Risk Management and Insurance - Course Descriptions
Major in Risk Management and Insurance

Risk Management and Insurance

Course Descriptions

RMI 273 - Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance
This course explores the principles of risk management and insurance. The course provides an understanding of the foundations, applications and selection of insurance. Fundamentals of life and health insurance as well as property and liability insurance will be included. Enterprise risk management for corporations, financial risk management, overview of employee benefits, and strategic policies to mitigate risk will also be covered.

RMI 325 - Principles of Insurance: Life, Health and Annuity
This course covers all aspects of life and health insurance, book building, premiums, deductibles, regulations, various policy terms and structures, as well as the derivation of premium structure. The importance of managing for solvency and profitability in life insurance companies is stressed. The funding of long-term care, the role of private insurance and annuities are also topics included in this course.

RMI 326 -Principles of Insurance: Property and Liability
The course encompasses all aspects of property and liability insurance, including policies, premium structure, constitution of insurable risks, underwriting, reinsurance, claims, and the regulatory environment. The course is structured towards a comprehensive understanding of the property and liability industry.

RMI 367 - Derivatives
This course covers options, forwards, futures, swaptions, and exotics. Risk management practices of using derivatives to hedge and practical business applications are explained and implemented. This course also addresses common risks that can be hedged utilizing derivatives: currency risk, interest rate risk, and general business risks. Evaluate unhedged and uninsured firms compared with hedged performance as a risk management tool.

RMI 375 - Quantitative Financial Analysis of Risk
Risk management principles from a quantitative perspective. Foundation in applied principles used to provide managers with specialized tools to assess and mitigate risk. The course will cover VaR, stress testing, scenario analysis for corporate, portfolio, investment and insurance industry applications.

RMI 470 - Internship in Risk Management and Insurance
The internship course is a structured experience in approved positions within organizations in the risk management and insurance industry. Project or paper as well as conferences required.

RMI 483 - Risk Management
The course is designed to be a capstone course for the risk management and insurance curriculum. This integrated risk management course encompasses traditional aspects of risk management and insurance including: insurance, reinsurance, hedging and capital markets as tools to manage or mitigate risk. The course also covers Enterprise Risk Management.


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