New Semester Resolutions

Jan 26, 2015 | Author: Elaine Paravati

So, loyal readers, you may recall in my last blog that I mentioned creating goals for myself at the start of each semester rather than at the start of the calendar year. This semester is a bit different, as it is my last semester in undergraduate studies at Utica College! My friend Karita created a senior year bucket list ( ), and I found it to be a great idea to keep in mind when I created my goals for my last spring semester here at UC.

My New Semester Resolutions/ Senior Year Sentiments:

1. Attend as many of my favorite (and free!) UC events as I can- including UCPB nights, Crystal Ball, and Mooseapalooza!

2. Win at Tuesday night trivia! (Hey, 4.0 Laura, I’m going to need your help with this one, lil sis)

3. Do something fun over Spring Break- even if it’s not very far away or tropical!

4. Take advantage of the open swim hours at the UC pool to add variety to my workouts.

5. Take a Saranac Brewery tour, and check out any other local attractions that I have yet to see before I leave Utica.

6. Get a good night’s sleep (most nights, at least!) so I am more alert during my 8:30 AM classes!

7. Make it a priority to do more volunteer work in the area.

8. Take a trip to NYC to see museums and eat tons of new foods!

9. Allow myself more down time and fun, rather than over scheduling every moment as usual.

10. Graduate summa cum laude and go on to graduate school next fall!

Well, there you have it- my goals for the upcoming semester! I think it’s going to be an awesome spring, and I am excited for all of the opportunities ahead. Stay tuned to hear how well I can accomplish everything on my list!

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Make the Most of the Snow!

Jan 25, 2015 | Author: MaryEllen Fitzgerald-Bord

Welcome back to Utica College! I hope everyone had enjoyable and relaxing  breaks. By now most people are almost fully back into the swing of things, and ready to take on the spring semester, myself included! This semester is by far my favorite, more than fall, because by the time finals roll around the warm and sunny weather feels like such a reward for making it through.

However, the spring semester is also notorious for dragging on. The winter weather sometimes has too firm a hold on the Central New York Region. While I enjoy snow during the holiday season, two months later it begins to feel like some sort of punishment. So, don’t dread a single moment of it. I’m planning on trying to enjoy the snow, and the cold while it’s here. You know, not everyone is fortunate enough to live in a region where we get to experience four very distinct seasons…or just keep telling yourself that!

Anyway, here’s some tips to help you not only push through the winter in Utica, New York, but also enjoy it too!

Do Typical Winter Activities! Go outside on campus and build a snowman! Take advantage of the close proximity Utica College has to numerous skiiing/snowboarding/sledding locations. Actually, there is a great sledding hill at the Recreation Center on the Parkway which is literally down the road from the campus.  If you don’t want to leave campus, grab a few friends and start a snowball war! Just grab some boots, and a hat and get out there!

Take A Brisk Walk. I find the crisp winter air to be refreshing…to a certain extent. I like going for a walk if I am completely bundled up, and fully prepared. It can be as small as the walk from your residence hall to your class. Instead of rolling out of bed reluctant to go outside, try to look at it as an opportunity to breathe in the fresh winter air. Trust me, it just smells different than the other seasons.

Bundle Up. Winter is great because the cold gives a great excuse to wear your coziest and warmest clothes. I love wearing oversized sweaters during the Winter. I also love beanies and hats, which I can’t really get away with in the Summer. So wear the fashions of Winter while you can! Even if fashion isn’t your thing, cherish the ability to wear your sweatshirt. (It’s the small things that can make the season better.)

 Indulge in Your Favorite Winter Foods. One of my favorite winter foods to eat is soup, I don’t eat it any other time! It magically seems to warm you up from the inside out. So, after a long day of studying (or sledding!) have a warm bowl of soup. Also, I don’t think there is anything as cozy as curling up with a mug of coffee/tea/hot chocolate during the frigid winter months. One of my favorite ways to de-stress is with a warm blanket, a good book, and a mug of tea.

Anticipate! The Winter season has so many things that people look forward to. I, personally, am counting down the days until the Academy Awards (Oscars) in February. But, others may be anticipating the Super Bowl which is also coming up! And don’t forget about Spring Break in March! There are plenty of things to look forward to.

Marvel in How Pretty Winter Can Be. The snow can make everything look so pure, and clean which can be beautiful to look at. So, take advantage. Instagram that fresh snowfall, and find the perfect filter for that snowflake close up…maybe you’ll spread your new found appreciation of Winter to some new people too!

Next Step for OT Juniors…

Jan 25, 2015 | Author: Tessa Lamper

As you guys know, I am a Junior in the Occupational Therapy program! As a Junior in the program, there are a lot of requirements to be upheld in order to keep a seat in the program. Therefore, I figured I would talk about what its like to come into the program as a freshman and continue through to Junior year, where I am currently at in my college career.


