was hard for me to take this friend seriously when she told me last semester that she had an illness. It soon sank in that she was not doing well, and really alerted me to the fact that life does not always go as planned. For the rest of the semester, my friend would be shuffling between doctors appointments instead of going to class. Though she kept her head high, never letting on to others that she was sick, I know this time was difficult for her, and it was tough for me, too, to see her suffering. After months of appointments, my friend was cleared to resume her education as usual, and since then she has jumped right back into campus life, with few even knowing the great ordeal she had overcome. 

  My friend has been nothing but strong, graceful, and determined throughout this whole experience. Yet, even though she carried herself with dignity and never let on how much she was suffering, she was still afraid of the unknown in the future. For this reason, she put emphasis on creating a list of things she wanted to do with her friends in the upcoming year, a sort of bucket list, just in case her health were to worsen. We are blessed that our list is not as time-sensitive now; because of her improved diagnostic standing, we are more comfortable easing through the “bucket list” instead of rushing to get everything done as fast as possible. So, our list is getting steadily checked off, just not with as much haste behind it as we had thought.

  But, the future is still unknown. Even though her list was made in a rather extreme situation, it is a list I love and look forward to completing. I would encourage everyone to make a bucket list of their own, whether it be on their own, with a friend, or with family. Really think about what things you would like to do in the next month, season, year, or just within your lifetime. It is the honest truth that you never know what tomorrow may bring, and it is important to make the moments you have now with your loved ones really memorable and special. Create a “bucket list” of your own, and enjoy every minute of the activities and experiences that you include on it. Not only will it make your time at Utica College more special, but it will make your life extraordinary. And in the moments where we get caught up in our schedules and meetings and appointments here and forget about the bigger picture, your bucket list will be sure to remind you to live fully in the moment and to never take for granted the time you have here before graduation.

Networking Nights

Sep 27, 2014 | Author: Benjamin Mehic

I’ve written a bit about the importance of gaining work experience, and luckily for students at Utica College, there are a number of awesome opportunities that could potentially help you meet your future employer!

Utica College is hosting a number of “networking nights” for their students, giving them a chance to meet alumni and employers. You’ll have the chance to interact with people who’ve graduated from Utica College, but more importantly, they’re familiar with your major and possible career paths once you finally graduate.

Accounting Networking Night will be taking place very soon. Here’s more information about the event–via the Day Sheet:

Career Services is inviting all accounting students and faculty to the first of our fall semester networking nights on Monday, September 29th from 5:30 until 7:00 pm in the Carbone Auditorium. UC alumni from the Bonadio Group, D’Arcangelo & Co., LLP, and Dannible & McKee, LLP and more will be attending. Light refreshments will be served.

Future networking events are as follows: Tuesday, October 7th - Communication Arts, PR, & Journalism, Tuesday, October 28th - Biology & Chemistry, and Tuesday, November 4th - Non Clinical Health.

If you’re interested in these events and want to get a head start in finding a career, check out the Career Services center to get more information. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with employers and possibly even land an internship, which could lead to even greater things.


Try New Things! No, Seriously. Try Them.

Sep 26, 2014 | Author: MaryEllen Fitzgerald-Bord

Everyone says college is about trying new things, and leaving your comfort zone…well, listen to them; it’s a cliche for a reason. My first semester on campus I was the typical commuter, I went to class, and went home. I joined one organization and prayed their meetings weren’t later at night so I wouldn’t have to drive back to campus. Now, I rarely leave campus…which may be considered not so good, looking at my sleep schedule. But, looking at it from my own perspective, sleep aside, I enjoy college much more now, and *bonus* know all of the places to get coffee on campus. Plus, I feel more at ease with my surroundings, and love all of the organizations of which I am a part of.

I credit my current involvement with the personal philosophy I adopted my second semester freshman year, and even more so when I studied abroad the fall of my sophomore year. If I see something that looks interesting to me, I do it…or join it. I don’t let my own fears hold me back from doing something I want. So, you shouldn’t either!

(Mentors involved with the Transitions play during my first year of orientation, Summer 2013.)

