Minor in Film Studies

Minor in Film Studies 

School of Arts and Sciences


The minor in film studies is designed to enhance students' understanding of film as an art form and as an embodiment of cultural developments. In an age when we are bombarded with information, in-depth study of the cinema is an appropriate means of enhancing our visual and cultural literacy.

The minor in film studies will be of use to those who are interested in studying film at the graduate level and those in such fields as communications, teaching, English, the fine arts, public relations, journalism, and history.

Total credit hours required for minor: 15

Course Credit Hours
Required Courses
Film 201 The Language of Film 3
Choose twelve credits from the following:
Film 300 Film Genres 3
Film 301 Film and Literature 3
Film 303 Blacks and Film 3
Film 304 Women and Film 3
Film 310 The Motion Picture (can take course up to three times) 1
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