Allied Health Faculty Recruitment
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Allied Health Faculty Recruitment

Twenty-five allied health faculty we will be invited to each of the summer workshops. Priority will be given to those institutions that have at least 2 faculty members applying. We have found that it is easier to implement change if there are colleagues who are also committed to the change. While allied health faculty from all institutions are invited to apply for the workshop, priority will be given to faculty from Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

The selection process is based on the following criteria
  1. While some knowledge of aging would be helpful, it is not critical: what is critical is an interest in aging
  2. Experience in curriculum development
  3. Commitment to work with your colleagues to infuse cross-cultural aging information into your curriculum
  4. Ability to attend the 12 day workshop (If this is a problem, contact us. We may be able to accommodate your needs.)


Catherine Brownell, Ph.D.
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