Priority I - The Science and Technology Complex

Setting the Cornerstone for a New Era

Priority I: The Science and Technology Complex

Breaking new ground

Science learning at UC. Since they were constructed in the early 1960s, Utica College’s academic buildings have been a place where students are transformed into dedicated scholars and accomplished professionals. Generations of promising young minds have passed through these halls en route to successful careers in research, medicine, education, and other fields.

The exceptional work taking place in these laboratories and classrooms is a credit to UC’s faculty and students. The facilities themselves, however, are increasingly becoming an impediment to this dynamic process of learning, discovery, and professional development. Programs in the sciences, health studies, and economic crime investigation at Utica College have seen enormous growth over the last decade. Both in terms of physical space and technical sophistication, these programs have simply outgrown the buildings that currently house them.

Utica College’s academic buildings suffer from:

Achieve Lack of Space – Laboratories are being pushed beyond their limits to accommodate ongoing projects. Dedicated teaching and research laboratory space is virtually non-existent as programs strive to provide an appropriate environment for student learning.

Achieve Technical Limitations – Now more than four decades old, classrooms and laboratories in these buildings lack the infrastructure to support state-of-the-art technology, including sophisticated instrumentation currently in use. Electrical, water, ventilation, and other systems were designed to accommodate a previous era in scientific research.

Achieve Storage Issues – Much of the current space originally designated for storage is being used for teaching and research. Time and energy best spent on student learning is now expended on additional classroom set-up/breakdown and other efforts to make the most of available facilities.

Achieve Minimal Accessibility – While UC’s academic buildings are accessible, they do not support the ease of movement and quality of experience that modern buildings typically offer individuals with disabilities.

A Three-Phase Solution

Achieve: A New Dream, A New Era answers the call for new state-of-the-art learning and research facilities with an ambitious three-phase expansion project. Utica College’s new Science and Technology Complex offers an elegantly efficient solution to the facilities-related challenges now facing our students and faculty. It will be the cornerstone of the College’s new era, as well as a center of learning and groundbreaking research for generations to come.

Phase I: F. Eugene Romano Hall

Phase II: Center for Economic Crime and Justice Studies

Phase III: Natural Sciences Building

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