I joined Orientation the summer after my first year and learned so many useful techniques about interacting with people. I even made friends I consider to be friends for life. When I was applying for the position I was unsure, and a little nervous about joining in with a group of people I had never really met before, now I know every single mentor and wouldn’t hesitate to say hi if I saw any of them in the hall between classes.

(The Dublin Zoo was so fun to visit, it was definitely worth the hour walk.)

My fall semester I studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland. I had planned on going abroad since I applied to UC! However, I had never lived away from home for more than a few weeks, let alone many months! Plus, the only foreign country I had ever been to was Canada! While I lived in Ireland I told myself that I would not let a day go by where I did not do a single thing. Luckily, one of my housemates had the same philosophy, and we made sure to do at least a little thing every day. We went to museums, little shops, parks, and the zoo; really, we went anywhere we could. However, this philosophy doesn’t have to be used in a different country. Do it here! Do something different everyday. Whether it be as small as trying a new sandwich for lunch, or as big as going to the next town over and exploring, just try new things.

(The first pic I ever took in the radio station. This was taken from the Divaa Hour’s first show.)

The spring of my sophomore year I randomly decided I wanted a radio show, so one of my friends, Karita, and I created The Diva Hour. We would play music from all of the great divas, classic to modern. It was fun, and we even got our other friend, Elaine, on board with it. Then this year we decided to make a new show, and titled it “3BL.” It’s fun to do, and fun to listen to (at least according to our mom’s it is…) Our show is even going to be featured during the upcoming college radio day, which we’re super excited about! So, if making a radio show is one of the new things you want to try, go talk to the staff at wpnr!

Utica College is a diverse campus with loads of activities and things to do. So, go out there and try some new things, it’ll make your college experience that much more exciting. Trust me.



First time blogging: Introducing Myself!

Sep 26, 2014 | Author: Trevon Liggins

Hello, everyone! My name is Trevon Liggins and this is my first post as a student blogger. I want to tell you guys a little bit about myself, as well as my major and the career path I plan to choose.

I’m a local Utica resident, been here all 18 years of my life. I enjoy skateboarding, sports, and anime. Originally, I did not plan to come here as a student. My first choice was RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology). I was accepted but there were two reasons I did not end up going. The first being that I didn’t get into the Film & Animation program. Instead, they placed me into the Media & Technology program. The second, it was very costly to go there even with their financial aid. So with Utica as my backup, this was my only other option. And so far, I have been enjoying UC more than I thought I would. At first, I thought that because I had been coming here over the summer for some years through the Young Scholars Liberty Partnerships Program (YSLPP), I wouldn’t feel like it was a new experience here. But now from the perspective as an actual college student, I can see that I was wrong.

As for my career path…

I would like to go into the film industry!

For years, it has been my dream to make movies for places like Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Universal Studios, any one of the sort. I would just love to entertain and bring smiles to the faces of people of all ages. But for now, I am majoring in Communication Arts and in the future will minor in Film Studies and in the future will go to a film school for my graduate.

The Yik Yak Epidemic

Sep 25, 2014 | Author: Tessa Lamper

yik-yak-web-logoAs most of you know, Yik Yak is an App that is quickly growing with college students. It is an App that is created so that people can anonymously post anything they want about whatever they want, without anyone knowing who wrote it. When you first download Yik Yak, it shows a listing of colleges and universities and it allows you to pick which college you attend. Then you are able to create a post and/or see all the posts made about the college/university and the people within it.

Sunday was the first day I had heard about the Yik Yak epidemic. People were gossiping and tweeting and posting screenshots of posts from the App. I did not really understand it or care about it until yesterday (Wednesday) when I was about to go into the Cafe. I was waiting in a chair for a friend when a group of girls in the chairs beside me started talking about Yik Yak. Here is just part of the conversation.

