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Biology Major

Enthusiastic about far too many things.

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The Spring Play!

Ace Your First Test!

Psychology-Child Life, Junior

"Always bring your own sunshine."

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Beating Procrastination

Exercise Is Key

Hello All!

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Student Senate

Bundle up !

Computer Science Major

Sports and Traveling

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Eating Healthy

Occupational Therapy

Pretty much love doing anything and trying new things!

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How to Feel More at Home

5 Fun Things to do this Spring Around Utica

Psychology Major

Eternal Optimist

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Back on the Air! (HOMW 4)

What To Do When You’re Sick At School

Health Studies Major

Vice President of RHA

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Beating the Weather

Student Advocacy Day : My Experience

My name is Trevon Liggins. I am 18 years old, right here from Utica. I like to skateboard, play ultimate frisbee, take a lot of photos of beautiful scenery and do a lot of filming. I am a Communication Arts major and I also like interacting and meeting new people.
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Terrible Weather: Spring Come Soon!

Semester One: The End Is Near!

International Studies and Sociology/Anthropology Major.

Avid Traveler and Explorer.

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Cinderella Made It to the Ball

2015 Here I Come

My name is Dillan Torres and I am a graduate student here at Utica College. I graduated from UC as an undergraduate in 2013 with my Health Studies degree and a minor in psychology. I am now a Occupational Therapy Major yearning towards earning my masters degree.
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Crystal Ball

Return from Break

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Ball Night!

Super Bowl Week!

Business Management and Psychology Major

Nerd and Art Gallery Employee

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Imaging Place – Creating an Identity through Architecture

21 Questions

Comm Arts

Self-certified weirdo. One day I'll have my own talk show...

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SYBL: Lunch with favorite professor

Class is cancelled, now what? Five things to do during a Snow Day!


My name is Brittany Sierra! :]

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Welcome Back/Super Bowl Night!

Say Hello to Finals!

Public Relations. Writing Center Tutor. Circle K Treasurer.

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How to Cope When Your Goals Cause Anxiety

14 Things to Give Up in 2015

Construction Management

Alpha Phi Delta

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Finals Sminals

Why Utica?!

I am majoring in Health Studies. I like to draw. I was born and raised in New York City. I am from the Dominican Republic. I love scary movies. Also, I love to meet new people and go out with my friends. Lastly, I love Italian food.
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Midnight Breakfast!

What I Love About Utica

Public Relations major with a concentration in Sports Communication. From South Ozone Park, NY. Member of the UC Football team.
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Football is Over

It’s That Time Again

Chemistry major with a concentration in biochemistry.
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Don’t Panic

My Favorite Course This Semester

Public Relations, Junior

Commuter and PR intern at UC

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My Journey in Scenic Painting

Four Fall Fashion Must Haves (And Under $20)

Journalism Major
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Homecoming 2014: Through My Lens

I'm Tobias Neto originally from Orlando, FL , but grew up in Queens, New York. I'm a Public Relations major with a concentration in sports communication.
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Staying Prepared for the Weather in Utica

Biology Major

RA|TA|Circle K|Outing Club|Stage Manager|ASC

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Utica College Outing Club

Movies In Real Life

Public Relations

On a mission to see the world.

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Spend Your Laundry Time Wisely

The Art of Perfecting Your Craft

Master of Liberal Studies, Concentration Social Sciences

Running, Horseback riding, Reading

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10 Tips to Better Time Management.

Greece and Romania

Physics major, Transfer student

Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity

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High Heels, Senators, and Lobbyist