Student Blog: Welcome to Life Across the Pond

cf6143c7-0b56-47f9-b6e9-1d0d01095a74Hi, everyone! My name is Mary Warfel, and I have just embarked on an incredible journey of self-discovery and exploration.

I am a senior at Utica College, majoring in public relations. I live in Clinton, NY, which is not very far from Utica so I have been commuting to school for the past three years. That being said, I wanted to experience something different besides living at home, going to school and working. So I decided that studying abroad was probably the best option for me. I thought England be a cool place to explore, and it’s also a place where I have a support system already built in; my sister had two English roommates her senior year of college, and they became family to me. Now I have ventured across the pond to discover what life is like an ocean away.

I arrived last week on September 6 and stayed with the Hunter family in East Ilsley. They showed many beautiful places including, Lamport Hall, Oxford and Basildon Park. Lamport Hall is set in the countryside of Northamptonshire and has withstood many years of changes. When I was in Oxford, I went on a guided bus tour around the city. Fun fact: When Oxford University first allowed women to study, they were able to take classes and sit for exams and pass them, but were not allowed to obtain a degree or diploma until the 1920s.

Beautiful Gardens of Lamport Hall

Beautiful Gardens of Lamport Hall



My next stop for the week was Basildon Park, which was a house that was established in the 1950s. Since then, it has been the back drop to many television programs and movies. Part of the movie Pride and Prejudice was filmed there and the British TV drama Downton Abbey was filmed there, as well. Some major episodes were filmed there such as Lady Rose’s wedding and the Christmas specials. I loved Downton and was super excited when I found out that part of the filming was done there.

Basildon Park

Basildon Park

My next stop is the University of Roehampton where I will be studying for the semester. Stay tuned!



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