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Campaign Overview


The Burrstone Road campusSince the moment of its inception, Utica College has been a locus of innovation and a testament to what is possible when talent, energy, and vision come together in one place.

UC’s founding was itself a remarkable act of innovation in fulfillment of a community’s dream – that of making the promise of a college education available to young people, returning war veterans, and working families in the Mohawk Valley. Its first campus was a patchwork of converted homes, repurposed municipal buildings, and a church in Utica’s Oneida Square neighborhood. From these humble beginnings, UC’s first generation fashioned an institution that would soon credibly aspire to be, in the words of Dean Winton Tolles, “one of the finest in the land.”

When this makeshift learning environment proved no longer able to adequately serve its growing population of students and scholars, Utica College embarked upon a new dream for the next era in its history – a dream that was realized with the inauguration of the College’s permanent campus on Burrstone Road in 1961.

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