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Internet Registration

(UPDATED for FALL 2012)

To Register

The registration process begins the first time you access the Internet from your room in the Residence Halls by either a Wired or Wireless connection. This webpage will walk you through the steps. Students will also be given an instruction card when they move in with more detailed instructions.


ResNet requires that all computers on campus have an antivirus application installed, running, and up-to-date. If you do not, Utica College recommends students install Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus for computers running a Windows Operating System, which is available free of charge from Microsoft on their website here or install ClamXav antivirus for Macintosh Operating Systems, which is available free of charge from ClamXav on their website here.
NOTE: If you choose a pay product, please make sure you have sufficient time remaining on your subscription for definitions. If your antivirus is out of date, you will be quarantined by the NAC.

Step One

Connect your computer to your room Ethernet port in the wall using your Ethernet cord or connect to the wireless network SSID UC_Wireless.
NOTE: You must plug your cord directly into the wall. Routers, switches and hubs are NOT ALLOWED.

Step Two

Bring up your Internet browser and try to go to any website. You should be redirected to the "Welcome to the Utica College Network" webpage. If not, try to go to and click on the link 'Click Here to go to the Computer Registration Page'.

Step Three

On the webpage says "Please click here to begin...", click the link to begin the registration. On the next page, you will need to log-in using your Utica College User Name and Password (same that you use for Utica College Email) and then click Login.

Step Four

On the next page, you must read and accept the Acceptable Use Agreement(you must in order to connect to the Internet) you will be directed to the Enterasys Network Assessment Registration page that will lead you to download the persistent agent. This utility will verify that you meet the minimum Operating System (OS), Service Pack (SP), and Antivirus(AV) requirements. If you do not for any reasons (such as you do not have a running Antivirus Program, or your definitions are out of date) you will be directed to a link with solutions to fix the problem. If you make the recommended changes, you will need to press the "Reattempt Network Access" button to complete the verification process.

Step Five

Once the utility is installed and all changes are complete, your computer will be able to access the internet.

As of Fall 2011 - With the Enterasys Persistent Agent, you will not need to log in to use the internet each time you reboot. Instead, the agent will verify that you continue to meet the requirements, and will prompt you if anything needs to be updated.


Why can't I register?

In order to complete registration, you must be on campus. Off-campus registration is not allowed.

Can I use Linux on my computer?

Utica College allows students to use Linux, but does not offer any support to users in configuring their computers with this OS due to the many different distros.

Can I use Multiple Operating Systems on my computer?

You may have multiple Operating Systems on the same computer, but you will need to verify that each OS you run meets Utica College's requirements.

Can I register a Phone, Mobile Device, Tablet or e-Reader on the internet ?

Yes, please connect the device to the wireless SSID UC_Wireless and proceed through registration as above, or for more information please go to to the device registration website for more information.

Can I use a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii on the Internet?

Yes, ResNet has finalized the registration steps for video game consoles. You will need to connect the console once to the internet, and then using your computer, go to to the console registration website.

Can I use a Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) or Nintendo DS, DSi, or 3DS on the Internet?

Yes, please consult the above game console registration page for more information.

Can I use a Blu-Ray Player, Sony PlayStation Vita or Nintendo Wii U on the Internet?

These devices may work, but have not yet been tested or are not yet available. Please check the above console registration page for the latest information.

I still need assistance.

Click here for ResNet's Contact information.