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Internet Registration

(UPDATED for FALL 2015)

About Registration 
The registration process begins the first time you access the Internet on campus from a Wired or Wireless connection from your personal device. This webpage will walk you through the steps.


Utica College requires that all computers on campus have an antivirus application installed, running, and up-to-date. If you do not, Utica College recommends students install Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus for computers running a Windows Operating System, which is available free of charge from Microsoft on their website here or install ClamXav antivirus for Macintosh Operating Systems, which is available free of charge from ClamXav on their website here.

NOTE: If you choose to use a paid product, please make sure you have a subscription that will last for the full academic year. 

Step One

Connect your computer to your room Ethernet port in the wall using your Ethernet cord or connect to the wireless network SSID "UC_Wireless".
NOTE: You must plug your cord directly into the wall. Routers, switches and hubs are NOT ALLOWED.

Step Two

Launch your preferred Internet browser and go to any website. You should be redirected to the "Welcome to the Utica College Network" webpage. If not, try to go to and click on the link "Click Here to go to the Computer Registration Page".

Step Three

On the webpage that says "Please click here to begin...", click the link to begin the registration.

Step Four

On the page that says "Welcome to the Utica College Registration Center" , you will need to log-in in the section labeled "Network Login" using your Utica College User Name and Password (same that you use for Utica College Email) and then click Login.

Step Five

On the next page, you must read and accept the Acceptable Use Agreement before you can click the button to "Complete Registration".

Step Six

Once the registration process i, you will be presented with information about Peer 2 Peer and U @UC.

Note: As of Fall 2014 - Utica College no longer requires the use of the Enterasys Persistent Agent. If you have this software previously installed, you may uninstall it. Please contact ResNet if you require any assistance. 

Once you complete the registration for a device, you will not need to re-register it each time you wish to connect.


Why can't I register?

In order to complete registration, you must be on campus. Off-campus registration is not allowed.

What Operating Systems are allowed?

For a list of what Utica College supports and allows, please check out our list of supported devices

Can I use Multiple Operating Systems on my computer?

You may have multiple Operating Systems on the same computer, but you will need to verify that each OS you run meets Utica College's requirements, and you may need to register each one separately . 

Can I register my Game Console, Tablet, Phone, etc?

For a list of devices that we support and allow, please check out our list of supported devices.

I still need assistance.

Click here for ResNet's Contact information.



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