Business casual. Please use professional discretion. Do not wear clothing that has language or symbols that may be found offensive. Syracuse is very warm in August (80's-90's), temperate in April/May (50's-60's) and very cold in January (0's - 30's) - please plan accordingly!

Special Dietary Needs

If you have special dietary requirements, Utica College must have your information on file NO LATER THAN ONE WEEK PRIOR TO ORIENTATION in order to accommodate your needs. If you turn in the form within a week of the orientation, we cannot guarantee your request. Please download the Special Dietary Needs Request Form and fax it to the number of the form.

Learning Disability Services

If you have a documented learning disability, Utica College must have your information on file in order to accommodate your needs. Please contact our Office of Learning Services for more information.

General Policies

The attendance policy, Learner Code of Conduct, drugs & alcohol policy, discrimination-harassment-assault policy, and consentual relationship policy can be found in the Utica College Student Handbook.

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