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Frequently Asked Questions


Utica College Presidential Search


Q: How were the Presidential Search Committee members selected?

The Board of Trustees empowered a steering committee of trustees to identify potential Search Committee members from among trustees, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community leaders who met a set of criteria, the most important of which was the ability to look first at the best interests of Utica College.

Q: What other qualities do committee members possess that make them suitable for serving on the Search Committee?

The key criteria are: strong collaboration and team skills, capability to articulate ideas and opinions with respect for others, ability to provide fair and objective judgment and assessment, interested and enthusiastic, and willing to participate actively in the process, transparent, high level of ethical and professional conduct, and respect for confidentiality.

Q: Do you have a search consultant helping you with this process?

Yes, R.H. Perry & Associates is a national executive search firm that specializes in higher education and has conducted searches for more than 350 college presidents. For more on the backgrounds of the specific search consultants working with us, go to the Search Firm page of the website.

Q: Will the search committee independently determine the requirements and job description for Utica College’s next president?

No, this has been an inclusive process, with the guidance of R.H. Perry, who met with a broad array of stakeholders throughout the summer months. This resulted in the completion of a robust job profile that considers the needs of Utica College for the near-term and long-term future, based on our competitive position in the higher education landscape today. The input has been collected and reviewed by the Search Committee, search consultant, and shared with the full Board of Trustees for their input and feedback.

Q: Is the current president involved in the decision making process for selecting the new president?

President Hutton has graciously agreed to provide input into the requirements and key characteristics needed for the next president, as well as his view of the key challenges for the future. However, as the decision of selecting the next president is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees, he will not participate in the decision-making process for selecting the new president.

Q: How will this process and results be communicated as the search progresses?

There has been and will continue to be periodic updates provided by the Search Committee chair as important progress and milestones have been achieved. This will be in the form of directed communications to various constituencies in different media forms, or through this website.

Q: How can I keep up to date with the search process?

The best way is to visit this search website periodically and sign up for the e-mail notifications. The Search Committee will post periodic updates for the search process on the website.

Q: If I would like to be more involved in the presidential search, how do I find out about the next opportunity to participate?

Besides visiting the website and receiving e-mail notifications, if you have specific comments or input into the process please forward them to R.H. Perry or Mark Salsbury, Search Chair. All comments have been and will continue to be appropriately considered. Additionally, there will be various on-site and online opportunities for informational updates and opportunities to provide input. These opportunities will be communicated to larger stakeholder groups via the website and to targeted stakeholder groups via direct communications.

Q: Will the committee be open to accepting applications that do not have a traditional background in academia?

Neither the search committee nor the Board has established criteria or qualifications for accepting applications. The position profile/description has been used as the basis for review of applications. We have taken an inclusive approach to actively consider candidates who have the combination of academic credentials and/or intellectual abilities and relevant experience required to successfully lead and manage Utica College into the future.

Q: How many candidates are there at this point in the process?

Candidate applications were accepted through October 12th, and in total we have received 113 applications. The search committee is currently in the process of reviewing these applications with the assistance of our search consultant, RH Perry & Associates.

Q: When will the Search Committee begin interviewing candidates?

We expect semifinalist candidates to be selected by the end of October at the latest.

Q: When will the Search Committee begin interviewing candidates?

The search committee will interview the semifinalist candidates individually on November 21-22 at an off-site location.

Q. What are the qualifications and key criteria the search committee will use to screen and assess candidates?

The search committee in partnership with RH Perry has developed the Presidential profile (position description) that includes future challenges, as well as professional and personal qualifications. These will be used to determine key criteria and relevant interview questions for candidate evaluations.

Q: Will external and internal applicants be treated differently, and if so how?

All candidates are treated equally in view of their application and evaluation, and any/all applicants will be advised of their status as viable candidates on a timely basis.

Q: Will the process be open or closed relative to candidates?

RH Perry & Associates and the search committee will continue to maintain the confidentiality of all applicants until the finalists are selected. At that time, our intention is to have the entire campus community meet those finalists. Should the Search Committee determine that the finalists require more confidentiality, the Search Committee, supported by the Board of Trustees, may elect to employ a hybrid process that balances our desire for openness and transparency while maintaining confidentiality. We will keep the UC community updated on the status of our process though this website and other means.

Q: Will I have an opportunity to meet candidates before one is selected?

Our current intention is that finalist candidates will have the opportunity to meet with the Utica College community prior to the Search Committee’s final recommendation to the full Board of Trustees. This opportunity will likely be presented in the form of a 2-3 day visit, where candidates meet with constituencies in a variety of ways that will be beneficial to the final selection process. However, should the finalists require more confidentiality through the final stage of interviews, the Search Committee reserves the right to employ a hybrid process that balances openness and transparency while maintaining confidentiality.

Q: How will the Board select the new president?

The Board with the assistance of the Search Committee Chair and Vice Chair will consider the final recommendations of the Search Committee, and the Board will take a formal vote based on the recommendations.

Q: How will the new President be announced?

Upon selection and acceptance, the Board will announce the new president to the UC community in person and through various media. It is the intention of the Search Committee and the Board that all members of the UC community will have the opportunity to meet and welcome the new president in a timely fashion.

Q: When will our new President start?

President Hutton has announced his intention to retire on or about August 1, 2016. With that in mind, we would like the new president to start prior to President Hutton's retirement so that there is a smooth transition for both President Hutton and the new president.



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