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Welcome to Utica College.

Utica College provides a variety of technology services to students; this page will answer the most common questions you may have.

Q. What is my Utica College email address and how do I use it?
A.  Your email address is typically your first initial, middle initial, and your last name, but not always.  To get your email address username and password simply go to  Follow the instructions on that page to obtain all your account information.

Q. I already have an email address I use everyday, why should I use my UC email too?
You need to check your UC email because your professors as well as campus offices, like Student Financial Services, will send important information to that email.  Notices about campus events and activities will also get sent to you over email.  Messages sent from your UC email to other UC email addresses will not get marked as spam; so you can be sure that your instructor or advisor receives your email.

Q. How do I use the UC Computer Labs?
To use the computer labs you must login to each computer.  This is the same as your login to email.

Q. What do I do if I ever forget the password for my campus accounts?
Forgetting your password isn't the end of the world.  All you need to do is go to the UC password website to reset your password.  This site is also the place to go to change your password, which is required every 120 days.

Q. What type of computer should I bring to college?
UC doesn't have any rules regarding what brand or style computer you bring to campus.  We do have minimum specifications that the computer must meet in order to connect it to our campus Internet.  The Residence Networking (ResNet) Office has complete information regarding specifications and recommendations on the ResNet page.  You may also wish to speak with your academic advisor.  Some academic programs recommend Windows based computers rather than Apple computers due to software needed for courses.

Q. Can I get on the Internet from my residence hall?
All residence halls have access to the Internet via UC's wired ethernet network.  Additionally wireless Internet is available for most devices in most rooms.  View our Supported and Not Supported devices page.  

Q. What do I need to connect my computer to the Internet in the residence halls?
A.  To connect you must have a computer with an ethernet card installed and your own ethernet cable, or a computer with an 802.11g, or 802.11n wireless card.  More information is available on the ResNet "What Do I Need" page and Supported Devices page.

Q. Can I bring my own Wireless or networking equipment?
A.  NO.  Servers, access points, routers, switches, hubs, and other equipment are not permitted.  Don't bring them to campus because they will not work with our network.  Wireless printers are also not supported.  See the ResNet page for more information.

Q. Where is wireless Internet available on campus?
A.  Wireless is available in nearly all campus buildings.  Keep in mind that even though wireless is available in most places, it isn't always as easy to find a power outlet.  If you plan on bringing a laptop to class you may want to buy a spare battery or two.

Q. Can I play online games or download music?
A.  Yes, but check our Gaming FAQ page.  In order to keep our network working properly for academic purposes we may limit downloading and gaming, and we cannot guarantee every game will work through our network.
  Music downloads are only allowed if they are legal, such as through iTunes.  Violations of copyright are punishable by law as well as the student code of conduct.

Q. What technology services does UC provide to me?
A.  There is a long list of services for students:
  • Your student account is part of Google Apps for Education.  This means you have unlimited email storage, unlimited cloud storage space on Google Drive, Google Calendar and many of the other useful Google features like Google+, Hangouts, etc.  Login to your account at
  • UC provides black and white laser printing free from our Computer Labs.  Color printing is available in our Library and is limited to 50 pages per year.  More page can be purchased if needed but it's rarely necessary.
  • The Computer Help Desk is available to help with basic questions about campus technology or use of the computer labs.  The Help Desk cannot fix students' personal computers but we will try to answer questions and give advice on how to fix problems.
  • The ResNet office is available in the evenings to fix computer issues relating to connecting to the campus network or Internet.
  • Access to your records (transcript, schedule, financial aid, etc.) online with BannerWeb.
  • Online and Distance Learning classes, as well as some campus classes will utilize either Engage or Canvas (ABSN students).  Instructors can setup these sites to allow you to submit homework digitally, use online forums to discuss class, get information the instructor posts for you, and more.  If you have any problems with Engage you can call 866-264-1537 any time of day.
  • Access to our Library Databases.
  • ....and much more.

Q. Who can I contact if I need more help?
A.  The UC Computer Help Desk is available weekdays during UC business hours.  They can answer most computer related questions or refer you to the proper person for specific questions.  You can call us at (315) 792-3115 or email us at and someone will get back to you.


Technical Support
Lower Level, Gannett Library
8:30am to 5:00pm Weekdays

Phone: (315) 792-3115

Add to your Contacts:

Computer Help Desk, Lower Level, Gannett Library, email:, phone: (315) 792-3115
(315) 792-3006
1600 Burrstone Road | Utica, NY 13502