My Favorite Places to Eat in Utica!

If you are not from the area, Utica is very well known for it’s restaurants and food! It is home to the tomato pie, half moon cookies, chicken piggies and Utica Greens! Some of my favorite places to eat are as follows (in no particular order):

  1. Swifty’s: I love the laid-back atmosphere and wings here! A great hang out for my friends and I.
  2. Aqua Vino: Classy and by the water!
  3. O’scugnizzo Pizzeria: home of the tomato pie and one of the first pizzerias in Utica!
  4. Symeons: Tasty Greek restaurant!
  5. Delmonico Steak House: I am a carnivore and therefore this place is heavenly! It is the place to get a great steak!
  6. Dippin Donuts: Need a coffee to get you through class? There are so many flavors, it is amazing!
  7. Nicky Doodles: This is my favorite ice cream place in the world! The sundaes are to die for, my favorite is the Fluffernutter Sundae!
  8. Tom Cavallos’s: On Moday’s there are is an endless pasta deal where you can get endless pasta for $2!!! It is really good and on a college student’s budget!
  9. Georgio’s Village Cafe: I love the chicken piggies here, so delicious!
  10. Voss: I brought my parents here for the milkshakes and great BBQ! Check it out this summer!



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