Girl One: “Everyone keeps posting about this girl, like when will they stop”

Girl Two: “Here, lets come up with a different person to start picking on”

Girl Three: “Yeah lets post about that weird girl who…”

Now, I am not implying that I am a saint and I understand the human race tends to be critical of one another, but there was something obviously wrong with this picture. A group of girls specifically stating they want to find someone to pick on. How messed up is that? I was very distraught about the situation and decided I wanted to see what this Yik Yak was about. I downloaded the app and was horrified by some of the posts. I do not want to write the specific posts because I do not want to further embarrass anyone who has been victimized, so I will just briefly describe some of the posts I witnessed.

To start, I saw about twenty NEGATIVE posts about one person specifically and the clothes they wear. Only ONE person made a comment in defense of the victim, unfortunately in return people started victimizing that person. I just want to say that in high school there was a boy who came from a rich family and he came to school wearing the same outfit for a whole week. Many of my peers started bullying him about it to the point that on the fifth day he broke down crying and went to sit in the principal’s office to be picked up. When the guidance counselor asked him what happened, he told her that the reason he spent a week in the same clothes was because he sat in the hospital room with his young brother who was dying of cancer. He stayed in the hospital room whenever he was not in school. He did not even go home to change or bathe. The moral of the story is you never know what someone’s situation is.

I also witnessed many posts that accused people of criminal acts. These posts are not funny and can have real impacts on those people. When these accusations are made, REAL LIVE actions are taken, which can result in an innocent person getting taken in for questioning with the law.

The last posts I would like to briefly discuss are the ones describing how people have been hurt by comments on Yik Yak. People were making self hate comments because they were so hurt by comments. There were also comments about people losing friends and girlfriends/boyfriends because of untrue rumors created on the App. Even worse is that people would then bully them about being hurt.

The App was not meant to be a site of bullying, but it has easily become one. I realize that there were some nice posts, but not even close to the amount of bullying posts. I would first off like to say that I came to Utica College because I felt a deep connection with the faculty and the students such as the Ambassadors and mentors. I felt at home and felt like I could easily make friends and make Utica my second “home”. This blog is not meant to “dis” UC, it is meant to show the harmful effects of the App, Yik Yak. Utica College is not the problem because Yik Yak is causing problems throughout all colleges and universities. Using the App, students are able to personally victimize others, making them feel insecure when college is supposed to be a second home, a time of fun and a time of preparation for the real world. Top off all the stressors of being a student in college/university with the insecurity and hurt of bullying and disastrous things can happen. Bullying in itself can really destroy a person to the point of self harm and harm of others… Hopefully the App is banned/shut down before that happens.

Pros & Cons: Coffee

Sep 25, 2014 | Author: Courtney Hryniowski

As a college student, coffee is a necessity. Late nights, early mornings… doesn’t coffee always seem to be the answer? I would say YES. Coffee is a dear friend of mine, high on the list of my favorite things. It is quite unusual if I do not have at least one coffee a day, but I do remember sometimes the most delicious things aren’t the best for us. I researched some information for myself that I would like to share with you!

One coffee lover to another, here are some pros and cons to coffee:

PROS: Antioxidant, mood booster, helps memory, helps burn fat, and reduces the risk of: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, type 2 Diabetes, Asthma attacks, and strokes

CONS: Risk of heart disease, caffeine addiction, sleep issues, dehydration, digestive & bladder issues, and risk of blood pressure.


College is tough, but remember coffee will always be there. Just be careful not to abuse it.  


coffee blog

First Time Blogging! Myself and Career Path :)

Sep 25, 2014 | Author: Brittany Sierra

Hello everyone! My name is Brittany Sierra and this will officially be my first post as a blogger! I would like to tell you guys a little bit about myself and my major.

So here we go……

I am a city girl coming straight from the Big Apple and I honestly would of never pictured myself coming to Utica College, giving that it was pretty last minute. I was going to stay in NYC, I even payed my deposit (non-refundable) for a college I was going to attend but then Utica College offered me to be apart of the HEOP and I couldn’t turn that down. For those who do not know,HEOP is a program for students who are economically and educationally disadvantaged and are guided throughout their journey in college. I was born October 13,1995! (Libra Baby) My favorite colors are pink and red. I enjoy meeting new people and traveling to strange places that has significant history.

Career Path?

