John W. Peter

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
Utica College
Utica, NY 13502

My alter ego

Contact Information:
Office: 104 DePerno Hall
Office Phone: (315) 792-3730
Email: jwpeter at utica dot edu

TEACHING (Fall 2015)

(The course pages linked below are still under construction. They will be complete and updated by 8/31/15)
MAT 107
MAT 301
UCC 101

Fall 2015 Office Hours: Monday 1:30pm-2:30pm, Tuesday 8:30am - 10am, Thursday 11:30am-1pm
                                         or by appointment.


My research over the last few years has been in the area of homotopy theory, specifically focusing on developing purely homotopy-theoretic techniques for solving problems in differential topology. I have also recently become interested in applied topology and methods for topological data analysis.  

Publications & Preprints:
1. On the stabilization of embedded thickenings (preprint) arXive
2. Fake wedges (with John R. Klein) Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 366 (2014) 3771-3786 arXive
3. Charged spaces (with John R. Klein, to appear in Forum. Math.) arXive

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