Priority II - Scholarships

Building Opportunity For The Next Generation

Priority II: Scholarships

HEOP students at Utica College
Opening Doors

Higher education is the key to personal success and the gateway to prosperity in a rapidly changing global society.

It is becoming increasingly difficult, however, for people of modest means to gain access to a quality education. That is why scholarships remain at the very heart of UC’s promise as an institution. From the beginning, the College has been committed to providing greater opportunity to motivated students who may lack the resources to pursue their dreams at a private college. Privately supported scholarships are essential to fulfilling this commitment and to maintaining a vibrant campus community, open to a broad diversity of learners.

A Plan to Build Opportunity

Achieve: A New Dream, A New Era includes an ambitious and forward-looking goal to build opportunity at Utica College by substantially increasing private needsbased and merit scholarships. By joining with donors and other key stakeholders in support of this goal, the College seeks to keep the door of growth and prosperity open to deserving students, regardless of their personal means.

The Campaign’s scholarship initiative will focus on:

Achieve Providing opportunities to promising and highly motivated students through need-based scholarships that help factor economic need out of their decision to attend Utica College.

Achieve Attracting candidates of demonstrated excellence and rewarding high achieving students through merit scholarships.

Achieve Ensuring a diverse student body and allowing UC to touch more lives through the gift of an excellent education.

Achieve Supporting the aspirations of at-risk students and underserved communities, including graduates of the nationally recognized Young Scholars program, a joint learning initiative of Utica College and the Utica School District, and the New York Higher Education Opportunity

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