I would like to pursue a career in medicine and become a Doctor. I am currently a Biology major.

I love science and math. I was very hesitant in choosing this career path. It was pretty intimidating at first but I LOVE a good challenge! What type of doctor do I want to be? Hmm, an Obstetrician/Gynecologist (OBGYN for short). It’s A LOT of years in school but it will be all worth it in the end.  Well, that’s how I look at it. The profession of being a doctor has many aspects that catches many of interests and also challenges me in ways that other careers can not !






The Art of Perfecting Your Craft

Sep 25, 2014 | Author: Luis De Leon

Part of what makes the experience at Utica College great is that proper time management allows us to focus a piece of our week on miscellaneous interests and hobbies we truly love. Below I’ll share why it’s important to the person in the mirror that you stick with your hobbies and make time for at least one of them – no matter how chaotic life gets.

The benefits of having a hobby are endless: evoking your passion, personal enjoyment, stress relief, character building, improving a skill, conquering a challenge, sharing your gift with others… The list can go on.

Before I continue, just know that I’m using the word hobby very broadly. Please do keep your own hobbies in mind as you continue reading. In the end, the process of perfecting your craft can apply to just about anything. If you’re wondering, my main hobby these days is learning guitar. I’ll use that as an example from here on out, but feel free to fit the shoe onto your own hobbies.

Don’t get discouraged. This year, a lot of people in Boehlert Hall play guitar. Some of them have guitars on campus. I will be the first to say that I’m by far the worst player out of all of them. After hearing my friends play, it would be easy to feel embarrassed and hide with my inferior guitar skills under a rock. However, I realized that it’s better to put my ego to the side. Instead of getting discouraged because I’m not as good as the others, I see the situation as a great learning environment. I can learn from a bunch of other guitar players and they are always eager to share tips and give me a few pointers. I’m surrounded by people who share my passion and that is awesome.

Be patient. My friends are better than me for a reason; they’ve played longer and put in a lot more practice. My friend Gustaf, for example, has played acoustic guitar for five years now. I’ve only played guitar since December. Obviously, Gustaf plays better than I do, so comparing our skills given our difference of experience would be ridiculous. Gustaf had his growing pains and at one point he didn’t know a thing about playing, but he put in the effort to improve. Stay the course, and in five years the improvement will come. Will I be as good as my buddies when they reached their five year mark? I don’t know. The growing pains will come as well, but it’s so exciting when your improvement becomes noticeable.

Ignore the crowd. You will get all kinds of feedback. Some people will compliment you and praise your skills. Some will criticize and put you down. Don’t let any of the negative stuff get to you. Some people are ignorant to the idea that things don’t happen overnight. They never want to witness someone practicing; they just want the award-winning entertainment. When I’m around friends, I practice some, but for the most part I play tunes I’ve learned already because I understand that they don’t want to hear me struggle through a new song all the time.

Keep it fun. The moment it feels like work and you stop enjoying what you do, game over. Practice does feel like work sometimes, but I still feel happy just holding the guitar. The idea that I can play a song I like motivates me to do something 1,000 times until I get the hang of it. I don’t force the issue either. If I get bored because I spent too long working on one thing, then I move on to another song or take a break by playing songs I already know. I also don’t learn something new all the time. Sometimes I just fool around and just make noise. Good ol’ stress relief.

Go all out. Depending on what exactly your hobby is, fall in love with the technical aspects of it. When someone plays guitar, for example, I’m not just hearing the music. I’m looking at the hands to see how they hold frets and how they strum different strings. Any in-shape person deserves respect from a health and fitness perspective because it’s so much easier to skip the gym and eat whatever is nearby.

Football & Friends

Sep 25, 2014 | Author: Courtney Hryniowski

Saturday was the first home game for the Varsity Football team. Friends and family filled the bleachers, cheering on our Pioneers. The atmosphere was electric. The natural cheerleader came out within, peppiness rising as the game intensified.

On a scale from 1-10, my knowledge of football is probably a 7. I understand the basics but some terms they use are just beyond me. Hopefully one day I will understand it completely. It doesn’t hurt to learn something new. I may not know exactly what is going on but no matter what was happening; I was cheering my heart out.

