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Spanish is one of the primary languages of the western hemisphere and is effectively the second language of the United States. In addition to its cultural value, the study of Spanish has practical usefulness to Utica College students enrolled in certain career and liberal arts areas (e.g., Health Studies, criminal justice, international studies, international business, government and politics, psychology, and education).

Total credit hours required for minor: 15

Prerequisite: Spanish 202 or equivalent.

Course Credit Hours
Required Courses
Select five courses from the following:
Spanish 315 Business Spanish 3
Spanish 227 Spoken Spanish I 3
Spanish 337 Spanish Composition and Grammar Review 3
Spanish 347 Introduction to Spanish Culture 3
Spanish 348 Latin American Cultures and Civilizations 3
Spanish 388 Introduction to Literature in Spanish 3
Spanish 300 Topics in Spanish and Latin American Cultures and Literatures 3
Spanish 311 Spanish and Latin American Film 3
Spanish 327 Spoken Spanish II 3
Spanish 404 Introduction to Applied Spanish Linguistics 3
Spanish 490 Independent Study 3

Or four courses from the above and one from the following Related Requirements [taught in English]

Anthropology/English 351 Language and Culture  
English 318 Introduction to Linguistics  
History 266 Modern Europe  

* Other courses may be substituted with departmental approval. Participation in a study abroad program (such as DIPA, Syracuse University) is highly recommended.


Linda Zee
Professor of Spanish
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1600 Burrstone Road | Utica, NY 13502