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Health Studies Major

RHA is what I Rep.

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Confidence in your own skin

Sigma Banquet

Public Relations major with a concentration in Sports Communication. From South Ozone Park, NY. Member of the UC Football team.
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weekend recap

finishing strong ?

Chemistry major with a concentration in biochemistry.
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Quad Season?

Coming To An End

Public Relations Major. Junior.

Writing Center Tutor. Circle K Member.

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The Truth about All-Nighters

Happiness. Do You Make Time For It?

Public Relations

On a mission to see the world.

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15 Ways to Make Your UC Experience Awesome

Occupational Therapy

Pretty much love doing anything and trying new things!

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Formal=Classy, Not Trashy!!

Colored Powder? No, HOLI!!!!

Biology Major

RA|TA|Circle K|Outing Club|Stage Manager|ASC

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The Way of Friendship

Quick Facts About Being an RA

Communication Arts

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You Are The Company You Keep

Construction Management

Alpha Phi Delta

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Springs Here?!

Looking For Something Different?

Business Management and Psychology Major

Nerd and Art Gallery Employee

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Tips for Scheduling Classes

Feeling Tired – Try Improving the Quality of your Sleep

Biology Major

Enthusiastic about far too many things.

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Expand Your Horizons: Study Abroad

How To Survive With No Sleep.

Public Relations, Junior

Commuter and PR intern at UC

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How to Make Life Go the Way You Want

Did Cinderella Ever Get Her Slipper? Nope!

Public Relations and Journalism.

The Tangerine|WPNR|PRSSA|ResLife

Twitter Handle: Candace_UC
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W.I.N.D.’S All Girls Rock award show a success

Adapting to change

Public Relations

Alpha Phi Omega|UC Tangerine| UCPB|

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Human Bowling @ UC and Tips to make your event a success

Biology Major

Eclectic Tastes

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My Top 13 Tracks of 2013

How to Kick Butt At Presentations

Public Relations, Writing

NJ native | GM at WPNR | runner!

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The 8 websites that got me through college.

Contradiction of the Century: The Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Physics major, Transfer student

Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity

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Are You Stuck?

People of the World

Physics major, Transfer student

Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity

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High Heels, Senators, and Lobbyist