Going to the game with close friends is the best! The energy my friends and I have together is one of a kind. Being loud & proud, cheering for our Utica Pioneers, is what we do best!

Take a look at some of the pictures from the game:

Sarah Spittler, Alexia Bigart, George Archundia, and I! Typically selfie. (via Instagram)

Sarah Spittler, Alexia Bigart, George Archundia, and I… typical selfie. (via Instagram)


Cheering on our Pioneers!


Coffee and football, what is better than that?

Coffee and football, what is better than that?

My best friend George Archundia being silly!

My best friend George Archundia being silly!



Time Management In College

Sep 24, 2014 | Author: Benjamin Mehic

We’re about a month into the first semester of college and I think I’ve finally adjusted to school. Like most college freshman, studying, doing homework, and most importantly time management, was the biggest adjustment I had to make.

Prior to college, I didn’t necessarily always have to manage my time, especially after school. Although there obviously have been instances where I’ve had to study in high school, for the most part, all of the time I had after school could have been considered “free time.”

With that said, not having as much ”free time” after school in college has probably been the biggest adjustment I’ve had to make. Instead of hanging out with friends or doing something leisurely, I’ve had to actually take use that time to be productive!

Studying is tremendously important in order to have success academically, so whenever I get the chance to get my “study time” in, I do so. After studying for a few hours, or however long it takes me to understand a concept, I move on to do my homework.

Since most of my classes are in the morning, I finish my studying and homework pretty early in the day, which leaves a lot of time for “leisure” after I’m done. But, I also have classes in the afternoon a few times a week, which causes me to actually have to work out a schedule.

Having a schedule has kept me organized, and most importantly, I’ve been able to eliminate and procrastination habits.

College Board has a list of ways that students could control their time, and I encourage everyone to check it out.

Movies In Real Life

Sep 24, 2014 | Author: Cody Plasterer

This might sound strange, but I love horror films. However, after reading an article about horror films that were based on real life events, I might change my taste in films.

Here are a couple of horror films that are based on real life events:


Though Norman Bates is a fictional character, the “Psycho” character was inspired by real-life serial killer Ed Gein. Robert Bloch, author of the novel “Psycho” claims that he didn’t actually base his character on Gein, but found inspiration in the case and years later realized how similar Norman Bates was to Gein.


The story of the 25-foot great white shark that terrorizes a seaside town one summer may seem solidly in the world of fiction–but it’s actually true. Peter Benchley based the movie off the 1916 shark attacks on the New Jersey shore. Over a period of 12 days, four people died in five attacks. When anglers killed a seven-foot long great on July 14, they found human remains in his stomach.

The Strangers

Director Bryan Bertino stated that the idea for the movie came from the brutal Manson family killings in the late 1970s, as well as from a series of break-ins in his childhood neighborhood when he was growing up.

The Conjuring

Ed and Lorraine Warren are real-life investigators who claim to have investigated over 10,000 cases in their time. One of those cases was that of the Perron family, whose new Rhode Island home was being haunted by malevolent a witch called Bathsheba Sheran, who had lived there in the 19th century.

The Hills Have Eyes

Wes Craven wrote the script for this after getting inspired by the legend of Alexander ‘Sawney’ Bean, the head of a 16th Century clan of cave-dwellers. They lived there for 25 years, chowing down on an estimated 1,000 people before they were found out and killed.

If you want to read the full article, please click below:


Friends for Life

Sep 23, 2014 | Author: Karita Rawlins

Every year at Convocation when President Hutton says, “You’re sitting next to your friends for life,” I know exactly who he is talking about. Generally, I am not sitting next to them because we are all working, but my heart warms because at one point or another I did sit next to them for that speech. I’ve gotten to know many people in my 3 years here but there are a small handful of people that I know no matter what I will be friends with for the rest of my life.

Justine GordonIMG_3035

Some of us live together…



We’ve gone to homecoming together…..




We’ve go bowling together….



