Phase II - Economic Crime and Justice Studies Building
Priority I - The Science and Technology Complex

Center for Economic Crime and Justice Studies

Phase II – Economic Crime and Justice Studies Building

To support the remarkable expansion of the College's economic crime programs, as well as the establishment of the Center for Identity Management and Information Protection (CIMIP), Utica College has constructed a two-story Economic Crime and Justice Studies building.

This innovative new facility offers an appropriate platform for the cutting-edge research and learning initiatives that will take place at Utica College over the coming decades. It also provides the setting for:

Achieve Conferences involving CIMIP and Economic Crime Institute partners

Achieve Training for law enforcement professionals on the local, state,
and federal levels

Achieve Corporate training in fraud prevention and identity protection

The new building enhances UC's academic program as well as furthers its research. It provides state-of-the-art laboratories in which students can learn computer forensics and other cutting-edge methods for solving economic crimes.

The new Economic Crime and Justice Studies building features:

Achieve Meeting and instructional space, including a versatile auditorium/conference center with raised dais and movable seating

Achieve Teaching and research laboratories for computer forensics and CIMIP-related work involving faculty and students

Achieve Secure evidence rooms, including a restricted access area built to Department of Defense standards

Naming Opportunities:

Achieve Auditorium / Conference center
Achieve Classrooms
Achieve Research laboratories
Achieve Faculty offices

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