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Program Details

Bachelor of Science Degree • School of Business and Justice Studies

Journalism Major

Program Details

The journalism studies program recognizes the need for contemporary journalists to have strong professional skills along with a solid background in the liberal arts and sciences. The major provides the core of courses essential for today’s print and broadcast newswriter, as well as a wide selection of courses that address the changing needs and issues within the field of journalism. The major requires hands-on experience through internships as well as by working on the campus newspaper or radio station.

Total credit hours required for degree: 120
Total credit hours required for the major (of which at least half must be at the 300 level or above): 45

(See also General Education Core)
Course Credit Hours Year Taken
Core 34-55  
Major Course Requirements
Communication Arts 130  WPNR Practicum 1 1,2
Journalism Studies 130   Tangerine Practicum   1 1,2
Journalism Studies 181 Introduction to Mass Communication   3 1
Journalism Studies 259 Broadcast News Writing 3 1,2
Journalism Studies 261 Newswriting 3 1,2
Journalism Studies 261L Newswriting Lab 1 1,2
Journalism Studies 262 Reporting 3 2
Journalism Studies 276 Television Field Production 3 2
Journalism Studies 364 Editing 3 3,4
Journalism Studies 365 Publication Design 3 2,3,4
Journalism Studies 450 Field Work in Journalism 3 4
Journalism Studies 461 Web Writing and Design 3 4

One from:
Journalism Studies 362 Reporting of Public Affairs    
Journalism Studies 371 Advanced Reporting Techniques 3 2,3

One from:
Journalism Studies 401 Media Ethics in Contemporary Society  3  
Journalism Studies 467 Communications Law 3 3,4

Major Electives
In consultation with your adviser, select six additional credits from journalism studies. These courses must be different from the courses selected to fulfill a concentration.

Students must take at least 15 hours of study above the 100 level in an area of concentration. Students interested in a broadcast journalism concentration must take the designated courses. Students desiring to use public relations for concentration should take the public relations-journalism dual major. Students may elect to fulfill this concentration with courses from any discipline or combination of disciplines outside of journalism or public relations in consultation with their adviser, and with the approval of the program director or coordinator. (Transfer students should consult with their adviser regarding fulfillment of concentration with transferred courses.)

Concentration in Broadcast Journalism
Journalism Studies 378 Television News Field Reporting and Production 3 2,3
Journalism Studies 345 Broadcast Announcing and Presentation 3 2,3
Journalism Studies 476 Television Newscast 3 3,4
Select one from:
Communication Arts 261 Broadcasting and the Public Interest  3  2,3
Communication Arts 368 Broadcast News and Society 3 2,3
Select one from:
Journalism Studies 325 Making Public History  3  3,4
Journalism Studies 476 Television Newscast (Can be taken twice) 3 3,4
The student must complete sufficient elective courses to earn at least the minimum credit hours required for this degree, and at least 60 credit hours of the 120 required must be in the liberal arts and sciences.

* Students wishing information about the journalism studies retention policy should consult with their academic adviser.