Priority III - Teaching and Learning

Strengthening The Foundations of Excellence


Priority III: Teaching and Learning

Smart Investments

Learning at UCTeaching and learning are investments in the truest sense of the word. Students, faculty, staff, and donors all commit the best of their time, energy, and resources to higher education with the expectation of a positive return – namely, the realization of each individual’s full potential.

Utica College has always delivered an excellent return on investment, and its value as an institution increases with each passing year. This is largely the product of continued excellence in teaching and learning, made possible by a broad range of stakeholders – all committed investors in the UC experience. But as the College grows to provide more cutting-edge programs and serve a broader constituency of learners, the foundation that supports teaching and learning must grow as well.

Substantial investment over the coming years will promote academic excellence at a very high level, providing a stronger return for students and stakeholders, as well as the communities UC serves. 

Taking UC To The Next Level
Central to the Achieve: A New Dream, A New Era campaign is an ambitious goal to significantly enhance teaching and learning at Utica College. This initiative includes two key components:

Achieve Strengthening UC’s tradition of excellence by investing in faculty development, scholarly research, and the infrastructure of teaching and learning, including facilities and equipment.

Achieve Adding new advanced degrees, including career- oriented certificate, masters, and doctoral programs, to address emerging needs for professional skills in our rapidly changing society.

Targeted investment in teaching and learning will focus on:

Achieve Revitalizing existing teaching, learning, and living spaces to maximize learning opportunities and enhance the UC experience

Achieve Establishing visiting professorships, summer research experiences, lectures, and symposia to enrich the academic enterprise

Achieve Creating endowed department chairs and professorships – such as the Harold T. Clark Jr. Endowed Professorship, UC’s first – to build a stronger institutional foundation for academics at UC

Achieve Expanding opportunities for student and faculty attendance and presentations at national and international conferences to foster academic achievement and professional development

Achieve Providing specialized teaching and research tools to support the development of leadingedge skills and techniques

Achieve Building foundation support to strengthen and expand unique programs such as:

Achieve the Student Leadership Program
Achieve the History Project
Achieve the Undergraduate Research Program
Achieve the Center for Innovation in Teaching – Learning
Achieve the Institute for Excellence in Education
Achieve the Center for Economic Education
Achieve the Center for Identity Management and Information Protection

…and other programs that define the College’s reputation as a center of excellence

Achieve Recruiting and retaining faculty who will exemplify the College’s historic commitment to teaching and carry it forward into the next era

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