Criminal Justice Program - Learning Goals
Major in Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice - Program Student Learning Goals

A student who graduates from the program will be able to demonstrate the following orally and/or in writing:

  • Identify the main stages of the criminal justice process and the agencies responsible for administering justice 

  • List and discuss at least five main schools of criminological theory related to crime causation and control 

  • Complete a major public policy problem paper to demonstrate critical thinking and information application related to the discipline 

  • Present specific examples on how technology is applied to to criminal justice operations 

  • Prepare and execute a research project using the basic tenets of research design 

  • Use the case study method to show how ethical issues impact decision making  

  • Use the case study method to show how diversity relates to criminal justice operations and policy in a global environment 

  • Apply statutory and case law to legal problems that occur in the field

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