Minor in Gender Studies

Minor in Gender Studies 

School of Arts and Sciences


The minor in gender studies is designed to enable students to develop a critical awareness of socially formed gender patterns.

From birth, females and males internalize assumptions about gender roles. This often results in both sexes consciously or unconsciously limiting their views of themselves and each other. The minor in gender studies consists of an interdisciplinary investigation of gender-related issues and research. Learning to apply standards of critical thought to the inevitable emotional content of gender studies may enable men and women to live and work together more successfully with greater mutual respect and understanding.

For more information about the gender studies minor, please contact the gender studies advisor:

Dr. Lauren Wynne
Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Total credit hours required for minor: 18

At least 9 credit hours must be at the 300 level or above.

Course Credit Hours
Required Courses
Anthropology 257 Introduction to Gender and Sexuality 3
Anthropology 423
Senior Seminar  3
Choose 12 credits from the following and at least one course from each category.
Gender in Health and Human Development
Anthropology 101 Introduction to Anthropology  
Anthropology 375 Culture and Personality  
Anthropology 415 Cultures, Health, and Healing  
Anthropology 475 Anthropology of Aging  
Biology 112 Human Sexuality  
Film Studies 304 Women and Film  
Health Studies 113 Understanding Alcoholism, Chemical Dependency, and Mental Health  
Health Studies 245 Human Development Process  
Health Studies 309 Medical Conditions and Implications  
Psychology 322 Adolescence  
Gerontology 505 Culture, Gender and Aging   
Sociology 435  Health and Gender   
Gender in Social Context
Anthropology 243 Caribbean Peoples and Cultures  
Anthropology 251 Native American Culture and History  
Anthropology 297 Peoples and Cultures  
Anthropology 351/ English 351 Language and Culture  
Anthropology 362 Magic and Religion  
Anthropology 425 Cultural Change  
Anthropology 551 Contemporary Issues in Native American Life  
Communication Arts 101 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication  
Communication Arts 300 (depends on topic) Topics in Communication Arts  
Communication Arts 301 Advanced Interpersonal Communication  
Communication Arts 325 Intercultural Communication  
History 204 America before the 20th Century  
Literature 347 Images of Women in Literature  
Psychology 331 Introduction to Social Psychology  
Psychology 333 Intimate Relationships  
Sociology 151 Introductory Sociology  
Sociology 233 The Family  
Sociology 252 Racial and Cultural Minorities  
Sociology 255 Social Problems  
Sociology 333 American Utopias  
Sociology 367 Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality  
Sociology 405 Sociological Theory  
Sociology 552 Minority Experience in American Society  
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