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Campaign Overview


President Todd S. Hutton, Ph.D.In 1946, the founders of Utica College had a dream. Their dream was for the city of Utica to be the home of a university that would prove to be “one of the most important steps ever taken for the youth of Utica and the future development of the city.”

Since its inception Utica College has been endeavoring to fulfill that original dream and much more. Today, this community-minded and innovative institution finds itself at the threshold of a new era in its history. Six decades of pioneering work by remarkably dedicated faculty, staff, foundation directors, and trustees have laid the groundwork for new dreams and new plans.

The dreams of the first two eras in the College’s history – the Oneida Square era and the early Burrstone Road era – have largely been realized. What lies ahead marks a critical formative stage in the College’s life.

President Todd S. Hutton, Ph.D.
Todd S. Hutton

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