When you apply to be in the Occupational Therapy program, you must meet the basic requirements and the requirements of: HS GPA of 85.0 or higher, top 25 percentile in HS, SAT score of 1050 or higher and at least a year of Biology, another science course and three years of math. When you are accepted, students will meet with their Utica College advisors to determine if you want to be in the 4+2 sequence or the 3+2 sequence into the master’s program. I am in the 3+2 accelerated sequence. Most students choose the 4+2 sequence if they participate in sports, but they are able to go into the 3+2 sequence.

Freshman year-Junior year:

Your advisor will help you in picking classes and making sure you are taking the classes you need for the program. You must also maintain a 3.0 GPA (B average) and get a C or higher in all of your science courses, psychology courses, statistics, research methods, sociology, human development, anthropology, kinesiology and medical conditions and terminology. It may seem intimidating, but trust me, it can be done! I found that using the library, taking advantage of professor’s office hours and tutoring is the key to doing well!

Junior year: Junior is the time of preparation for Graduate studies. In order to continue into the graduate studies, you must do a few things…

1. 25 Observation or shadow hours with an Occupational Therapist in at least two different settings. I did my hours with three different OT’s in the nursing home, school based setting, home based setting, outpatient and Early Intervention settings. I had a lot of fun getting familiar with the major and being able to see all the directions I can go with it. For the shadow hours there are documentation forms the Therapist must fill out and you must write a paragraph or two reflecting upon the settings you observed.

2. Have all prerequisite courses finished with needed grades and a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

3. Two personal recommendations (one from a currently practicing occupational therapist and one from an academic professor)

4. CPR certification for adult/child/infant.

5. Transcript evaluation

I hope this helped out with anyone interested in Occupational Therapy and the steps it takes up until Junior year! I received my information from the link below and if you would like to read more check out the link below and the Occupational therapy homepage for Utica College!



Snow Daze!

Jan 25, 2015 | Author: Tessa Lamper

69be597dc5de4e27a6a7dadfe38b23acHey guys! I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing break and you are ready to get through this semester with flying colors! Starting tomorrow, Utica College is kicking off the new semester with Snow Daze! Utica College Programming Board is hosting activities everyday this week for everyone to enjoy to start off the semester with a bit of good, clean fun! Here are the events for this week!

Monday: MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!! In Streble Lounge at 8pm there will be Bookstore Bingo with lots of prizes from the bookstore!

Tuesday: Thinkfast Gameshow is a second FAVORITE of mine and it will be held at 8pm in Streble Lounge with a $200 prize!

Wednesday: Another FAVORITE!!!!!!!! Snow Daze Make Your Own Crafts in Streble Lounge from 12pm-4pm and you will get the opportunity to even make your own soap!

Wednesday Night: You cant beat some nice musical entertainment and dinner! Stop by Pioneer Pub at 9pm for live musical entertainment by Nick Hagelin

Thursday: Need a good laugh? In Pioneer Pub at 9pm, enjoy live comedy by Adam Grabowski!

Friday: Wind down after the first week with a good movie! “Horrible Bosses 2″ will be featured at 8pm in Streble Lounge

Utica College is awesome because of all the wonderful events they put on to entertain the students and even faculty! Stop by these events for a good time, I know I will be there!

For more information on Snow Daze and other activities on campus check out the link below!

Back to School: Tips For Getting Back Into The Rhythm

Jan 25, 2015 | Author: Benjamin Mehic



At this point, winter break probably feels like it was over months ago.

We’re finally back to school and you’ll get a chance to improve during the Spring semester. To some, even the seniors, getting back to school after weeks off is tough. Having already established a rhythm, it’s definitely tough to get back into the routine after the long break.

But here’s two tips on how to get back on track.

Check your syllabus often, stay organized

The first “week” of school is over and you’ve probably received a ton of instructions. Like many of you, I have a difficult time remembering everything for 5+ courses. This is why the syllabus is such an important tool to utilize.

The syllabus organizes everything for the course, so it’s easy to stay on top of school work. You probably haven’t received much “work”, but you’ve almost certainly gotten some reading assignments.

It might seem tedious, but check your syllabus often. It’s a good way to remember everything you need to do.

By checking your syllabus, you’re more likely to stay organized, which is the first step of being successful in your courses.

Don’t fall behind!

After weeks of break, it’s really easy to fall behind. You’re probably used to sleeping in late, not worrying about class, and that could carry over to school.

Avoid that by doing all your work early, so it’s easier to establish the school rhythm again. By doing well early on, you’re more likely to continue the positive momentum throughout the entire semester. If you start slacking early, then you’re probably going to continue slacking.

