Health Studies Management  - Learning Goals
Major in Health Studies - Management

Health Studies Management - Program Student Learning Goals

A Competent  Health Studies Management student will:

  • understand the basic concepts of managing a health care organization
  • be able to describe a health systems system's past, current and possible future behaviors, based on an understanding of the interdependencies of social, economic, political and systems. 

Communications – As a strong communicator Health Studies students will:

  • demonstrate effectiveness in written communications (writes clear, concise, and grammatically correct professional prose)
  • demonstrate strong and effective in oral communication skills–(makes oral presentation of management principles in a clear manner)
  • demonstrate effective  interpersonal communications skills (can communicate well with other individuals in team interactions) 

Critical Thinking – As an astute critical thinker our Health Studies students will: 

  • critically evaluate the context and quality of management healthcare delivery within and outside the United States
  • be able to understand the advantages and disadvantages of public and private management practices
  • articulate basic healthcare policies related to federal, state and accrediting bodies  

Ethical Leadership – Our Health Studies students will:    

  • recognize key statutory requirements and codes of conduct affecting medical practices
  • comprehend the ethical issues commonly encountered in medical practice.
  • recognize that poor ethical reasoning can lead to severe negative outcomes to a wide variety of publics.
  • understands that ethical decisions have both personal as a well as social and legal outcomes
  • is able to apply ethical codes of conduct:  Recognizes that ethical decisions do not always have quick or perfect solutions.   

Global Business Understanding – Our Health Studies students will:


    analyze factors and challenges that impact healthcare delivery within and outside the United States.
  •  be able to describe policies that address the need for medical sensitivity across diverse social and cultural populations

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