We even actively participate in the same orgs…





We even work orientation together…







Cameron, Justine, Elaine, Laura and MaryEllen are all amazing individuals that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the last three years. Justine has been my roommate since our second semester here and the rest I met through on-campus organizations we share like Alpha Phi Omega and our past as orientation mentors.

Originally I was going to tell in detail how I met each of them, but I realized this blog post would be entirely too long if I did. I realize that while I may have known some longer than others, time holds no weight in the power of our friendship. Each of them hold a very close place in my heart and they have made my college experience so memorable. From being there when I got my first tattoo, to my first sleepover, to the never ending telling of “Dad jokes” to cheer me up on a bad day, to our endless supply of surprise birthday parties for each other, they all mean the world to me. We are all so different and the one thing that brings us together is Utica College. If none of us had made the decision to come here, our paths wouldn’t have crossed. I can’t wait to be a part of their weddings or be the “Cool Aunt” to their kids. I am able to call almost all of them my brother because of the organization we are in together but they’re also my sisters (obviously not Cameron).

As I previous stated, I’m not saying these will be the only people I keep in contact with from college but I know that no matter where life takes us, the bonds we’ve made can never be broken. Go out and get involved, meet your own Cameron or Elaine. Make these connections of your own.


We’ve Got Spirit!

Sep 23, 2014 | Author: MaryEllen Fitzgerald-Bord

This past Saturday was the first home football game of the season. There were numerous flyers around campus advertising a new student section and a guaranteed good time. The game started at noon with the National Anthem being sung by the Utica College Choir.

The game was against Frostburg, a college in Maryland, with Utica coming out triumphant. The last minute of the game was filled with screaming fans and clapping as people cheered on the football players to victory.

(The choir singing at a hockey game my freshman year.)

If football isn’t your thing, then Utica College is home to multiple sports which suit anyone’s needs – player wise and spectator wise. Most sports are played right here on campus. The hockey games, which are played at the Utica Auditorium, have shuttles that take students to and from the game. Go to the sports website and check out when a game you want to see is!

(I got a picture with Trax my freshman year at an event.)

At the various sporting events you attend, you’ll probably run into the Utica College mascot, “Trax.” He’s always up for pictures, so go find him! Once, at a hockey game, I even caught a free shirt that Trax was throwing!

(My friend Elaine and I at the  football game this weekend, reppin' UC swag.)

(My friend Elaine and I at the football game this weekend, reppin’ UC swag.)

You don’t have to be super into the sport; sometimes it is just fun to go and people watch. Also, going to a game ensures that you can eat concession food and just soak up the atmosphere.  They always play songs in between quarters, so go grab some nachos and dance along!

Games are a great atmosphere and are a way to show your pride for your school. Wear your school apparel, grab your friends and get ready to cheer on your fellow Pioneers.

Never Stand Still

Sep 23, 2014 | Author: Elaine Paravati

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great week! I’ve definitely been busy here at Utica College. If you’re not finding yourself involved on campus yet, here are some puzzle pieces you could add to your life to make your experience at UC better:

- Organizations are really coming out in full force with hosting events. Many are free, like Sex Ed Boot Camp that the Womyn’s Resource Center hosted last Monday night. Others may require a fee, such as the RHA and SIA Paintball Explosion on Oct 5. It  requires $20 to participate, but you get gear, paint, a paintball gun, and transportation to and from the event.

- If you’re looking for something later at night, UCPB’s Thursday night pub entertainment is always a great bet.

- If your schedule is clear earlier in the day, you can likely find something still happening on campus, like the Student Senate representative election speeches. They are delivered Wednesday afternoon in Strebel.

- Regardless of how much you are looking to spend or what time you are free, check out the flyers on campus- you will surely be able to find something to attend!

-If you love an event and want to support it even more, consider joining the organization who hosted it. Our campus has a large variety of groups.

- You can find academic orgs, like the Psychological Society and the ASA Gray Biological Society. Both are open to students of all majors but focus on events within their own respective majors.

- There are also groups with common goals, like the Residence Hall Association that aims to better the lives of students via events and improvements in the residence halls.