It might seem difficult at the beginning, but you’ll get back into a rhythm soon. By staying prepared, doing your work early, and staying on top of your course schedules, you’re on your way to another successful semester.

Things I Learned During Fall Semester

Jan 23, 2015 | Author: Elaine Paravati

Welcome back, everyone!I hope you had a restful, healthy break and are returning to the Utica College campus refreshed and ready to go.

Winter break encompasses the end of one year and the beginning of a new year, which for many indicates a desire to reflect and resolve change. I enjoy hearing others’ New Years’ resolutions, but have never found them too helpful for my own life, simply because I do not feel much of a change between December 31 and January 1.

However, I do reflect and create goals for myself at the start of each semester, which are sort of “new semester resolutions.” I will now share with you some of the lessons I learned from the fall semester, and then later I will share the goals I have set for the upcoming semester.

Things I Learned During Fall Semester:

1. Finding an on-campus job you are passionate makes a world of a difference in your semester! I am fortunate enough to love all of the jobs I took on last semester- from being a Resident Assistant in North Hall, to being a DJ and Production Staff member at WPNR, to being a student blogger. Working can take up quite a bit of your time, so enjoying your job(s) is important if your goal is to find pleasure in your daily life. One of the best decisions I made last semester was to finally quit my restaurant job that was immensely stressful, and to pursue fun and new jobs on campus. Looking forward to going to work, getting along with coworkers, and having great supervisors can make your on-campus job seem less like “work” and more like a fun experience that you happen to get paid to do! Don’t waste any more time being miserable at work when you can seek out an opportunity that fulfills your needs and is fun right on campus.

2. You can’t do it all, though! Even if you do enjoy all of your on-campus jobs, all of your organizations, all of your classes, and all of your social obligations, you simply cannot do everything. Trust me- I tried! Last semester, I stretched myself very thin between course work, orgs, work, and graduate school applications. Most days, I would leave my room at 9 AM and would not return until 8:30 pm, only to face a mountain of essays, readings, and application materials. It was exhausting to constantly fulfill so many roles on campus, and while I was able to survive the semester, things became dramatically easier for me when I accepted the fact that I couldn’t do it all. Once I began taking a little more care of myself- turning down a social event for an early night’s rest, for example, or delegating a task to another individual in an organization on a day when I already had a full schedule- things became much easier to handle.

3. Sunlight matters. Here in Utica, we have a very long and cold winter season. At the beginning of fall semester, the sun is bright and beautiful until around 7:30 pm, but by finals week, the sun would set before I would be out of class at 4:30 pm! On dreary days, it would be extremely hard for me to stay motivated and productive; once the sun was down, I would want to hibernate! Once I realized how much sunlight affected my work ethic, I began prioritizing and working with Mother Nature. By accomplishing hard tasks during daylight hours, I could get important things done when my motivation was the highest. Then, when I settled into hibernation mode later in the day, tasks like reading a textbook could be done while I snuggled at my desk with a mug of tea. Figure out what works best for you, and prioritize to work with that!

4. Coffee cannot fix everything. This is controversial, I know. Our society has accepted coffee as liquid magic, and students, faculty and staff alike down its potent potion like it is the cure for all of their ailments. At the beginning of fall semester, I too was under coffee’s spell, but I began to realize that coffee was hurting me more than it was helping me. Rather than being an occasional treat, it became a way for me to mask my exhaustion and power through an over-packed schedule. I should have listened to my body’s need for more rest, but instead, I guzzled more and more coffee. Eventually, I “woke up” (without the coffee!) and realized that I seriously needed to make sleep a priority and stop depending on coffee to make me feel normal. It is definitely easier to stay up late finishing a project, grab a coffee in the morning, and go through the day perked up, but I feel much better listening to what my body needs- actual sleep- and getting that instead. Moderation is key, so if you can’t kick your caffeine habit, at least keep it in check!

5. It truly is the little things that mean the most. I’m sure we have all heard this a million times before, but the spontaneous, small moments are the most magical ones in our lives. For someone like me who likes to have every minute of the day carefully scheduled, being spontaneous can be a challenge. But some of my favorite memories from last semester arose from little, unexpected events. Things like laughing all night at a sleepover with my best friends, going to an amazing new restaurant with my boyfriend, trying on hideous prom dresses at the mall, waiting in line for an hour and a half at Midnight Breakfast for a caricature that we never even got, and having special guests on 3BL on WPNR are all memories that I did not expect to make last semester. Embrace those little moments, because before you know it, the semester will be over once again.

14 Things to Give Up in 2015

Jan 16, 2015 | Author: Allison Acquaviva

Image credit: Google

Image credit: Google

Hopefully 2015 has been treating everyone well so far! I can’t believe we are halfway through this month already! (and not to mention – the Spring semester starts exactly a week from today. Um, WHAT?!) 

