Management - Course Descriptions 2006-07
Major in Management


Course Descriptions

MGT 101 – Introduction to Contemporary Business
(3) F, S
Integrative nature of business; impact of
external forces; providing excellence in
products and services, including results;
and managing change.

MGT 201 – Principles of Business Management I
(3) Y
Integrative nature of fundamentals of
management; functions, principles, concepts,
theories, practices. Emphasis on
issues changing world of business.
Prerequisite: Management 101.

MGT 202 – Principles of Business Management II
(3) Y
Continuation of integrative approach to
business fundamentals. Prerequisite:
Management 201.

MGT 301 – Intermediate Business Management
(3) Y
Integrated presentation of all business
functions at the strategic management
level. Prerequisite: Management 202.

MGT 322 – Managing Information Systems
(3) Y
Principles of databases and information
systems from the following perspectives:
accounting, executive, marketing, manufacturing,
financial, and human resources. Includes decision
support and knowledge-based systems.
Prerequisite: Computer Science 117 or permission of
the instructor.

MGT 371 – Human Resource Management
(3) O
Advanced examination of HRM function,
its role in organizations, and its
future implications for managers and
others. Emphasis on areas of HRM specialization.
Prerequisite: Management 202 or equivalent.

MGT 375 – Collective Bargaining
(3) Y
Collective bargaining as a basic process
of the determination of wages and other
terms of employment; the mechanics
followed by unions and management;
the role of government and law; the
administration of collective agreements.

MGT 401 – Management Science
(3) Y
Quantitative methods used in business
problem solving and decision making.
Includes linear programming, transportation
and assignment, forecasting,
project scheduling, inventory models,
waiting line models, simulation, and
Markov processes.

MGT 422 – Management of Technology
(3) Y
Development of a strategic competitive
advantage through management of information
technology: electronic commerce,
data warehousing, data mining, knowledge
management, customer relationship
management, enterprise resource planning,
supply chain management, and
mobile, wireless, and pervasive computing.
Prerequisite: MGT 202 – Principles
of Business Management II or permission
of instructor.

MGT 451 – Advanced Principles of Management
(3) Y
Application of accumulated business
knowledge and skill in real world and
simulated environments. Prerequisite:
Management 301.

MGT 459 – International Business Management
(3) Y
In-depth exploration of strategic, operational,
and tactical decision-making in
international business environment.
Specific emphasis on inter-related strategic
choices forced upon any firm faced
with internationalization of its markets.
Lectures, case studies, readings, and discussions.
Prerequisite: Economics 443 or
permission of instructor.

MGT 470 – Internship
(3) F,S
Guided experience in approved positions
with cooperating organizations.
Written assignments, periodic conferences,
and evaluation statement required.
Pass/fail grading. Open to senior
management majors with a 2.8 GPA
or higher. Permission of dean required.

MGT 471 – Organizational Behavior
(3) Y
Cases and problems associated with
understanding and managing people at
work. Emphasis on administrative
process and developing human relations
skills. Explores the psychological and
organizational behavior factors affecting
individual and group efficiency.
Prerequisites: Psychology 101 and
Management 201, or permission of

MGT 477 – Summer Study Abroad in China/South Korea
(6) IR
Comparative study of culture, research
processes, and management systems in
South Korea, China, and USA. Students
will visit manufacturing facilities,
research centers, and interact with the
appropriate executives in those facilities.

Note: The figure in parentheses following the title of the course indicates the credit hours per term. Courses that extend through two terms are shown as follows: (3, 3). Courses that are one term only are shown by: (3). Courses with variable credit are shown with the range of credit available, for example: (1-6).

Letters appearing after course credit hours in this section are explained as follows:
U=Summer Session
Y=at least once each academic year Check schedule for Winter Session
O=every other year

The College reserves the right to cancel any course if registration does not justify continuance and to make changes in curricula at any time. 



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