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Our Academic Promise

The foundation for Utica College's entire undergraduate academic program is a commitment to liberal education integrated with professional study.

A liberal education is designed to help you develop the intellectual skills you need to succeed, not only in your career but throughout your life as a flourishing individual and responsible citizen.

Utica College's commitment to liberal education dovetails with its historical mission of educating students for rewarding careers. Whether you are in a professionally focused major such as physical therapy, computer science, or economic crime investigation or in a more traditional liberal arts major such as biology, history, or philosophy, you will develop the intellectual skills that define a liberal education, while you also gain practical, career-focused experiences.

In 2013, Utica College's faculty adopted five intellectual skills which they consider critical to a liberal education. These skills are infused throughout all aspects of the College's undergraduate programs, including:


Utica College's faculty have developed ways to assess how well students have mastered the five skills. Our commitment to students is that they will have made significant and measurable progress towards mastering these skills by the time they graduate.