So, if you’re like me, you probably are swamped with ideas, goals and resolutions for how you want this year to go. From personal experience, I have discovered that I can be my own worst enemy. That goes for any of us, really.

We stand in our own ways of achieving our dreams and ambitious. We all put limitations on ourselves that prevent us from obtaining what we want. Our ultimate goal should not be to strive for perfection, but rather to embrace our imperfections and adjust to them.

I thought of 14 things that I know I would love to give up this year and that might be beneficial to everyone in order to achieve the success they want! (Especially to start the Spring semester with a bang!)

  1. Self-doubt: The biggest obstacle we face is in our own thinking. Let go of the negative thoughts; turn I can’t into I CAN. How can you achieve what you want when you’re hanging on to the biggest dream killer of all?
  2. Comfort Zones: Nothing great was ever completed by staying inside of a comfort zone. Yes, we get so accustomed and attuned to our habits that it just becomes familiar and increasingly difficult to move out of. Do you want to change your life this year? You’re sure not going to change a thing by playing small. Get out there and show the world who YOU are.
  3. Self-criticism: This really goes hand in hand with point #1, but really, it’s worth repeating. We are our own harshest critics. We beat ourselves up over every little thing and forget that we are human and do make mistakes! Would you speak to a friend the way you speak to yourself? No. So, we need to stop being a bully to ourselves and learn to embrace every positive aspect that we have to offer.
  4. Comparison: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt. That statement couldn’t be anymore true. We are constantly on the comparison bandwagon. Who is doing this, who is doing that. Why aren’t I like that? Why can’t I be like them? Ugh! Just drop this bad habit now. Like, right now. It really is a waste of time and energy. Everyone is on their own paths to success and everyone runs their own race at their own pace. Your life is uniquely yours – live it and love it!
  5. Guilt: Guilt and regrets over the past are the worst feelings. We often dwell on things that went wrong, that we miss everything else that went right. Did you make a mistake? Forgive yourself and move on. My friend shared a quote with me that said “your best teacher is your last mistake.” Learn and grow from your mistakes. Fix what you can, and shake off what you can’t.
  6. Fake Personas: Think of how beautiful the world would be if everyone was simply themselves? If everyone didn’t worry about pleasing others or putting on a show in order to be liked? Forget all that. I received a beautiful gift this Christmas that says: “In a world where you can be anything, be yourself.” It proudly is displayed in my room as a constant reminder to me to be my most authentic self.
  7. Apologies: Apologies are really only useful if you have done something wrong to someone or hurt someone. I’m talking about apologizing for being yourself. If you like something, don’t be afraid to like it. Do you want to join that club? Take that art class? Do it and don’t be sorry just because someone else doesn’t like it.
  8. Excuses: This is a biggie. I can’t tell you how many times a day I’ve told myself “I don’t have time.” “I can’t do this because…” Where does that get me? Nowhere. Be open to new experiences, make time for the things that are important to you. Yes, we all have limitations. But, instead of letting them define us, we should let them push us to be our very best.
  9. Procrastination: Procrastinators unite! Tomorrow. Seriously, if anyone is a pro at procrastinating, it’s me – and I KNOW I’m not alone. Really, procrastinating is useless. All it does is stress me out. Want to make 2015 the year of you? Start now. Don’t wait. Don’t put off anything that you want to (or have to) do.
  10. Social Media: I’m not talking about quitting cold turkey, but consider spending less time behind your phone or computer screen. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., are not real life. Instead, they often cause us the most problems – especially in the comparison department. Do you really need to post that status about your day at the gym? Do you have to hashtag every word you tweet? Do you have to post that picture of your dinner – hoping you’ll get more than 5 likes? NO. Stop, take a digital detox. It’ll be good for your soul!
  11. Competing: Much like comparison, competing with others gets you nowhere. Win at your own life!
  12. Busyness: In today’s world, you’re not normal unless you have 10 million things to do at one time. Everybody is in such a rush. Imagine how great it would be if people stopped and took a deep breath once in a while? Find something that makes you relax. Read a book, take a walk, sing, do anything that makes you happy and give yourself a break!
  13. Multitasking: This is something that usually people say to describe themselves. “I’m great at multitasking!” While this is not a bad character trait, it’s not good to always be multitasking. Focus your time and attention on one thing at a time. By doing two, three, 10 or 15 things at once will not lead to accomplishment, but rather – confusion. One step at a time, one thing at a time.
  14. Anxiety: With the new semester just around the corner, it’s only natural to get nervous. Thinking about what the semester will bring can be stressful. But, just like living in the past, living in the future doesn’t do anyone any good. Worrying about things you can’t control, or events that are outside of your circle of influence is not good for your mind or body. Take a breather. Find your inner peace. Gain your confidence. Know that you can and will be able to handle anything that comes your way.


