We have achieved our goal - Thank you for making Achieve: A New Dream, A New Era a success.
Campaign Overview


UC's Frank E. Gannett Memorial LibraryWhile these achievements speak to UC’s manifold strengths, the College faces a variety of demands in the decades ahead that will challenge the very core of its mission – that of providing an academic environment that enables individuals to realize their full potential. The specific challenges confronting us are:

Achieve Rising enrollments of students seeking financial aid,

Achieve The transformation to a global society,

Achieve Strong competition from online and business-provided higher education, and

Achieve The growing need for advanced technology in both traditional and non-traditional programs.

These challenges can only be met by addressing key needs with respect to:

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As President Todd S. Hutton has observed:

"The College stands at the threshold of a new era in its history. Its choices are clear. To advance will require resolve and risk-taking in order to forge and realize a shared vision for the future. To retreat will mean the tragic loss of opportunity."

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