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Occupational Therapy

Pretty much love doing anything and trying new things!

Twitter Handle: Tessa_UC
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Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Week

Kazual Comes to Campus

Public Relations

Utica College '18

Twitter Handle: Jayson_UC
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This Weather?

Fuerza Latina Has a Successful Night!

Born&Raised Utican || Coffeeaholic || I like to rant about things but let's call it...passionate || UC'18
Twitter Handle: Marissa_UC
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8 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head The First Week Back At School

Welcome Back Already?

Psychology-Child Life, Junior

"Always bring your own sunshine."

Twitter Handle: courtneyh_UC
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Presenting Your Best Self

Winter Break Agenda

"Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but needles and veins excite me"

Senior Nursing Student at Utica College

Twitter Handle: GraceP_UC
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Let’s talk about it: Ending the Stigma

Scrubs by day, Gloves by night

Biology Major

Enthusiastic about far too many things.

Twitter Handle: MEF_B
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Utica College Choir: The Rockstars of UC

EFT- Electric Fuerza Talent Show

Journalism Major
Twitter Handle: KevinMontano
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Homecoming 2014: Through My Lens

Physics major, Transfer student

Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity

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High Heels, Senators, and Lobbyist