Importance of Volunteering

Jan 13, 2015 | Author: Benjamin Mehic



Let’s face it: The majority of college students attend college with hopes of landing a job after graduating.

But, how do you separate yourself from the hundreds of applicants who are seeking the same career as you? It’s simple; your resume.

Nowadays, most jobs will require some sort of  college degree. If you graduate from Utica College, you’ll end up with a 4-year degree. Hundreds of students will graduate from UC with a degree, but not all will end up with their dream job right out of the gate.

Having experience in the field before graduating is extremely important. By now, you’ve heard about the importance of internships, but volunteering often goes unspoken.

If you’re able to fit the time in, even if it’s alongside a part-time, paying campus job, it could be worth your while to pursue a volunteer position. Employers like seeing that you volunteer your time, and are able to manage your time well enough to take on an unpaid position. Volunteerism also suggests that you’re a team player, a quality many employers will look for in potential hires.—via

Working for free isn’t always ideal, but it might be necessary. Showing that you’re committed and willing to work just for experience could potentially set you apart from others seeking the same job or career.

Perhaps you’ll build a relationship with the company you’re volunteering for and might even end up working for them in the future.

The company you volunteer for will serve as a good resume builder and reference. If you don’t have the time for an internship right now, but want to get some experience, why not try volunteering?

Finding Books Online

Jan 10, 2015 | Author: Benjamin Mehic

It might be hard to believe, but we’re less than two weeks away from the start of the Spring semester.

The winter break is coming to a close, and while it might not be the most pleasant thing you’ll do on your time off, it’s time to start purchasing books for class.

Besides paying for tuition, purchasing books is one of the most costly things about being a college student. Still, it’s inevitable.

Here are two resources you can use for finding and/or purchasing books online:

Utica College Bookstore:

Having trouble finding a textbook for class? Why not try the Utica College bookstore?

The school’s store web site allows you to search for books by typing in their ISBN number, titles, or author. All you have to do is type in the correct information in the search bar:

via Utica College Bookstore

via Utica College Bookstore

Instead of heading to the school, only to find out the book isn’t available, I’ve found that it’s a lot more convenient search for the book on the store’s web site. If the book isn’t available or backordered, it will list it as so.

Check out the school book store here

Book Finder:

While the book store’s web site will allow you to search for books and their availability, it won’t allow you to compare prices. allows you to search for books and compare prices with competing web sites online.



One thing I’ve learned from my first semester at Utica College: Don’t settle for a price.

Instead, look for cheaper books online. BookFinder allows you to compare prices, and you’ll more than likely save some money as a result.

Check out BookFinder here


New Stadium, New Utica.

Jan 8, 2015 | Author: Gregory Spears

Pretty soon Utica College will have a new look coming with its new Indoor facility for its athletic department. Utica College will attract new student-athletes as well as new students. Utica College is using this new look feel to its full advantage when high school athletes come on recruiting trips hoping to grab the attention of young athletes and even regular students. This is an exciting time for Utica College and the community of New Hartford and the city of Utica. One sport that has taken full advantage of this opportunity is the Track and Field department sending out recruiting letters telling their recruits all about the new and improved facility that should begin construction this spring semester. This new look will not only hold sporting events but could hold other alumni events as well. I know I am very excited, clearly not more excited than the athletic department. But it will be an exciting time for the Utica College Students and its alumni. Utica College is one of the top private colleges in New York state and this is just an even step closer to competing with the best campus wise and athletics.

See Ya Later 2014

Jan 1, 2015 | Author: Courtney Hryniowski

Thanksgiving break was lovely, especially since I was able to get about ninety percent of my Christmas shopping done! Thanksgiving dinner was delicious – thanks to my amazing grandmother! After relaxing with the family and digesting all of the great food, my grandma and my sister Cassy headed to the nearby Kohls. Being there for only two hours, a few hundred dollars were spent.

My sister and I were not done with our shopping so it was time to head to the mall for more Black Friday festivities! I stopped at Old Navy, Bath & Body Works, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, and so many other stores that were having Black Friday deals! I was so proud how much money I saved for the amount of presents I bought! As 3:00am rolled around, my sister and I were becoming a little delusional which created many funny memories between the two of us. It was probably around 4:30am when we finally called it a night!

Black Friday Shopping will make you crazy!

Black Friday Shopping will make you crazy!

