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Cinematic Adaptations of Literature Into Spanish

This page has been designed to be of use to those educators and investigators interested in literary adaptations. The films listed below are adapted from novels, short stories, novellas, plays and poems, and have been divided into the following categories:
  • Films based on literature from Spain [Including films in Catalán, Gallego and Eskarra]
  • Films based on literature from Latin America [Including Brazil]
  • Films based on literature from elsewhere
  • Films for which I could not identify a country or origin for the original literature
The Internet Movie Data Base serves as the authority for the information compiled:

Title [and Alternative Titles]
Year Released
Country of Origin
MPAA Rating [If available; or other rating if indicated]
      Of Original Text
Cast [First five billed; in the case of alphabetical listings, the top five actors in order of productivity have been listed]
Production Company

I have made corrections to that information on that I have found to be in error.

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