Greek life is also a great opportunity to get to know other students and get involved on campus. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a group for you on campus. And if there isn’t, you can make your own organization with four other friends and an adviser!

-If you don’t want to join a group or attend an event, but still want to feel involved on campus, then get out of your room and mingle!

Sit outside of the library at a table on the terrace and people-watch. 

-Go out into the residential quad and toss a frisbee around.

-Relax in the Pioneer Cafe with some friends and some curly fries.

-Attend a sporting event and show your UC pride by wearing orange.

Some of the best memories you will have on campus are those spontaneous moments you spent exploring your new home. The year will fly by before you know it, so enjoy every minute and never stand still!

What Gets You Through College?

Sep 23, 2014 | Author: Michael Defone

My first year at college was a difficult one to say the least. I joined a fraternity and acquired a 1.6 GPA. I entered into my first serious relationship. But the worst part of it all, I took school for granted.

I believe that there are four keys to success in college: be good at what you do, have a good support system, get involved, and try new things.

Be Good at What You Do!

I am a junior now, and school is all that matters to me. One of my teachers sophomore year said to me, “If a kid and you roll up into an interview and he got an A+ in microeconomics, and you got a B+, it doesn’t matter to your future. As long as you are the better fit, it doesn’t matter how many A’s you got; you will get the job. Be great at what you do.”

Ever since then, I have lived by that saying. I have spent less time memorizing, and more actually learning my profession. I don’t think of it as school anymore; it’s the tool that’s going to help me do what I love for the rest of my life. It’s funny how simple words, like those of my professor’s, can change a student’s perspective on college.

Have A Good Support System

Another role model that helped me along the way was a fellow UC blogger, Tessa Lamper. Remember when I said I entered my first serious relationship freshman year? Well two years later she still pushes me every day to make sure everything I need done is done.

Every day, she’s always checking up on me and making sure I did this or did that. It’s almost as if she knows my schedule better than me. To get through college, you need someone in your corner like that. Someone who will (no matter what) step in the line of fire and sacrifice time out of their day to make sure you know your stuff for the test the next day.

It doesn’t have to be a girlfriend or a boyfriend. It can be your mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, or anyone who loves you and would do anything to watch you succeed.

Get Involved!

I got involved with Alpha Phi Delta, a national fraternity on campus, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made since I’ve been at Utica. I pledged Spring 2013 with Michael Alecia, Joshua Sommers, and David Vanuaker. We were the biggest pledge class since our re-founding, and I have had the greatest times with those three guys.

I can remember we would sit for hours and just chill with each other and tell stupid stories. One of my best memories with those guys was making our paddles together. We would spend hours on a wooden paddle. I bet if you asked each and every one of them if they would pledge again, their answers would be the same as mine – only if I was with my pledge bros.

The bond I have with those guys is a bond I will never forget, and it will always be there. Alpha Phi Delta has a special place in my heart, and I have met many amazing friends through it.

For example, my big bro Robert Pyane is the strongest man alive. Well, that’s something he would say. Antonio Fotino is the only 5-foot man I know who could take on seven grown men at once and walk away with out a scratch. Guanluca Sorisi, well he just likes to build stuff, he’d tell you. Last but not least, Branden Mcdainal is the smoothest redneck alive. It’s guys like this that make joining the best fraternity in the world so worth it.

Try New Things!

For the longest time at school I felt as if something was missing. I wanted to try something new. My pledge brother Dave and his girlfriend are religious, so I asked them if they wouldn’t mind teaching me about the Bible. Now, I’m not going to preach because I myself have no idea what I believe in, but I do believe in a higher power.

Like I was saying, I asked them about teaching me, and they agreed. Now, every Monday and Tuesday, Tessa, Dave and I go to Bible study to learn about what religion is and who is God. It’s simple things like this that keep you happy and in good spirits. It’s different from person to person.

School is not just about school…it’s the time where you learn how to become a better you and learn what makes you happy. What makes me happy is my girlfriend, Alpha Phi Delta, and building things with tools and wood. When you think about it, those four things are the ways to show you what makes you, you.