On December 3rd, Utica College’s Programming Board had a beautiful and festive Christmas set up in Strebel Lounge! There were so many things to do such as decorating your own ornaments or mason jars, several different types of carnival like games, and a photo station to take a Christmas photo! It was a success for sure and I am excited to see what UCPB has in store next year for us!

The lovely Courtney Witherspoon and amazing Derek Pooley making some ornaments (left). Some happy snowmen jazzing up Strebel (right).

The lovely Courtney Witherspoon and amazing Derek Pooley making some ornaments (left). Some happy snowmen jazzing up Strebel (right).

December 4th was the annual Holiday dinner! Faculty and staff help out in whatever way they can. It is really nice for everyone who volunteers since they have to deal with us crazy students! I was so ecstatic when I heard that Santa and Mrs. Claus were going to be there. I will always be a little kid at heart when it comes to Christmas time!

Couldn't pass up a picture with jolly guy!

Couldn’t pass up a picture with jolly guy!

December 8th was the last day of classes and to end one of the most celebrated days of the semester, the Inter-Greek Council holds Midnight Breakfast which is always so much fun! My friends and I met up to enjoy some of the great breakfast foods and activities that are held by IGC. No one can turn down late night waffles or pancakes! Other than the delicious breakfast food, IGC had a photo booth, a station to personalize dog tags with a picture, and a mechanical bull. I made sure to stop at every station! It was so much fun and I finally was on a mechanical bull!

Alexia , Marissa, and Laura, and I after some delicious breakfast!

Alexia , Marissa, and Laura, and I after some delicious breakfast!

December 9th the Academic Coaching Experts, also known as the ACEs, had a Stress Free event! They have different stations set up including a piñata, relaxation station, create your own stress ball, coloring, tea and hot chocolate, and a station to make your own trail mix. December 9th was also the study day on campus, where many other groups and organizations were holding study groups.

The ACEs really put together such a wonderful set up which caught many students attention. It was held in Strebel Lounge, which is a great location for students who are passing by. I was there for most of the event and I had a great time. The funniest thing happened during the time I was there, which I, of course want to share! The ACE Brittnee was tossing one of the stress balls we made to ACE Lauryn who would hit it with the piñata stick. It was then my turn up to bat… I missed a few times and then finally struck it with a great swing. Now the power of my swing was great… the direction of where the flying stress ball was going… not so much. It hit into the trail mix station. The different ingredients went flying. No one could even continue what they were doing since everyone starting dying laughing. It was definitely a blast!

Stress Free Event

Two of my residents giving a swing at the piñata!

Two of my residents giving a swing at the piñata!

After all the fun and festivities were over, it was crunch time. I only had three written finals, as the other two were papers. So, realistically, I didn’t have it that bad. They were also scattered throughout finals week so I was a happy camper! You can see in the photo below how excited I was on my last day of studying! I worked really hard this semester to receive great grades and I would say that I have accomplished that!


Coming home after a long semester of nonstop busyness is always a wonderful feeling. Although, it is a little difficult being so busy and then not being as busy – I kind of felt as if I was forgetting to do something. I eventually realized that Netflix and my friends were available whenever I wanted them to be, such a simple but amazing thing.

Christmas Eve came in the blink of an eye! Definitely one of my favorite days of the year since I see almost all of my family. With there being 21 grandchildren plus my aunts, uncles, significant others, and my grandparents, the house is packed of craziness. I couldn’t ask for anything better than being able to spend Christmas Eve with so many people I love! Christmas Day was wonderful, relaxing, and filled of more than just presents. Being home for the holidays and spending time with my family and friends is such an amazing gift that I couldn’t put a price on!

Some of my younger cousins and I! Getting to be the size of me, it's crazy!

Some of my younger cousins and I! Getting to be the size of me, it is crazy!

With half of my undergrad completed and the holidays coming to an end, it is time to look forward to a new year. May 2015 be filled with warmth, love and success for everyone! I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!

Utica College Gym

Dec 31, 2014 | Author: Benjamin Mehic

While on winter break, I finally started to utilize one of the many perks of being a Utica College student: the school’s gym.

Before attending Utica College, I visited several local schools, and UC gives their students the most accessibility to their gyms. Whether you’re an athlete or simply want to get a good workout in, the gym has what you need.

The Clark Athletic Center is unique because everything is located in one area. More info on the center, via Utica College:

The Clark Athletic Center is centrally-located and houses the following modern facilities:
• Large gymnasium with three full-length courts and a seating capacity of 2,200
• An 10-lane, 25-yard by 6-lane, 25-meter pool, 1-meter diving facility, and balcony seating for 185
• Racquetball courts
• Fitness room with Nautilus equipment, treadmills, stationary bikes, recumbent bikes, and elliptical trainer
• Free weight rooms

Utica College is also planning to build a recreational dome, as seen in the photos below via the school web site:

via Utica College

via Utica College

Instead of spending money to attend a gym locally, why not utilize the school gym? It’s one of the best perks of being a Utica College student.

