ResNet - PC or Mac?

Should I buy a Mac or a PC?

ResNet can support both PCs running Windows and Macs and we feel that the choice regarding what kind of computer to buy is left up to the individual and his or her needs.  

PC running Windows: Pros and Cons




  • More common
  • Compatible with most labs
  • More software available
  • Easier to upgrade/repair
  • Less expensive
  • Crash sometimes
  • Frequent updates
  • Can't read MAC discs
  • Prone to viruses
  • Prone to Spyware/Adware

Mac: Pros and Cons




  • Stable
  • Open source software
  • Good for graphic work
  • Not prone to viruses
  • Not prone to Spyware/Adware
  • Can run Windows on Intel Mac
  • More expensive
  • Limited software
  • Expensive tech support
  • Large Updates
  • Have same cons if running
    Windows on Intel Mac



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