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Business and Marketing Education

The program in business and marketing education is open to students who major in management with a concentration in marketing management.

In addition to the requirements in their major and the courses in the business and marketing education program listed below, students must fulfill the following requirement (which may be satisfied by the requirements of the Utica College core curriculum):
  • 6 credit hours or the equivalent of study in a language other than English
  • at least 6 credits in each of the following fields: English, mathematics, science, and history
  • 3 credit hours in the fine arts
Course Requirements Credits Year
EDU 111 Introduction to Teaching  1 1
EDU 201 Applied Educational Psychology 3 2,3
EDU 215 Diversity, Disabilities, and Success 3 2,3
EDU 301 Foundations of Literacy 3 2
EDU 312 Practical Teaching Methodologies 3 3
EDU 321 Foundations of American Education 3 3,4
EDU 338 Business and Marketing Education Methods 3 3,4
PSY 321 Infancy and Childhood  3  2,3
PSY 322 Adolescent Psychology  3  2,3
Student Teaching or Mentored Internship
EDU 471 Student Teaching Seminar 0 4
EDU 475  Student Teaching I  6  4
  - OR -     
EDU 477 Mentored Internship 6 4
EDU 476 Student Teaching II 6 4
  - OR -    
EDU 478 Mentored Internship 6 4

NOTE: Students completing majors in business and management must complete at least 60 credit hours in the liberal arts. Education courses are not liberal arts courses. Students should consult as early as possible with their adviser or with the director of teacher education to be sure that they fulfill this requirement.



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