Saving Money For The Spring Semester

Dec 28, 2014 | Author: Benjamin Mehic

via DreamsTime

Let’s face it, college is really expensive. Purchasing textbooks is probably the most expensive part about being a college student, besides paying for tuition.

Although it might feel like winter break has just begun, we’re less than a month away from the start of the spring semester. What does that mean? Well, purchasing textbooks, of course.

If you’re lucky, you might not have to purchase textbooks for all of your courses, but that likely won’t happen. Instead of settling for the first price you see online or at a book store, here’s some advice on how to save some money for this upcoming semester.

Look for cheap textbooks online

Yes, I’m using the word cheap pretty loosely here. It’s virtually impossible to find a “cheap” textbook anywhere, but it’s possible to save a large chunk of change.

Amazon has become widely popular for their “cheap” textbooks, and from experience, I can say that it’s certainly a lot cheaper than other stores. While most of these textbooks are used, they should be good enough to get you through the semester. As long as the professor doesn’t require any digital add-ons along with the textbooks, it’s possible to find what you’re looking for online.

Most professors don’t necessarily care how you get the information, as long as you get it. Not all of your textbooks have to be hardcover. In fact, the opposite is true. Most, if not all, students do their work on their laptops or computers, so why not look for e-books? That’s another alternative.

Instead of settling for the book store price, do some research online. You might end up saving some money.

Advice from LifeHacker:

Regardless of how you’re buying you’re going to want to find the cheapest price. Searching a bunch of sites individually can be a pain. CampusBooks and BIGWORDS show you everything in a nice, organized list as well as help you determine buyback value so you can factor that into your decision.

Rent the book

This might seem like a no-brainer, but renting textbooks is certainly underutilized by college students.

If you’re taking a core class just to get the credit or taking an elective to fill your schedule, it might not be necessary to purchase a textbook. Instead, try renting the book for a fraction of the cost. After all, if you’re not going to spend much time looking at the book after the semester is over, why invest money into the book?



Merry Christmas

Dec 19, 2014 | Author: Dillan Torres

Christmas is around the corner and I hope everyone is working hard trying to give their parents the best possible gift that they can ask for. What I feel this is, is to see their child being a prosperous and intelligent student that they know they are. This way once we all show our parents the grades we got and they see how great we have been doing as well as how responsible we have been they then would love to give us the gifts that they bought. It will show them that we deserve it. I know I have the grades to show my mother and I cannot wait to see that joyous smile on her face, which is all I need to make my christmas a merry christmas. I want to wish all of UC a early Merry Christmas and best of luck on your grades.

Advice while on Winter Break

Dec 19, 2014 | Author: Dillan Torres

So being that Winter Break is here, there is some advice that I have to offer. Yes, Im  sure that everyone is tired of school work and would like a break from doing anything, but one great thing to do while on winter break is trying to go back to an old job that you once had. This not only continues to add to your resume, but it shows responsibility and allows you to collect some money for the spring semester. This helps you so that you do not have to go to mom and dad for money during the spring semester and you start the semester with some money in your pocket. As I mentioned you want to continue to build your resume as well as just have something to keep you busy and out of trouble. So my advice to all is to go out there job searching if you haven’t already done so and best of luck finding something in time. Happy Holidays.


Dec 19, 2014 | Author: Dillan Torres

Finals and internships are finally over and have come to an end. I hope everyone has put there all into studying and have tried their best to receive good grades  not only on their finals, but for the semester. As for me I did the best I could reviewing all I needed to review for my synthesis final, but it was hard trying to study being that it was all based off of concepts and  not memory. It was a 3 hour long exam that took the full three hours and then some. After I took the exam my brain was fried, but I was ready to just go on my fieldwork. On my fieldwork experience I did everything that was asked of me and then some. I was always seeking out opportunity to learn in different areas of OT as well as other disciplines that you see in the medical field like PT, Social work and speech-language pathologist etc. This was a tough semester, but I got through it and am ready to go on christmas break and enjoy my time off. I hope everyone did there professor opinionnaires, hope all get good grades and happy holidays everyone.

Finals Sminals

Dec 18, 2014 | Author: Michael Defone

There’s only one thing on everyone’s mind the last weeks of school every semester, and that is finals. Now, it’s not the actual word “finals” that get people all fired up on Red Bull and coffee; it’s the stress that follows that haunting word. Here are a couple ways to remember that you’re smart and it’s just a word.14189202329892121147476

The first way that I found that was very effective is you just pretend it’s another test. The simple fact of the matter is the kids over hype finals week. If you paid attention all year and did your work, it’s literally just another test, and an easy test because you studied all year. Just remember that, if you’r worried about finals you, either might fail or you didn’t study as hard as you should. Trust me, I know this because I’ve been in that situation.

