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Last Updated: 9:00 AM on 8/29/2011

Wireless at Utica College

Message to Residential Students

Campus Wireless: IITS has completed the upgraded to the campus wireless system in the academic, administrative, and residential buildings. The roll out to the residence halls were completed during the Summer of 2011.

Feedback from students continues to be greatly appreciated. Students may email or contact ResNet at (315)792-4585.

Wireless Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What devices am I allowed to connect?

IITS supports and allows users to connect Computers running Windows and Macintosh OS. In addition, many of the popular portable devices are allowed and supported. For information on how to manually register a device, please go to

How do I get connected?

In order to connect, your computer must have a wireless card. Many laptops and netbooks have this card already installed, but the device may be turned off. Please consult the documentation that came with your computer to learn how to enable your wireless card, or check the website of your computer's manufacturer.
Once you have your wireless connection enabled, browse for available networks, and connect to 'UC_Wireless'. Once connected, open your web browser and go to any webpage, such as
At this point, you should be re-directed to the UC login page, where you will be prompted for your user name and password. If you experience trouble, please contact ResNet.

NOTE: If you have any trouble connecting to the wireless login page with IE or Safari, Utica College recommends downloading and installing Firefox and retrying the above steps.

Where else is Wireless available at Utica College?

Wireless is available in most academic buildings, Strebel Student Center, and the Library.

I am have a problem connecting, I cannot get wireless in an area that there should be wireless in, or a device I want to connect does not work, who do I contact?

All feedback from students is greatly appreciated. Please email or contact ResNet at (315)792-4585.