A Class Outside My Comfort Zone: My Experience

As a public relations junior, I am in a different spot than most. I only have three more major-related courses left to take, but I still need at least 25 more credits to graduate.

This means that for the Spring ’14 semester, I could take almost any class that I wanted to – and I wanted to take something different and outside my comfort zone!

comfort zone

This may sound easy to pick any class that sounds interesting…but it wasn’t. I wanted a very flexible schedule to allow me to put in plenty of work hours – which meant having Tuesdays and Thursdays off. My options were limited, but I ended up choosing one “outside the box” course.

THE 115: Introduction to Theatre

            I have always loved going to the theatre to see shows, and I have even performed in a few during high school. Since this class was an intro class, I was worried that I would stick out amongst the sea of freshmen. I also did not want to take on a large workload for a class that is just an elective to me. So far, I am really enjoying the class.

Highlights from the class:

Painting part of the set for UC’s “Cinderella Waltz” :

We were required to complete at least 3 hours as part of the theatre crew for the upcoming play, “Cinderella Waltz”. During that time, we would paint, hang lights, use a jigsaw to cut out scenery – you name it! It was not only a great time to learn some new skills (like how to use a power drill), but I also met some great people! Next week, we are required to attend the production, and it will be cool to see the work that we did and how it came together!

Paint Bucket

*A classmate and I may or may not have hidden our first initials while painting some of the scenery…an artist has to sign their work! It’s pretty hidden and unnoticeable but I am definitely going to look for them this week to see if it wasn’t painted over. (I’m hoping its still there!)

Acting Exercise #1

During class, we were given a short 10-line script that was very basic. Our task was to act out any scene that we wanted while sticking to the script. The lines were pretty generic, such as Hi, How are you?, What time is it? etc.

Each group, although we all had the same script, interpreted and performed a completely different scene. Some were angry, some flirty, some creepy…we had it all! The most memorable was two men in the doctors office (the doctor used Beats headphones for a stethoscope) and a teacher and an annoying student. It was fun to just relax, have fun and be creative for a little bit; a nice change from presentations and lectures.

Acting Exercise #2

This was my favorite. It was a mix between charades and improv. We were given a topic and had to all freeze in a position that would help the other team guess what our topic was. The other group in the class drew the topic wrestling match. All of the people in the group were frozen in the middle of “fights” and one girl was frozen standing on a table about to jump into the middle of one of them.

Our group drew the circus which was a little difficult to do…but the second round we drew the Olympics! Being oh so creative, we decided to be the Olympic rings. There were five of us and we all held our arms in a circle with three people standing and two kneeling. Instantly (before the fifth member could get into position) the other group guessed our topic! We definitely deserved an Oscar!


The People

The best part of this class is by far the people. I have already made some great friends that I have made many memories with. This is the best reason for taking a class outside your normal comfort zone…you meet people you never would have! In my public relations classes, I usually walk into them on the first day and know 90% of the people around me – which is great! But sometimes, its nice to see fresh faces and meet new people.


In the end, at graduation, we are not going to look back and remember the time we spent on each assignment, or the all nighters we pulled to cram for that final exam. What we will remember while standing on that stage are the amazing memories we made with the amazing people that we met. And those things, are also the things that we will miss.

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