Major in Communication Arts

Major in Communication Arts

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You know that information is a powerful thing and that communication is the key to the human experience.  You want a career that allows you to be creative and share your ideas with the world. Communication arts may be the major for you.


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Why UC?

Utica College’s major in communication arts enables students to master a variety of communication skills required for both success in a wide range of exciting careers and for active, responsible citizenship. Drawing upon the arts, humanities, and social sciences and taught by an exceptional faculty, UC's liberal arts approach to communication emphasizes personal exploration and growth along with career preparation.

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What You'll Learn

UC’s communication arts program incorporates the refinement of communication and performance competencies and the ways communication variables influence our identities, relationships, organizations, and society. Students may select course work in:

  • oral presentation and performance
  • persuasion
  • interpersonal and intercultural communication
  • group and organizational communication
  • broadcasting and media
  • film studies
  • theatre

The unifying theme is an exploration of how our identities, relationships, organizations, and society are influenced by the content, style, and media of communication.

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"Communication Arts is more than just a major at Utica College. It is a community, and I've built lifelong relationships with my classmates. The curriculum prepares you for multiple fields; my goal is law school, but I know others who want to pursue broadcasting, business, event planning, advertising, and politics."

—Kathleen Arcuri '17, Communication Arts

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A Degree that Works

Studying communication arts at Utica College prepares students for success in a range of professions, including mass media, publishing, government, business, and human services. UC communication arts alumni have taken leadership positions at:

  • Harvard University
  • MetLife
  • The John F. Finn Institute for Public Safety
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Arc of Onondaga County, NY

In virtually all situations we must make choices about what and how to communicate.

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