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Public Relations Major


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Utica College Career Services

Importance of Work Experience

I am majoring in Health Studies. I like to draw. I was born and raised in New York City. I am from the Dominican Republic. I love scary movies. Also, I love to meet new people and go out with my friends. Lastly, I love Italian food.
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Being Latina

Keep Calm because I am Phoneless

Chemistry major with a concentration in biochemistry.
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35 Degrees in September!

What Did You Do This Weekend?

Public Relations major with a concentration in Sports Communication. From South Ozone Park, NY. Member of the UC Football team.
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Never 2 Early

Pioneers Start Their Journey To The E8

Health Studies Major

Vice President of RHA

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Season Changes : are you prepared?

Work Hard- Play Hard

Public Relations. Writing Center Tutor. Circle K Treasurer.

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Fall in Upstate NY

For Everything There is a Season….

Psychology-Child Life, Junior

"Always bring your own sunshine."

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Hogwarts Taking Over

Welcome Home Class of 2018!

Biology Major

Enthusiastic about far too many things.

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Clubs, orgs, and greek life? Oh my.

Dress for Success?

Psychology Major

Eternal Optimist

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LOL, OMG, WUT? Writing a Professional Email

Missing My Sisters

Occupational Therapy

Pretty much love doing anything and trying new things!

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Playing Nicely With Others…

Looking for Something New?!

Biology Major

RA|TA|Circle K|Outing Club|Stage Manager|ASC

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What is it like to never consume alcohol, forever pseuodrunk?

So Now You’re A Senior

Comm Arts '15

One day I'll have my own talk show...

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SYBL: Toga Party

Senior Year Bucket List

International Studies and Sociology/Anthropology Major.

Avid Traveler and Explorer.

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Business Management and Psychology Major

Nerd and Art Gallery Employee

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New Exhibit Opening “Spun from Light, Woven in Silence”

Need Something to do this Summer? (Part 2) Arts and Entertainment

Master of Liberal Studies, Concentration Social Sciences

Running, Horseback riding, Reading

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10 Tips to Better Time Management.

Greece and Romania

Public Relations major

Food & fitness enthusiast

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Top 10 Best Ways to Procrastinate

The Pros & Cons of Being a Perfectionist

Public Relations, Junior

Commuter and PR intern at UC

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How to Survive and Thrive as a College Student

How to Make Life Go the Way You Want

Public Relations

On a mission to see the world.

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15 Ways to Make Your UC Experience Awesome

Construction Management

Alpha Phi Delta

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Springs Here?!

Looking For Something Different?

Physics major, Transfer student

Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity

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High Heels, Senators, and Lobbyist