John Johnsen
Acting Provost

(315) 792-3122

Public Relations

  1. A graduate will be able to analyze and explain the advocacy role of public relations in protecting and enhancing an organization’s reputation through analysis of public relations strategies and tactics (news releases, etc.), research papers, case studies, and examples from industry and news media.   
  2. A graduate will understand the basic skills and knowledge necessary for entry-level public relations positions and be aware of the variety of work environments (agency, corporate, and non-profit) that public relations practitioners practice.
  3. Graduates will have a basic understanding of the PRSA code of ethics values and its major code provisions and be able to apply the PRSA code of ethics to ethical scenarios.
  4. A graduate will be able to apply the four-step strategic public relations process to a given scenario.
  5. A graduate will be able to apply the scientific method that results in a well-written research paper using APA style and following accepted ethical research standards; will be able to use electronic databases for research and basic academic purposes.
  6. A graduate will be able to deliver an effective oral presentation that meets basic tenants of good public speaking: vocal projection, eye contact, posture, research of topic, knowledge of material, logical organization of material, and enthusiasm about the topic.
  7. A graduate will be able to use basic software programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher and Quark/In Design to develop or manage basic communication tactics.  Graduates will be able to use the college’s electronic databases and the Internet to conduct public relations research.  Graduates will be exposed to best practices of other communication technologies such as the Web, social networks (MySpace, etc.), podcasts, blogs, etc.
  8. A graduate will be able to analyze and evaluate organizational problems and opportunities from a public relations perspective and theory.
  9. A graduate will demonstrate the ability to write well-written academic paper and basic public relations communication tactics; acquire information using journalistic interviewing and other accepted information gathering techniques; the ability to write in accepted journalistic style.