Another way to calm your nerves during that week is to find time to settle down, relax, and get your mind off studying. If you study for too long your brain will go to mush. I have a very close friend who would  study for 11-12 hours a day straight, and by the end of the day, she couldn’t every form simple sentences unless it involved her field of study.1418920192645-571210582

My last tip for you guys is just study all year for your finals. Everyone is so scared and nervous about just one simple word. Everyone who is at college earned their way there because they are bright human beings. So next semester, don’t let finals be your downfall; let finals be the icing on your cake. So, I’ll see you next semester, and may your finals week be great.

Importance of Resumes

Dec 18, 2014 | Author: Benjamin Mehic

via Career Realism

via Career Realism

Besides a college degree or an internship, building a solid resume is arguably the most important step to landing a job after graduation.

Some college students make the mistake of thinking I’ll build my resume after I graduate, when it’s time to job-hunt, but in reality, you’re supposed to start working on your resume way before graduation.

Getting an internship often requires a resume, and believe it or not, other college students will apply for the same internship. Like any job or career, a resume could separate a good candidate from a great one when searching for an internship.

Constantly updating your resume with volunteer work, activities you’re involved with in school, and past jobs is essential.

Here are some tips via,

Many students have part-time, seasonal or temporary work experience that is unrelated to future career goals. You don’t want to pack your document with irrelevant details, says Feldberg. On the other hand, prospective employers value candidates who demonstrate dependability and a strong work ethic, even if the experience is in a different industry.

Having experience, whether a part-time job, internship, or volunteer work, is obviously important when building a resume. Still, tweaking your resume for certain applications is also important. List the experience you have in the order of the requirements the employer is targeting. Not every employer is seeking the same requirements, so update your resume as need be.

If you have any questions about building a resume or anything career related, check out Utica College Career Services.


How to Make the Most of Your Winter Break

Dec 17, 2014 | Author: MaryEllen Fitzgerald-Bord

Finals are over! You have no idea how thrilled I am to say that… And I’m sure if you’re a college student reading this, you’re just as thrilled. So now, you have an entire break stretching out in front of you. The first few days are for the very necessary sleeping days and recuperating days after all-nighters and study binges. However, once a few days have passed and you’ve recovered from finals, you find yourself with a plethora of free time you haven’t had to yourself since August before classes started. So, this blog post is going to help you manage all of your free time…because it can be harder than it seems.

Actually get dressed some days: While it may be tempting to just lay around in pajamas every day of break, resist the urge! Maybe set aside one day a week as your “lounge day” and wear your pajamas and messy hair to your heart’s content. However, the other days of the week, you should actually put on real clothes, and look (at least a little bit) presentable. It’ll make you feel more productive, even if you didn’t really do anything.

Set an alarm: While it may be tempting to sleep your entire break away, sleeping until the late afternoon wastes valuable morning time! You don’t have to get up insanely early, but make sure to be up before regular people are eating lunch! The early bird gets the worm, and all that. But also, it won’t be as big of an adjustment when classes do start again and you have to be ready for 8:30s.

Make a mini winter break bucket list: Take time out before the craziness of a new semester sets in, and do things you wouldn’t have time to do during a semester. Plan little activities with family and friends, and make the most of your free time. Go to the movies, go shopping, and especially take advantage of all of the holiday activities!

Forget about your grades: If you did the student opinionnaires, you’ll get your grades December 23rd, and for those that didn’t, you’ll get your grades a week later. That can be a stressful time. I know whenever I check my grades, I get incredibly nervous, and my heart beats fast. It’s fine to freak for a while, either good or bad. But, don’t let a bad grade ruin your entire break. If you didn’t get that A or B you were aiming for, don’t beat yourself up about it. Either let it go, or figure out if you need to retake the course…but don’t spend all break on it. Deal with it, and then put it to the back of your mind.

 Don’t forget about your classes next semester: Check your email! Order the textbooks you need for the class. Look if your professor wants you to read certain materials. Don’t completely forget about the work you are going to have to do next semester! Brace yourself, and prepare.

The most important tip though is to have a great break! Enjoy the time off because before you know you’ll be back at Utica College ready to start a new semester!

Done with Fall

Dec 17, 2014 | Author: Cisse Yousouf

The semester ended a couple days ago…
Finals are finally over…
All the studying and homework are done, and we are just waiting for those final grades…

via PVLD Kids Blog

via PVLD Kids Blog

It was a great semester. I really enjoyed keeping you guys posted.I would like to wish you guys a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. I will see you guys again next year.

christmas lights